City West – November Activity Report

Hey everyone!

November was certainly a busy month for me with all my exams, so I wasn’t able to contribute back as much as I liked. It’s something that definitely sucks with having 4 exams every single semester. I’m sure some of you can relate; it feels like 3 weeks of my life just gets trapped in this bubble of exams and it’s all that your world revolves around.
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October Report- West Campus

The university effect: every month seems busier than the last. October has truly been crazy for me, as I’m sure it is for most students. Final assignments are probably just been submitted or due, and exams are starting to rear their ugly head in the background. Make sure to try and find time to relax, eat well, sleep well and maybe even exercise (including just walking). Exams can be a very stressful time for students (trust me, I’ve had 4 exams every semester, I know!), and it’s important not to forget to take care of yourself. Although I probably need to take my own advice anyway 😉

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September Report

Well this September is certainly shaping up to be a wet one. I currently sit here typing up this month’s report in the dark, with the 1.5 hours I have left on my battery because I have no Wi-Fi and there’s not much else work I can do without the internet. Surely I can apply for extensions on my assignments because of this? USASA advocates would know 😉

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Joshua Schneider – City West Rep – July Report

Hi everyone,

I hope we’ve all survived this crazy winter weather, while still being able to enjoy the break in between study periods. I think the break serves as a good reality check and the perfect time to re-asses priorities, going into the second half of the year.
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Joshua Schneider – City West Rep – May Report

Month of May

I’d firstly like to start off by thanking everyone at USASA and the other board members for the warm welcome into the position of City West Campus Student Rep. May definitely has been a busy month, with trying to settle into and find my place in this role amongst studying and the 101 assignments that seemed to be due, I’m sure most of you can relate to that. Since stepping into this role, and being inducted one of the key services USASA provides that is essential for students, yet is often not known about is USASA’s advocacy services.
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