Carey Moore – USASA President – March, April & May Report

Hi everybody!

I am so sorry for not updating since forever! I have been flat-out busy and forgot about the blog.

So to catch you up, I am going to cheat and copy+paste my activity reports that I submitted to the board for each of the missing months. In my next entry (in the next week or so) I will offer a more personalised entry again. Let’s do this:

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Sophie Murray – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Student Rep – May Report

It’s almost mid-year break! The time of year when we can all pretend to run away from our responsibilities. I don’t know what you guys have planned but I can’t wait to jump on a plane and get a bit closer to the equator and some warmer weather!


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Kayla Dickeson – Magill Student Rep – March, April & May Report

Month of March

March was a great month! Through the USASA Women’s Committee we were able to commemorate International Women’s Day and start building the Women’s Collective. I met with staff in order to roll out initiatives to raise awareness around sexual assault. In particular we discussed the roll out of the Respect Now Always campaign that aims to highlight the issues around sexual assault and domestic violence. We also discussed the screening of the Hunting Ground, an American documentary based around sexual assault on residential campus’; in which the company has paired with Universities Australia and the National Union of Students to bring it to an Australian context and audience. Along with fellow representative Christopher Ghan, I am connecting with experts to establish a domestic violence workshop to be run at UniSA. Currently we are organising meetings and hoping to discuss logistics and content.


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Izik Nehow & Lisa Bennetts – Mawson Lakes Reps – May Report

What did we get up to during May? 

May was an exciting month and one of our highlights was the Mawson Lakes Master Plan meeting. At this meeting we were involved in discussion with the university’s architectures and designers and we looked at the vision for Mawson Lakes campus. This was a really exciting opportunity because we were able to provide student feedback and student perspective on the campus layout and facilities now and what students want in the future – things like spaces for socials and clubs, more open study areas and a main gathering area. Student engagement, satisfaction, and inclusivity were key drivers behind all of the ideas and discussions for the campus. It will be exciting to see how our feedback comes out in the designs for the campus over the coming years.

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Nick Li – Postgraduate Student Rep – May Report

Hey Guys,

Another month just passed and we are close to the end of a semester again. (P.S. that means you guys better study hard for the coming exam……which I have none!) (P.P.S And I have no life either….sigh…)

The RBA announced a cash rate cut to record low this month and this has a minor impact onto USASA finance. Thanks to Daniel Randell – our general manager as well as our financial advisor Nick Anderson, a meeting with NAB income and investment solution team with the finance committee was setup, and we  discussed on what solutions we may have. The outcome of that meeting was positive and informative, and we will continually looking for a solution to counter measure the impact.

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Valérie Baya – International student Rep – May report

Hi everyone,

So  I would like to challenge myself my making this report short and concise as possible, based on what i have been up to for May

May event

3, 4 and 5 May- Formal inquiries

I am surprised that all the formal inquiries or academic review I went to, the students were all international students. This is something I would like to highlight during the O-week for SP5.

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Luke Rogers – City East Rep – May Report

Hi All,

It has been a big month at Uni SA and for me personally. Unijam was a huge success and I was delighted to be able to contribute to the conversation, as well as read so many of the amazing ideas that students, staff and other contributors had to offer. I just wish I had the time to read through all of great suggestions and thoughts that were offered up.

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Jue Wang – City West Rep – May Report

Hello everyone, this month we get a new city west student rep Josh. Big welcome to him and if anyone get some problems please do not feel hesitate to ask him.

At this May, I am joining in many activities hold on in City West campus. Many clubs and associations held some successful events to all the students. I am so glad to see this and i will fully support every clubs to hold more activities to students and enjoy the multi-cultural environment.

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Joshua Schneider – City West Rep – May Report

Month of May

I’d firstly like to start off by thanking everyone at USASA and the other board members for the warm welcome into the position of City West Campus Student Rep. May definitely has been a busy month, with trying to settle into and find my place in this role amongst studying and the 101 assignments that seemed to be due, I’m sure most of you can relate to that. Since stepping into this role, and being inducted one of the key services USASA provides that is essential for students, yet is often not known about is USASA’s advocacy services.
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May News – Whyalla

Quick Recap on April

  • Body Combat 2 was held on Wednesday 6th April
  • Regional student focus group was held on 19th April with student representatives volunteering three hours of their time to provide the Student Engagement Unit with ideas how to improve Student Experience.
  • Great result for Carly Whitaker who received a mini iPad after winning the pass the parcel at the 25th Birthday Celebrations held in March. After viewing pictures on Facebook and seeing metro students winning different prizes to Whyalla, USASA advocated for Whyalla to have the same benefits as metro campuses.
  • Whyalla City Council kindly donated $500 for a suggested running track at the rear of the Campus.
  • Brekky Bar on the 27th & 28th April

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