City East UG Rep, June report – Sopor Tan

Hi everyone!

In case you’re wondering, I’d like to confirm that, yes, you’re reading right — this is an update from your 2018 City East Undergrad Rep.

Before going into nitty-gritty bits of this month report, I’d like to firstly thanks City Easters for allowing me an opportunity to represent undergrads of our campus. I’m delighted to be serving as the City East Undergrad Rep for the remaining half of this academic year.

Being freshly inducted to the role midyear, June was surely a surprising, exciting, and rewarding month for me. Thankfully, USASA staffs and other board members have been a great help in getting me up to speed with the board’s activities.

Within the past month, asides from picking up a baton of role and duty, I had attended an Education Committee meeting, our monthly board meeting, and Academic Board meeting. Some highlights from these meetings were presentations from Student Advocacy and Student Ombud services. I’d like to share these with you as a reminder of their existing supports. It is worth-noting though, that, despite their seemingly similar purpose, there are differences between the two services. Therefore, I encourage you to visit the following links shall you wish to find out more about the service:

Student Advocacy:
Student Ombud:

Alternatively, you can reach out to us and we will help to put you through to them.

On another note, I’d like to finish off with a brief notice that the news around a merging of our university with the University of Adelaide also came to our attention. We will be out to hear your thoughts on this matter in the near future.

In the meantime, I’d really love to hear from you regarding any ideas and issues you’d like to address; so please feel free to send them along to me at



April Board Report

Hi everyone! This past month has been quite an eventful month, starting off with the monthly USASA meeting and finance meeting.

Natansh and I also held our first student catch up at the end of March in the student lounge in the Playford building. We had hoped for a bigger turn out, but there were issues with marketing of the event which was brought to our attention by some students who came and spoke to us. Our next catch up will hopefully be more successful as we are here to help answer any of your questions to help make your life on campus a little bit easier. The date has not been finalised as I am currently on placements, but expect it to be early-mid May!

The Brekkie bar was also a topic of discussion these past months as we plan to make it free by second semester of uni which will hopefully achieve a bigger turn out. Student welfare our top priority here at City East!

In addition, Utopia is set to take place in Week 8 of this semester. It will come to City East on Wednesday 10th of May at the Bazil Hetzel Plaza. Come anytime between 11am-3pm if you are in need of some chill time from your studies. With exams around the corner, free massages and free food is always a good idea!

Finally, the USASA Annual General Meeting is coming up on the May 1st. Come along to the Jeffery Smart Building at 6pm if you’re interested!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed your mid-semester breaks and I’ll see you back on campus next week!

~Han Nguyen

April Board Report

This was an eventful month. I attended the April USASA board meeting where the USASA board reaffirmed its support for students welfare by extensively discussing two motions which directly affects students welfare.

I have also the called the Clubs committee meeting and the Finance committee meeting to be held during the next week.

The Student Catch up session was held last month in the Playford building Lounge where few students showed up and raised issues such as regarding marketing of the events and having a rep office on the campus. Unfortunately due to mine and Han’s schedule we won’t be having catch ups this month, however the May catchups will be likely held again in the Playford building lounge, so it might be worthwhile for City East students to drop by and raise issues that are of concern to them.

That is all from me. Hope all of you have had a well rested study break and are raring to go back to university again.

Luke Rogers – City East Rep – June Report

Hey guys,

So another semester of Uni is over for me, and hopefully all of your guys are done or not far behind! It has been a busy month of uni work at city east, getting all the final assignments done and getting ready for exams. It has been great this month to get out to the showgrounds and say hi and give some support for people going into exams. I also chatted to some parents who were really impressed what USASA was doing for the students and its always nice to get good feedback.

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Thomas Browne – City East Rep – June Report

Hello Everybody,

June was as busy as it always is for me this year, with study, work, exam preparation and USASA commitments including it’s premier event finishing its campus tour at City East – Unitopia!

For those of you that haven’t been to a Unitopia yet, firstly you’re missing out, they are campus events focused on handling exam stress and relaxation techniques through a healthy dose of henna, massages, tea, smoothies, winter soup and toasties, chocolate meditation and small cuddly animals at the petting zoo. I was given the significant responsibility of managing the smoothie bike which saw me make a small plantations worth of banana smoothies . The event is always run fantastically well and this year was no exception, it was great to talk to the students and bring all of the USASA staff to our little campus, and I’m sure all of the students that made it into University in the last week of the semester to attend valued it as well.

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Luke Rogers – City East Rep – May Report

Hi All,

It has been a big month at Uni SA and for me personally. Unijam was a huge success and I was delighted to be able to contribute to the conversation, as well as read so many of the amazing ideas that students, staff and other contributors had to offer. I just wish I had the time to read through all of great suggestions and thoughts that were offered up.

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Board Report – April

Hello Everybody!

April was quite a busy month for me as I got stuck into all of the responsibilities and opportunities to represent the student body as a USASA representative!

One way in which us as USASA representatives can represent students is on a more individual level is to sit on the Academic Review Panels as they deliberate the cases put to them, in this case the School of Health Sciences at the City East Campus. I have been fortunate enough to not have any dealings with these panels during my time at the University, but I was impressed by the professionalism and compassion that the panels gave to all the cases put in front of them over the series of meetings. I’m not sure how I imagined the process of preclusion from the University before the meeting, but it is certainly not a cold computer that precludes students with no thought for their circumstances as I guess some people might picture it.

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City East Rep Report – April

This month unfortunately I have not been able to get as much done for the board as I would have liked. This is due however to my coursework in Vietnam, which was a great experience! I was given the opportunity to go to Hue with 15 other students from the Natural and Built Environments School in order to represent the university and do some great research in a world heritage site with some awesome local students! I would highly recommend that if you ever have chance to go overseas with your course then you should do what you can to take it, it’s a great way to learn.

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March City East Activity Report

Hello Everybody!

This marks the first of my monthly reports since getting tapped on the shoulder to fill the position of City East USASA Representative, so here goes! March was quite a short month for me as I only really joined the committee halfway through the month at my first meeting, so the remaining few weeks saw me try to figure out how everything works and to try to hit the ground running in my new role!

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City East Activity Report – Luke Rogers

Hey Everybody,

Welcome back to campus for 2016! Its great to see so many people filling the hallways, classrooms and spots around City East again.

This month I had the awesome task of getting involved with O Week and meeting hundreds of new students. I got to come in and talk directly to planning students about my role as a USASA Rep, as well as an admin of a club and then generally my experience as a student. Then on Friday I had the big USASA day at City East where I was slinging diaries and info on what USASA is about. It was the hard work of the USASA staff that made this day, and all the other campus days, possible. Met some really nice people and had a lot of fun as well, and that’s a good sign that the future of the UniSA is as bright as ever.

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