Mt Gambier Student Rep report

Hi everyone,

It’s been a quiet couple of months on campus here, most students have well established routines and our mid year intake was only 23 students so I have not had as much student contact as in the first few months….however, I have still managed to keep busy as a rep.

In July the campus finally got the student engagement rep position filled by a student (Tania a business student) this means that myself, Tania and Ian (campus manager) now all work together to provide the best student services and support we can.  As a regional campus we are often unable to provide the same services and opportunities as our city counterparts, this is where Tania, Ian and myself work collaboratively to ensure we get the best opportunities possible for all students, the following is some of what we have achieved and are working toward;

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USASA Student rep – Mt Gambier Julie Baum

June has been a quiet month in Mt Gambier, students attended their last lectures and tutorials earlier in the month, then worked toward completing their final assignments and exams.

Our silent study space is proving to be very beneficial for the students who are utilizing it, I have had feedback about the room which includes; “it’s great for doing my assignments, no noise or distraction” and “I can concentrate in there, the piazza was always too noisy”, I’m glad that not only students are using the area but that it is meeting the needs of the students.

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USASA Student Rep report, Mt Gambier

USASA Report – Julie Baum

May in Mt Gambier


Unitopia was all about supporting YOU the students, we were able to provide some Mindset mentoring for supporting your study, while providing some light exercise and physical wellbeing for your body, Oh Yes! we also had a Yummy lunch, which everyone loved.  This was the first time I had organized a Unitopia event, and although we could not have some of the same activities as our city counterparts, everyone who participated said they appreciated the activities and loved the FREE lunch. I am already planning for the next Unitopia event for SP5 so watch the space!!!

Silent Study Zone

Through negotiation and planning with Ian McKay (Uni Manger), we were able to come up with a plan for a silent study zone, we now have a meeting room which is available most days of the week for all students to utilise for study, this is a big improvement from what we had.

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April Report – Julie Baum, Mt Gambier

USASA Report – Julie Baum Student Representative

What happened in April?


PAC CRAWL!!!!!!  Yep we had the Pac crawl, it was great to be a part of what all of UniSA was doing, all on the same night.  We only had a small number attend, but those of us that went had a great time, 4 pubs, crazy antics, scavenger hunt, lot’s of laughs, and the ‘Nut Bush’ to top it of!  Thanks to everyone that came along, it was a fun way to kick off the swat vac.

However you coped with the first half of semester one, I hope it went well for you, and that you have all had a chance to get a break during the swat vac.

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March Mount Gambier Representative report – Julie Baum

USASA Report – Julie Baum Student Representative

Summary of activity

March has been very hectic, my plan was to connect with as many students as possible and build the profile of USASA and my role here in Mt Gambier.  I was able to engage with a large number of students across year levels and classes, this included a presentation specifically for the IPP class to help support their transition into Uni.

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Feb Activity Report – Julie – Mt Gambier

Ok so what you will discover pretty quickly is I like COFFEE!!!, one thing I know for sure is , I will need a lot more by the end of this year.

It’s been awesome to connect with so many new students, some a bit dazed, some excited and others just trying to process all the info. One thing for sure is they all seem fired up for what’s ahead, which is great to see. Well here’s my report for Feb, see you next month.

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Mt Gambier-January Activity Report- Julie Baum



Summary of activity

I have had a great start to my role as USASA student representative for Mt Gambier Campus.  In late January, I attended our USASA retreat, this was an opportunity to build both a professional and personal relationship with my fellow board members and the USASA team, all of who were friendly and engaging. I have just returned to Uni today, where I was able to catch up with Mark who was our ‘Event’ organizer last year.  Unfortunately, as this program will not be available this year, we discussed how this might impact our campus, and possible ideas for future events through USASA. I will be catching up with as many students as possible in the next month to discuss this, and other issues, which the student body consider to be applicable here.

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