President’s Report – April

Month of April

Welcome to the month of April, and welcome particularly to our new Magill Representative Ryan Colsey! I know he will do great things with the role. You can learn more about him here.

USASA is busy getting ready for Unitopia, our stress less days held ahead of the exam period for students come and relax before the final exams and assignments. It will be held across May 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th and 17th across all six UniSA campuses. Dates and times here. I also appeared in The Advertiser discussing student mental health and how events like Unitopia can help students de-stress.


Key activities throughout the month have been a focus on preparing for the release of the Human Rights Commission survey, Unitopia, a visit to Mount Gambier, and preparing our submission about UniSA Online.

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President’s Report: June-July

Hi Everyone

I decided to combine my June and July reports into one Winter break report, due to the relative quietness of the period. I am also choosing to use this post to offer a brief reflection on the year so far and offer an outlook for the remainder of the year.

Now, I should just declare that, as I am writing this, I am very sick in bed and feeling feverish, so I hope this post doesn’t read too oddly.

(Pictured: me right now)

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Carey Moore – USASA President – March, April & May Report

Hi everybody!

I am so sorry for not updating since forever! I have been flat-out busy and forgot about the blog.

So to catch you up, I am going to cheat and copy+paste my activity reports that I submitted to the board for each of the missing months. In my next entry (in the next week or so) I will offer a more personalised entry again. Let’s do this:

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President – August Activity Report

This month my time has been split between my ongoing responsibilities of University Council, Appeals, meetings with key staff of the University and so on. The two major events that required quite a bit of my time this month was overseeing the communication for the September UniSA/USASA Liaison Group as that is the Committee we submit our proposed Budget to. The second event was something I had overheard from a BUE student and how the University was re-structuring the Division so that there would be shorter semesters along with a shift to trimesters. Follow up meetings found that structure was no longer the case, and while the currently drafted schedule looks beneficial, I believe that USASA should take an active part in the student consultation process of this possible re-structure.

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President – July Activity Report

This month’s activity has been somewhat lessened because of an increase in my shifts at my other workplace. Having taken that into account, my focus for this month has been surrounding; the upcoming elections, preparation for the NTEU Bluestockings Week celebration, preparation for the upcoming NDA that was called by the NUS, as well as strengthening connections between USASA and external organisations.
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