Board Member Activity Report – Month of June – Mawson Lakes


Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a successful exam period, and I wish everyone well now that results have started rolling out. If you have any issues or concerns with your final grades, are unsure of university policy, or would like an assignment re-marked, then you can contact USASA’s Advocacy Team here, who are experts in academic policies and procedures, and can provide you with free and confidential advice.

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April 2017 – Mawson Lakes Rep

Hi everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a great mid-semester break, and are looking forward to smashing out the rest of this semester. I’d like to start by taking a moment to congratulate Ryan Colsey, the new Magill Student Representative, I look forward to working with him throughout the remainder of the year. For those of you who worked on the public holidays over the Easter break, spending time away from your family and friends, thank you. You deserve your penalty rates, and I know first-hand the importance of penalty rates for students at UniSA. This month, the National Union of Students Welfare Department has launched its #ISupportPenaltyRates photo campaign, which I’ll be bringing to Mawson Lakes during upcoming student catch-ups.

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Izik Nehow & Lisa Bennetts – Mawson Lakes Reps – May Report

What did we get up to during May? 

May was an exciting month and one of our highlights was the Mawson Lakes Master Plan meeting. At this meeting we were involved in discussion with the university’s architectures and designers and we looked at the vision for Mawson Lakes campus. This was a really exciting opportunity because we were able to provide student feedback and student perspective on the campus layout and facilities now and what students want in the future – things like spaces for socials and clubs, more open study areas and a main gathering area. Student engagement, satisfaction, and inclusivity were key drivers behind all of the ideas and discussions for the campus. It will be exciting to see how our feedback comes out in the designs for the campus over the coming years.

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Mawson Lakes Rep Report April

Lisa Bennetts – Month of April

What have I been up to?

As apart of my involvement with the National Union of Students, this month I was involved in the National Day of Action to voice my opinion on proposed education cuts. It was a really successful demonstration in Adelaide, with many people involved, which really helped to encourage more discussion on this topic within the community.

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Mawson Lakes March Activity Report

Hey all!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter break and are feeling somewhat refreshed after a busy month. If not, you’ll find solace in the fact we only have a week to go until the 2 week break. But in the meantime I hope you’ve all been smashing your studies!

I’m still in denial March has been and gone but I know I’m not alone when I say this. The first few weeks of class are usually a bit clumsy and disorganised (for me anyway) despite the best of intentions to get off to a good start and I’m fairly sure I’m not the only one. Somehow between all the commotion of falling back into routine, the time just slips away and all those once distant due dates begin to loom. Lucky for us, UniSA has plenty of free workshops still running to provide strategies for improving concentration, motivation, time management & wellbeing. I plan on taking advantage of a few upcoming workshops to help get my time management back on track, if there’s still hope for me.

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Mawson Lakes Activity Report – Lisa Bennetts

Hi all!

It’s a bittersweet time of year, the time has come to part with our sleep-ins, getaways and social lives (Well, for Monday to Friday at least), but I’m certain I’m not alone when I say good riddance. We’re back into routine, feeling motivated and ready to tackle another year and the pain that usually accompanies it. For those who just genuinely rock at life and were enrolled over summer, you go Glen Coco. And of course, warmest of welcomes to our newcomers, it’s been so great meeting many of you! I hope you’ve all kicked off the year with big ambitions for your time at UniSA. Continue reading

Mawson Lakes Activity Report – February

Hey everyone,

Firstly, I’d like to give a warm welcome to all new and returning students at Uni SA and I hope your year this year is a memorable one.

Throughout February, while many students have been holidaying it up (jealous af), I’ve been extremely busy  settling into my new role as Mawson Lakes representative for 2016. Here’s a summary of some of what I’ve been up to:

1) Working as convenor of the Election Regulations & Constitution Committee (ERCC) and the Finance Committee.

I’ve been elected as convenor of both of these committees and have been working throughout the month with them. Most particularly, I’ve been working with members of the ERCC to start formulating a timeline for a huge reform process on the USASA constitution. This process has been set to be undertaken over a two year period to ensure the reforms are comprehensive and are done with proper consultation and support. We also want to ensure that these reforms create a modern constitution that properly and inclusively represents the students and staff who are apart of this university.

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Mawson Lakes – July Activity Report- Dale Ong

Summary of activity

Hello all (: I am Dale and this would be my last month at USASA as I would be graduating in the month of August.

What I have been up to …. The school will be implementing a student recognition program that recognises student for their extra-curriculum activities. For the past one month, I have been gathering student feedbacks on what they would want and like in the program. Instead of giving students what the University think they need, I hoped that the program could focus on what the actual needs of the students.
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