Magill Student Rep Board Report for May 2017

Hi Everyone!

May was my first full month as Student Representative for the Magill campus. It has flown by really quickly and I am now familiarizing myself a lot better with the inner workings of USASA.

The month kicked off with the Student Board AGM, where many issues were raised and debated. One of the big items to come out of the meeting was the decision to split the Education and Welfare Committee into two separate committees.

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Magill Rep Activity Report April 2017

Hi guys!

On April 7 I was elected unopposed to be the USASA Student Representative of Magill Campus, a position that had previously been vacant. I would like to thank everyone at USASA for accommodating me so quickly and welcoming me with open arms. Starting at this position in the middle of the academic year presents some challenges, but I am focused on quickly getting myself up to speed with the role.

Currently I am a second year student at Magill studying a double of Journalism and International Relations. Further information about me can be found on the USASA website under the Student Board tab.

So far I have met with several people in USASA as I continue finding my feet. On April 10 I had a meeting with Kayla (President) and Daniel (General Manager) where I was given information on the board structure, student welfare programs, and other committees.

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Kayla Dickeson & Christopher Ghan – Magill Student Reps – June Report

Summary of activity

This month we have been focused on the final weeks of the semester, as students rush to their major assignments and exams (including us)! Chris and I both participated in Unitopia at Magill, which was a great success with many students attending. We got to chat to students and ask them about the things they want to see at Magill, pet some cute barn animals and have a go at the arts and crafts! As it is crunch time with exams, we have been out at the Adelaide Showgrounds with USASA’s Examinaid, helping students out with free pens, pencils and jelly beans! Students could also borrow calculators and rulers, while using our iPads to search for their exam room!

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Magill Campus Representative – January & February Report

Hi all!

Absolutely thrilled to be your student representative for 2016 and to let you all know about the work I’ll be doing this year. January and February have been both incredible and hectic times. I have been busy establishing the USASA Women’s Committee, which is dedicated to investigating women’s welfare issues at the university and establishing a Women’s Department for USASA. We have held initial meetings to plan our actions for the year, created the Terms of Reference and expanded the committee to non-board member students. We still have one or two positions open for the committee so if anyone is interested in joining the committee please contact me via email. Personally I am interested in gaging the necessity and viability of establishing a Women’s Officer; specific services we can offer to female-identifying students; the university’s process on sexual assault and harassment cases; and campaigns and services around domestic violence.

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Magill Campus Representative – January & February Report

You guys must really be looking hard for a reason to procrastinate if you’re reading this.

A warm welcome to those new to UniSA or coming back for another year. The following are a snapshot of some the activities I’ve been pursuing over the last two months.


For those looking to buy or sell secondhand books, I’ve been working with USASA on plans to run physical stalls on each of the campuses (except Whyalla & Mt Gambier unfortunately) to help students browse through the books available in our USASA Secondhand Textbooks store ( look at their online store + more info in the link below)

With luck, we hope to have this up and running early this semester; or to trial it at the beginning of the next period.

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Magill – December Activity Report

After another year, so does end the term of Ant the Magill Rep. The office is closed and dark, as it waits for a new year, new reps, new students to comfort and assist. His time with the Association ends not with a bang, nor a whimper, but merely runs its course and ends as it should.

But lo, as one term ends so does inevitably another begin, and as it does the USASA Board is born anew – enthused, passionate, full of ideas and ready to tackle the new year. Ant reflects on a time when he too was unfamiliar with the inner mechanisations of what was then UniLife and smiles. While the future is as yet unknown, it can be certain to be interesting.

Magill – Campus Activity Report

Hi everyone,

I hope that this final part of the university year is going smoothly! This month I have spent some time overseas in New Zealand, to attend a Cognitive Neuroscience conference. As I have barely been on campus this month, I haven’t been able to spend time at the Magill counter, which is something I’m not happy about. I’m glad that at least Ant is able to spend time at the Magill counter during this period.   Continue reading

Magill – November Activity Report

While there have been some important student issues arising in the past month, there isn’t much I can write about here unfortunately for privacy reasons. I’ve spent my time talking and helping students out of the USASA office at Magill, and the rest of the time been firmly fixed to the computer completing assignments (as I’m sure many are).

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Magill – October Activity Report

Campus has been quieter this month, as I think many students are knuckling down and finishing their final assessments! I also submitted my thesis this month (yay!) and I wish all students good luck with their upcoming assessment and exams!

Something exciting this month is that the USASA elections are underway to elect the new board, and it has been great to see students campaigning on the Magill campus and showing their passion. Good luck to all the candidates. Continue reading