October City West Rep Report – Zahra


Hey everyone,

Hope you’ve had a great October. The focus of this month for me was academics with changes to the Business School and the International Relations degree and Business School formal inquiries.

Business School Review – Focus Group
On October 4th, Kayla Dickeson (USASA President) and myself participated in the Business School focus group with the new 10 week semesters and Winter School as the agenda. The students were able to talk about their experiences and voice out the challenges they had faced due to these changes. It was great to receive recommendations to improve these changes.

Education Committee
During the committee we discussed, the proposed changes to the ENTEXT Policy. The current ENTEXT policy allows students of non-English speaking backgrounds, Aboriginal students and International students, the use of a bilingual dictionary during exams and extra time in exams (10 minutes for every 30 minutes). Specific questions were provided which allowed the members to consider the different aspects of the current policy and proposed changes.

This committee also discussed the changes that have been made to the International Relations degree. If you are an IR student, make sure you check your emails and read all the information to see how these changes affect you and your studies/enrolment.

Formal Inquiry
As my second time being a panel member on a formal inquiry, I felt more comfortable with the process and voicing out my thoughts. I was able to fill in the gaps where the other panel members needed to understand the current student perspective whilst considering the affected students case.

Free Toasties @ City West
Your City West Campus Representatives, Ryan Kennealy and myself, are organising a City West student catch up. Come along and have a chat with us while we make you a delicious cheese toastie in return.

What: Student Catch Up (Free Toasties)
Wednesday 1st November 2017 (12pm – 2pm)
Where: Student Lounge, City West
Why: FREE Toasties and Chats

October Activities Highlights:

  • 4/10 Winter School Focus Group – Business School
  • 5/10 Education Committee Meeting
  • 9/10 USASA Board Meeting
  • 24/10 Business School Formal Inquiry 1 (Rescheduled to November)
  • 24/10 Business School Formal Inquiry 2

November’s Planned Activities:

  • 1/11 Free toasties event at City West (with City West Rep Ryan)
  • 6/11 USASA Board Meeting
  • 21/11 Business School Formal Inquiry

Good luck with those final assessments and exams!

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any queries or concerns.
Email: Darzy002@mymail.unisa.edu.au



October – Whats been happening in Whyalla

Apologies for the late submission of Activity report for this month:

Getting towards the end of the year we have an exciting end of year celebration planned.

Alexander Robinson October Activity Report

Continue reading

Magill – October Activity Report

Campus has been quieter this month, as I think many students are knuckling down and finishing their final assessments! I also submitted my thesis this month (yay!) and I wish all students good luck with their upcoming assessment and exams!

Something exciting this month is that the USASA elections are underway to elect the new board, and it has been great to see students campaigning on the Magill campus and showing their passion. Good luck to all the candidates. Continue reading

City East – October Activity Report

Hey Team,

At the start of this month I had the great opportunity to go to the CISA dinner/presentation/meet and greet for international students, particularly leaders and members of the international student clubs, at City West. Lenny did a great job of co-ordinating the night and making sure that everyone was getting to know each other, while getting some valuable information about CISA, the organisation and what it does. It was awesome to get to know some of the presidents and members of the various clubs for different groups of international students as well as getting to hear some of the ideas and concerns they wanted to work on to make their Uni SA experience as fun and rewarding as possible. Continue reading

International Student – October Activity Report

Hey guys,
The month of October is always a busy period and everyone is preparing for assignments, exams and even USASA election period has begun. So many students this year are competing to become a board member with USASA. I have shared plenty of my experiences as a board member to many students this month and also motivated them to be actively engage with students. Continue reading

Magill – September/October Activity Report

It’s been a quiet month with holidays at Magill, though during this time meetings are held for students who wish to appeal preclusion. Aside from sitting in on those and providing a student perspective on the experience of university life I’ve been hanging at the counter mainly and seeing what is needed of me from students.