Kemal Brkic – Whyalla Student Rep – July Report

Warm welcome to new students who have started this week at the Whyalla Campus and welcome back existing students to SP5. Already the campus has arranged a pizza luncheon for new students during the first week. Second week (1 August) we have Bubble Soccer on the front lawn starting at 4pm.

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June News – Whyalla Campus

Highlight for the month was planting 25 trees celebrating 25 years of learning at the Whyalla Campus. The trees were planted in one long line linking the campus and the student village. Thank you to the following;

Mum and Dad, Riley, Eden, Michelle & Andy Fay, Shirley Curtis, Kirsty and Noah Arbuckle, Riley Allen-Jones, Melanie Smith, Troy Williams, Alexander Robinson, Mitch Wilson, Sandy Darby, Tracy Robertson, Natalie Williams, Sam Bourne, Ben Freeman, Daniel Randell, Carey Moore, Nick Li, Valerie Baya, Luke Rogers, Jue Wang, Lisa Bennetts, Izik Nehow, Christopher Ghan, Kayla Dickeson, Tammy Masters, Mark Meegan.

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May News – Whyalla

Quick Recap on April

  • Body Combat 2 was held on Wednesday 6th April
  • Regional student focus group was held on 19th April with student representatives volunteering three hours of their time to provide the Student Engagement Unit with ideas how to improve Student Experience.
  • Great result for Carly Whitaker who received a mini iPad after winning the pass the parcel at the 25th Birthday Celebrations held in March. After viewing pictures on Facebook and seeing metro students winning different prizes to Whyalla, USASA advocated for Whyalla to have the same benefits as metro campuses.
  • Whyalla City Council kindly donated $500 for a suggested running track at the rear of the Campus.
  • Brekky Bar on the 27th & 28th April

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April Report – Whyalla Campus


Another terrific month of activities for Whyalla Students including;

  • Body Combat 1 at YMCA
  • Meet the Tenants BBQ at the Student Village and,
  • Pt Lowly Getaway over the weekend


To date, I have attended every USASA board meeting in person and represented Whyalla Students. I have submitted the following agenda items;

  • Trees to be planted between the University and Student Accommodation at Whyalla Campus – Funding APPROVED by USASA Board.
  • Whyalla to be included for UniTopia Events, Wall Planner and Diary – APPROVED.
  • Memorial seating to be installed at Whyalla and funded by USASA – DEFEATED.

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March Report – Whyalla Campus

Students working together instils the spirit of empowerment. The relationship between the USASA rep and Student Experience Ambassador is vital to the Campus and both help each other to provide Students with the best experience. The positions are very similar, responsible for creating an engaging, exciting and enjoyable environment around Campus.

We have three events for the month to watch out for:

1.    FREE Combat Class on Wednesday 9th March at the Rec Centre at 6.45 p.m.

2.    BBQ at the Student Village – Wednesday 23rd March at 5.30 p.m. (ALL Students)

3.    Pt Lowly Getaway on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd April 

Really look forward to seeing you all there.

Remember to work hard on your studies so you can play hard at PARTIES.

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Feb Report – Whyalla Campus

Until you have had experience organising an event such as O-Week, you really appreciate the amount of time and work it takes to get the job done. After attending my first O-Week last year (as a new student on Campus) I had an idea what worked and what did not. The University had their own ideas about how things should be set up however I am glad they listened to students and kindly implemented some changes this year. The result being a much improved Orientation for students, not to say we can’t improve even more next year.

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