City West – January Activity Report- Bridget Barletta

Hi there!

My name is Bridget Barletta and this year I have the great opportunity of being the City West Campus Undergrad Rep for 2018! I’ve so far had the pleasure of meeting quite a range of UniSA students particularly during election week, and am excited to help improve the student experience at UniSA. I have a great passion for the University of South Australia in particular, and cannot wait to see it blossom over the next few years into an extraordinary place for learning and life experience, recognised around the world. Continue reading


January 2018 Mawson Lakes Rep report- Sneha M

Hello mates! Hope everyone had a great New year and Australia Day! I feel so honoured and glad that I got the opportunity to represent all of you Mawson Lakers this year! I hope to work closely with all of you throughout the year and help alleviate any issues that you might have. This month, we had the student board retreat.

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International Student Representative – January report

Bonjour everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and you are ready to start the new semester. Some of you might be impatient catching up with your friends, or making new friends for the new students.

You might wonder who is that person emailing you, well just a little introduction about me, as you will receive emails every month about my reports. I am Valérie the USASA (University of South Australia Student Association)International Student Representative 2016 (you can find my picture below). I am also the President of the African Society at UniSA. I am an international student from Mauritius (French, English and Creole spoken languages), studying Master of Design (interior architecture) at city west campus. As international student representative, I would be here to support the international students, and I am expecting them to contact me for any inquiries, issues, suggestions, questions, help etc… I will encourage everyone to contact me if there is anything they would like me to help with 🙂

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Mount Gambier Student Representative

Hey there

I am Tammy Masters the regional student representative. Mount Gambier is a regional town guys for those of you who do not get the opportunity to travel down this way (we do exist), just kidding. We pretty much have everything a metro life style has on offer, however, our resources are on a smaller scale. Prior to my recent sea change, I had lived in Melbourne for 14 years. I had forgotten just how tranquil a regional life style can be. Driving from place to place is just so relaxing now, I do not have to deal with gridlock traffic, due to someone breaking down in a freeway lane, no more paying for parking, and no more peak hour.  However, I do miss the restaurants, the shopping etc.

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Greetings and my activity statement for January – City West



Hi everyone

I hope everyone had  fantastic holidays catching up with friends and family enjoying their time off from their studies.  As people are aware the new semester is starting soon. Some are dredging it and others will enjoy starting or coming back to Uni. Whether you are a first year and last year, University is a challenging but rewarding experience for all students who apply themselves.  My commitment to students are of  a paramount importance. As a student representative, I will represent all students interests to the best of my ability. In order for the best outcomes to be achieved for students, it is important that students are engaged and their opinions and views are respected.  

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City East – January Activity Report

Hey squad,

Hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays and have been getting far more relax time than I have! It hasn’t been a huge month for USASA work as everyone is still away from campus, but its been a big month for me moving house!

This month did see the new board form though and get started on its work, I think the new team is fantastic and going to do a really good job. At the end of last year most of us got the chance to meet each other at the board retreat but those that weren’t there we got a chance to meet at the board meeting. It was a marathon first meeting which just shows that the new board team is really keen to hit the ground running.

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