Magill – December Activity Report

After another year, so does end the term of Ant the Magill Rep. The office is closed and dark, as it waits for a new year, new reps, new students to comfort and assist. His time with the Association ends not with a bang, nor a whimper, but merely runs its course and ends as it should.

But lo, as one term ends so does inevitably another begin, and as it does the USASA Board is born anew – enthused, passionate, full of ideas and ready to tackle the new year. Ant reflects on a time when he too was unfamiliar with the inner mechanisations of what was then UniLife and smiles. While the future is as yet unknown, it can be certain to be interesting.


Magill – November Activity Report

While there have been some important student issues arising in the past month, there isn’t much I can write about here unfortunately for privacy reasons. I’ve spent my time talking and helping students out of the USASA office at Magill, and the rest of the time been firmly fixed to the computer completing assignments (as I’m sure many are).

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Magill – September/October Activity Report

It’s been a quiet month with holidays at Magill, though during this time meetings are held for students who wish to appeal preclusion. Aside from sitting in on those and providing a student perspective on the experience of university life I’ve been hanging at the counter mainly and seeing what is needed of me from students.

Magill – July Activity Report

With the start of the new semester, student representative work has started again in earnest. The first week back has been spent helping out at the office, speaking to student about issues (particularly in relation to Notifications of Unsatisfactory Performance from the University) and touching base with Student Experience staff. Planning has begun for the Digital Learning Strategy focus groups to be undertaken mid-semester, as well as a learning analytics project. While minor, of note is that the $1 noodles program is up and running at the Magill office, and has proved popular so far. Continue reading