International Rep Report – June Activities

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a successful exam period. I am Luke, your new international representative. It was a big surprise to be offered the position 3 weeks ago. First step is always the hardest. I am still trying to adapt to the workload and responsibility as a representative. This month, I have met with Bridget and Kayla for the takeover meeting. It was amazing to learn about what I have never known before. Being a representative is a stressful responsibility but meaningful as I will be able to understand more about students’ needs and help make their experience at university a memorable one. I have also met with Bridget to discuss about a few ideas including:

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April 2017 Report

Hi everyone,

This month I had achieve by setting up our first meeting with International Student Sub- Committee, and have the usual meeting with Events and Marketing Committee. I’m still in progression on recruiting students to be part of the Events and Marketing Committee. Besides, I’m in progression with both Healthy Food Video and Personal Finance.

The activities I had done this month was not that much, but I’m trying to concentrate the things I would like to achieve this year. Plus, I have some exciting stuff happening in the next few months.

Stay tune!

Read the full board report: <May 2017>

Warm regards,

Diana Wong

What a MADMARCH Life! – March 2017

This month I’m trying to get together with cultural club members for International Student Sub-Committee and building partnership with Study Adelaide, Student Engagement and etc. It was great to meet the club members during Club fest and the Clubs Welcome Party. Not just that, I’m still in progression by putting together the Healthy Food Video which aligns with Unitopia and building connections with external stakeholders on Personal Finance Workshop. I also attending the committee meeting especially Unitopia and Warehouse Party. I enjoy working with the staff and give opinions with them on how can we make an awesome events.


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Feb Activity Report 2017_DW

Oh my days, what a month! I can’t believe there are lot of things happening throughout the month of February. From meetings with the schools to preparation of my plans for international students. I also had done my media training masterclass with Kayla (President) & Louise (Postgraduate) on how do we present ourselves and response via radio and filming. Besides, I was really excited that I got to meet from UniSA Student Engagement Staff, Council of International Student of Australia (CISA) President and Welfare Officer, to Study Adelaide Student Supporter during International Student O-Week Day. I was grateful that I had the opportunity to meet them and discuss my future plans for UniSA International Students. Also, I’m excited to see all the new faces coming to UniSA Orientation.


It was an honoured to have an opportunity to give a Welcome Speech and give a presentation about USASA, along with my co-presenter Valerie Claire. Continue reading

International Rep – November Activity Report

Hi everyone,

First of all, I would like to wish happy holidays for all those who are done with their exams and final submissions. I have been on holidays for 3 weeks now and all I can say is that holidays do not have the same taste when you are an international student representative.

For those who are being strong enough to read my post, I will make it brief about what I did this month.

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Valerie Baya- CISA and Ethno-cultural conference- International Report

Hi guys,

As promised, attached are my reports of both CISA( council of international students Australia) and Ethno-cultural conferences I went to during the holidays. Hopefully they are not long.


The CISA (council of international students Australia) conference took place from the 5-8 July in Darwin. The theme of this year’s conference was “Breaking down barriers, facing the future together as one”. Over the 4 days the conference took place in different venues, with different speakers and we had different workshops at the same time. Therefore, I attended the workshops, which were more related to UniSA international students, which will be described later on in this report. Continue reading

Valérie Baya – International Student Rep – July Report

Hi everyone and welcome back to uni…YAAAAYYYY…or nay lol.

I hope you had enough time to relax before this new semester. As for me, this holidays were not really holidays as I was involved in many extracurricular activities. I also went to Darwin to attend the 4 days CISA conference and the ethno-cultural student conference in Melbourne. As a result, I learn a lot about international student rights in Australia, the new strategy plan and many more. How not to forget that I have to submit reports about these conferences by Monday…

I will upload my reports later on but first let’s see what I’ve been up to for July.

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Job hints for international students

Hi everyone,

So last week I went to Darwin to attend the 4 days CISA conference. For those who don’t know what CISA stands for and is about, is it the Council of International Students Australia. For more information on what they do, please check their website:

Let’s go directly to the subject and I am so happy to share with you few information they gave about what Australian companies look for when employing students. I know many of you complain about having the best CV, but you are still being rejected by companies. So below are what these companies look for and hopefully this will help you to get better at what you think you need to improve. You can also find them in the attachment (below), but because of the quality of the images, I am writing them down below.

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Valérie Baya – International student Rep – June Report

Hi everyone,

I know this is a very busy moment of the year, as many of you are busy and stress about the exams actually going on. For those who are already on holidays, and for those who will be done soon, HAPPY HOLIDAYS you all. Take that break to chill and relax before coming back the next semester very motivated.

Being myself a student, this month was very busy for me as I had my finals going on. It was hard to make myself available because of my busy schedule to work on my submissions and tutorials with the LTU or my lecturers. Hopefully, I could manage it.

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Valérie Baya – International student Rep – May report

Hi everyone,

So  I would like to challenge myself my making this report short and concise as possible, based on what i have been up to for May

May event

3, 4 and 5 May- Formal inquiries

I am surprised that all the formal inquiries or academic review I went to, the students were all international students. This is something I would like to highlight during the O-week for SP5.

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