President’s Report: June-July

Hi Everyone

I decided to combine my June and July reports into one Winter break report, due to the relative quietness of the period. I am also choosing to use this post to offer a brief reflection on the year so far and offer an outlook for the remainder of the year.

Now, I should just declare that, as I am writing this, I am very sick in bed and feeling feverish, so I hope this post doesn’t read too oddly.

(Pictured: me right now)

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Nick Li – Postgraduate student Rep – June & July Report

Hi all,

Sorry to for not updating earlier for which I should have… but hey! It was a crazy 2 months for me and I will tell you why.

I have come across this formal inquiry regarding “contract cheating”, where in this case a student paid someone online to write the final year project thesis for him/her. I understand how study could be a lot of pressure, especially while you are in your final year, but cheating as your desperate measure is definitely a NO!

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Izik Nehow – Mawson Lakes – June Report

What have we been up to during June? 

This month has been a pretty short month given a move up of the USASA Board meeting. However, we’ve still been quite busy working as your student representatives! Both of us, with the help of Kayla and Chris – the Magill Representatives – have started distributing the Food Truck survey for both our campuses via social media this month. This will be a great resource of data that we can use to help push our case for food trucks across the campuses and we’ve received quite a lot of great feedback so thank you! But, if you haven’t already seen the survey then check it out below.

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Kayla Dickeson & Christopher Ghan – Magill Student Reps – June Report

Summary of activity

This month we have been focused on the final weeks of the semester, as students rush to their major assignments and exams (including us)! Chris and I both participated in Unitopia at Magill, which was a great success with many students attending. We got to chat to students and ask them about the things they want to see at Magill, pet some cute barn animals and have a go at the arts and crafts! As it is crunch time with exams, we have been out at the Adelaide Showgrounds with USASA’s Examinaid, helping students out with free pens, pencils and jelly beans! Students could also borrow calculators and rulers, while using our iPads to search for their exam room!

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Luke Rogers – City East Rep – June Report

Hey guys,

So another semester of Uni is over for me, and hopefully all of your guys are done or not far behind! It has been a busy month of uni work at city east, getting all the final assignments done and getting ready for exams. It has been great this month to get out to the showgrounds and say hi and give some support for people going into exams. I also chatted to some parents who were really impressed what USASA was doing for the students and its always nice to get good feedback.

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Thomas Browne – City East Rep – June Report

Hello Everybody,

June was as busy as it always is for me this year, with study, work, exam preparation and USASA commitments including it’s premier event finishing its campus tour at City East – Unitopia!

For those of you that haven’t been to a Unitopia yet, firstly you’re missing out, they are campus events focused on handling exam stress and relaxation techniques through a healthy dose of henna, massages, tea, smoothies, winter soup and toasties, chocolate meditation and small cuddly animals at the petting zoo. I was given the significant responsibility of managing the smoothie bike which saw me make a small plantations worth of banana smoothies . The event is always run fantastically well and this year was no exception, it was great to talk to the students and bring all of the USASA staff to our little campus, and I’m sure all of the students that made it into University in the last week of the semester to attend valued it as well.

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Valérie Baya – International student Rep – June Report

Hi everyone,

I know this is a very busy moment of the year, as many of you are busy and stress about the exams actually going on. For those who are already on holidays, and for those who will be done soon, HAPPY HOLIDAYS you all. Take that break to chill and relax before coming back the next semester very motivated.

Being myself a student, this month was very busy for me as I had my finals going on. It was hard to make myself available because of my busy schedule to work on my submissions and tutorials with the LTU or my lecturers. Hopefully, I could manage it.

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June News – Whyalla Campus

Highlight for the month was planting 25 trees celebrating 25 years of learning at the Whyalla Campus. The trees were planted in one long line linking the campus and the student village. Thank you to the following;

Mum and Dad, Riley, Eden, Michelle & Andy Fay, Shirley Curtis, Kirsty and Noah Arbuckle, Riley Allen-Jones, Melanie Smith, Troy Williams, Alexander Robinson, Mitch Wilson, Sandy Darby, Tracy Robertson, Natalie Williams, Sam Bourne, Ben Freeman, Daniel Randell, Carey Moore, Nick Li, Valerie Baya, Luke Rogers, Jue Wang, Lisa Bennetts, Izik Nehow, Christopher Ghan, Kayla Dickeson, Tammy Masters, Mark Meegan.

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