Nick Li – Postgraduate student Rep – October & November Report

Soon it comes to the last quarter of 2016, which means summer is here (or not!) and Christmas is just around the corner, I hope you all had a great year and done well in your study.

I guess it is always stressful by the end of the year for university students as that means the final exam for the year (at least for normal entry students). During the exam period USASA has hosted its Examin-aid counter once again, to assist and support students who attended to their examination in Adelaide Showground by loaning out calculators and rulers to whose in need, giving out freebies such as pen, pencils and jellybeans, or by a simple ‘good luck with your exam!’. The counter was so popular that we ran out of jelly beans! I hope our warm wishes and efforts can give you that final push on top of your hardworking to be successful in your exam.

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Nick Li – Postgraduate student Rep – August & September Report

It soon comes to the last quarter of the year again, have you guys been productive?

Some of you might not have noticed, but UniSA has performed better and better in recent years, and from the latest university ranking, UniSA now positioned in the 251-300 band out of 980 universities surveyed worldwide in Times Higher Education ranking, which means we are studying in a university in the top 25% percentile. We also ranked 24 in QS Top 50 under 50, and that means we are in of the world’s best young universities! So once you are graduated from UniSA, you know your degree is recognized worldwide.

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Nick Li – Postgraduate student Rep – June & July Report

Hi all,

Sorry to for not updating earlier for which I should have… but hey! It was a crazy 2 months for me and I will tell you why.

I have come across this formal inquiry regarding “contract cheating”, where in this case a student paid someone online to write the final year project thesis for him/her. I understand how study could be a lot of pressure, especially while you are in your final year, but cheating as your desperate measure is definitely a NO!

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Nick Li – Postgraduate Student Rep – May Report

Hey Guys,

Another month just passed and we are close to the end of a semester again. (P.S. that means you guys better study hard for the coming exam……which I have none!) (P.P.S And I have no life either….sigh…)

The RBA announced a cash rate cut to record low this month and this has a minor impact onto USASA finance. Thanks to Daniel Randell – our general manager as well as our financial advisor Nick Anderson, a meeting with NAB income and investment solution team with the finance committee was setup, and we  discussed on what solutions we may have. The outcome of that meeting was positive and informative, and we will continually looking for a solution to counter measure the impact.

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Postgraduate Student Rep April Report

April is the best month of the year in my opinion, not only because of those public holidays that I can also be benefited to as a PhD student, but because of the change in weather – I hate really hot weather.

April is yet another busy month for me, but certainly a joyful one … well at least for those who are graduating! I have attended two graduation ceremonies in City and one in Mount Gambier as University Council member, and I have to admit I thought it will be boring – as I am not the one to be awarded but I was really joyful for graduates under the stage, I feel happy for them to celebrate their success for finishing their studies and seeing all their family and friends cheering and supporting them the whole made me feel warm despite the cool weather.

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Postgraduate Student Rep March Report

Time flies and a month has nearly passed since university started. It doesn’t affect me that much because as a PhD student I work like a full time staff in the office and the lab, which also means…… I am a cheap labour with no life (sigh!). All the joke aside, it was personally a busy month for me as I got a lot to catch up after coming back from my annual leave, and I attended two conferences in Queensland this month, with my first oral presentation in a national conference!

However, there are more responsibilities than just my role as a PhD student, but as representative for fellow UniSA postgraduate students.

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Postgraduate Student Rep February Report

How are you everyone? This is Nick the Postgraduate student representative. Sorry for a really late post of my activity report, but I was on my annual leave back to Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year. It was so cold there unlike summer in Adelaide, but honestly, I enjoy that more than the heat.

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