March-April Report by Izik Nehow (ML)


6 March – Governance Committee Meeting, USASA Board Meeting; the Governance Committee was extremely productive particularly when discussing the prospect of creating a student representative council (SRC).

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January–February Report by Izik Nehow (ML)

Hey everyone!

My names Izik, and I’m your Mawson Lakes Representative for 2017! I’d like to thank everyone for their support and for electing me for a second term. I’m really looking forward to continuing a lot of the work I started last year.

Izik Nehow, Mawson Lakes Representative


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Izik Nehow – Mawson Lakes – June Report

What have we been up to during June? 

This month has been a pretty short month given a move up of the USASA Board meeting. However, we’ve still been quite busy working as your student representatives! Both of us, with the help of Kayla and Chris – the Magill Representatives – have started distributing the Food Truck survey for both our campuses via social media this month. This will be a great resource of data that we can use to help push our case for food trucks across the campuses and we’ve received quite a lot of great feedback so thank you! But, if you haven’t already seen the survey then check it out below.

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Izik Nehow & Lisa Bennetts – Mawson Lakes Reps – May Report

What did we get up to during May? 

May was an exciting month and one of our highlights was the Mawson Lakes Master Plan meeting. At this meeting we were involved in discussion with the university’s architectures and designers and we looked at the vision for Mawson Lakes campus. This was a really exciting opportunity because we were able to provide student feedback and student perspective on the campus layout and facilities now and what students want in the future – things like spaces for socials and clubs, more open study areas and a main gathering area. Student engagement, satisfaction, and inclusivity were key drivers behind all of the ideas and discussions for the campus. It will be exciting to see how our feedback comes out in the designs for the campus over the coming years.

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Mawson Lakes Activity Report – February

Hey everyone,

Firstly, I’d like to give a warm welcome to all new and returning students at Uni SA and I hope your year this year is a memorable one.

Throughout February, while many students have been holidaying it up (jealous af), I’ve been extremely busy  settling into my new role as Mawson Lakes representative for 2016. Here’s a summary of some of what I’ve been up to:

1) Working as convenor of the Election Regulations & Constitution Committee (ERCC) and the Finance Committee.

I’ve been elected as convenor of both of these committees and have been working throughout the month with them. Most particularly, I’ve been working with members of the ERCC to start formulating a timeline for a huge reform process on the USASA constitution. This process has been set to be undertaken over a two year period to ensure the reforms are comprehensive and are done with proper consultation and support. We also want to ensure that these reforms create a modern constitution that properly and inclusively represents the students and staff who are apart of this university.

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