Activity Report-Sepember & October

Hello everyone, it seems like been a long time as City West student Rep and only have two months left for all of you. I will continue support all the students with any helps needed.

During Sepember and October, I had been enrolled in study tour courses to go overseas. I went to China to learn ‘Business in China’ courses with BiMBA of Peking University. This is a excited experience for me to study these courses with MBA students. As a Chinese, this study tour freshed me with new experiences and understanding about China. I must thank you for the University provides this great opportunity to all of management students and fantastic study tour experiences for all of us. If you are interesting to the Study Tour or any overseas study opportunties please contact Student Mobility Office 08 8302 0903 or you can email to for any equiries.

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City West Report


It’s heading into week 6 of study period 5 now, so we’re sure many of you other undergrads are starting to feel things heating up; I (Josh) know I’m personally trying to conquer Financial Accounting 3!
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Jue Wang – City West Rep – Welcome back!

Welcome Back all the students and welcome our new students to join UniSA. At beginning of this month, everyone finished their final exams and finish their study period 2 studies. Everyone had some relax during the school holiday. Most of my friends went back to their home country. I want to go back to see my family as well! BUT, I am busy to prepare the events for study period 5.

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Jue Wang – City West Rep – May Report

Hello everyone, this month we get a new city west student rep Josh. Big welcome to him and if anyone get some problems please do not feel hesitate to ask him.

At this May, I am joining in many activities hold on in City West campus. Many clubs and associations held some successful events to all the students. I am so glad to see this and i will fully support every clubs to hold more activities to students and enjoy the multi-cultural environment.

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April-City West Report

My apology for I am behind in this month and in communication regarding the board work because I am out of Australia. However, from next month I will put myself more into the Board and all events. I will attend more events and meetings in the following month. I always receive some suggestions from clubs’ questions and I will work out this part and discuss with USASA club manager in order to helping club organizer solve the problems and let them know each other.

Welcome for more students to email me to discuss any problems they meet in University especially in City West Campus.


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City West March Activity Report- Jue Wang

This month is a beginning for many new students in all campus. Students want to learn and know more about school facilities and courses issue. USASA also need to promote ourselves to students to understand how we are existing and what we are doing for students. During ClubsFest, it is a good opportunity for students to know there are a lot of different kinds of club in UniSA under USASA and it also helps many clubs to promote themselves and attract new students to join their clubs.

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