September City West Rep Report – Zahra

Hi everyone,

I hope those who had a study break had a chance to get some rest from the busy uni life.

September was my first official month being a Student Rep for City West. With the first month came many first experiences and first meetings, these included the USASA September Board Meeting, Education Committee Meeting, training for Formal Inquiry/Academic Review meetings and for the first time being a part of the Business School Formal Inquiry.

Though sitting on a formal inquiry is not too exciting and can be overwhelming, it comes with the role of a student representative, to be a voice for the students at UniSA when they need it most i.e. when they’re facing an issue regarding their studies.

On a brighter note, the Board Meeting was a great opportunity to meet others involved with USASA, including most of the other USASA Student Reps. And the Education Committee is working hard to find strategies to improve education and student representation.

September’s Highlights:

  • 1/9 Meeting the Marketing Team of USASA
  • 4/9 USASA Board Meeting
  • 6/9 Education Committee Meeting
  • 7/9 Formal Inquiry/Academic Review Training
  • 14/9 Business School Formal Inquiry

October’s Planned Activities:

  • 4/10 Winter School Focus Group – Business School
  • 5/10 Education Committee Meeting
  • 9/10 USASA Board Meeting
  • 24/10 Business School Formal Inquiry 1
  • 24/10 Business School Formal Inquiry 2



Magill – December Activity Report

After another year, so does end the term of Ant the Magill Rep. The office is closed and dark, as it waits for a new year, new reps, new students to comfort and assist. His time with the Association ends not with a bang, nor a whimper, but merely runs its course and ends as it should.

But lo, as one term ends so does inevitably another begin, and as it does the USASA Board is born anew – enthused, passionate, full of ideas and ready to tackle the new year. Ant reflects on a time when he too was unfamiliar with the inner mechanisations of what was then UniLife and smiles. While the future is as yet unknown, it can be certain to be interesting.

Magill – November Activity Report

While there have been some important student issues arising in the past month, there isn’t much I can write about here unfortunately for privacy reasons. I’ve spent my time talking and helping students out of the USASA office at Magill, and the rest of the time been firmly fixed to the computer completing assignments (as I’m sure many are).

Continue reading

Magill – September Activity Report

This month has been a little unusual for me. I was involved in a car accident which forced me to give up some of my responsibilities for a short while, as I needed to rest and recover. Therefore, I did not undertake many USASA-related activities this month.  I was especially disappointed that I was not able to attend USASAs 21st Birthday Party, although I heard it was a blast! Something that I really enjoyed this month was the opportunity to be the minute-taker during the USASA board meeting. I certainly felt like it was a huge responsibility, and I really respect anyone who takes minutes on a regular basis. I almost broke a sweat trying to keep up with what everyone was saying during the meeting! Continue reading

Magill – September/October Activity Report

It’s been a quiet month with holidays at Magill, though during this time meetings are held for students who wish to appeal preclusion. Aside from sitting in on those and providing a student perspective on the experience of university life I’ve been hanging at the counter mainly and seeing what is needed of me from students.

Highlight of the month! CISA networking evening with student leaders’!

Hi guys,
Last week, 6 October 2015, we had an incredible CISA-student leader’s event which was held in conjunction with Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) in Adelaide. We had 98% turn up for the event (more details can be read in next Verse Mag). On behalf of USASA, I would like to thank those who have attended the event, volunteers, USASA staff for making it a success. Continue reading

Postgraduate- September Activity Report

The month involved a variety of different activities across advocacy, play, and voice based issues. Key touchpoints for student engagement were the USASA 21st and PG induction, which both gave an opportunity to connect with the wider student body. Additionally, the CISA event was a highlight, and demonstrated the need to give equal focus to international students on campus. Continue reading

City East – September Activity Report

Hi Guys,

It has been another busy, tiring and very rewarding month for me as a student and as a USASA Rep! This month I have once again been on placement in Tailem Bend, and have been having fun and learning lots, despite missing life on campus. This month has seen me attend a few very important meeting as the City East Rep.  First was our September Board Meeting, which, as with all our meetings was productive and engaging. Continue reading

City West – September Activity Reort

With big assignments due and dealing with issues with one job it was a stressful month, but with reduced hours for my other job and the teaching break helping to give some relief. It has been a rather stressful month for sure. With my degree being completed at the end of this study period and the realisation of it setting in, it definitely a stressful time. Continue reading