Kayla Dickeson & Christopher Ghan – Magill Student Reps – June Report

Summary of activity

This month we have been focused on the final weeks of the semester, as students rush to their major assignments and exams (including us)! Chris and I both participated in Unitopia at Magill, which was a great success with many students attending. We got to chat to students and ask them about the things they want to see at Magill, pet some cute barn animals and have a go at the arts and crafts! As it is crunch time with exams, we have been out at the Adelaide Showgrounds with USASA’s Examinaid, helping students out with free pens, pencils and jelly beans! Students could also borrow calculators and rulers, while using our iPads to search for their exam room!

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Magill Campus Representative – January & February Report

You guys must really be looking hard for a reason to procrastinate if you’re reading this.

A warm welcome to those new to UniSA or coming back for another year. The following are a snapshot of some the activities I’ve been pursuing over the last two months.


For those looking to buy or sell secondhand books, I’ve been working with USASA on plans to run physical stalls on each of the campuses (except Whyalla & Mt Gambier unfortunately) to help students browse through the books available in our USASA Secondhand Textbooks store ( look at their online store + more info in the link below)

With luck, we hope to have this up and running early this semester; or to trial it at the beginning of the next period.


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