November Magill Rep Report – Carey Moore

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my penultimate* post on this blog! I hope you’ve survived your exams and final assignments and are looking forward to Summer break (assuming you don’t have Summer school or a tonne of work over Summer.) Continue reading


Update from President

Hey gang! Just a little mid-month update for you all (not a report).

Firstly, I am happy to announce I will be visiting both regional campuses to volunteer for Unitopia. That means I shall be at Mt. Gambier on 4 October and Whyalla on 5 October. So, if you want to meet me, talk to me about something or just say hi, I will be at each campus from about 10:30am until late afternoon on each respective day. I hope to see you there!

The other thing I wanted to mention was just a reminder that election nominations close this Friday at 4:00pm, so if you’re thinking of having a go, do it before the time runs out! Information, including the PDF of the nomination form can be found here:

That is all… no animated GIF for this one – sorry…

Alriiight, you get one animated GIF..


President’s Report: June-July

Hi Everyone

I decided to combine my June and July reports into one Winter break report, due to the relative quietness of the period. I am also choosing to use this post to offer a brief reflection on the year so far and offer an outlook for the remainder of the year.

Now, I should just declare that, as I am writing this, I am very sick in bed and feeling feverish, so I hope this post doesn’t read too oddly.

(Pictured: me right now)

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Carey Moore – USASA President – March, April & May Report

Hi everybody!

I am so sorry for not updating since forever! I have been flat-out busy and forgot about the blog.

So to catch you up, I am going to cheat and copy+paste my activity reports that I submitted to the board for each of the missing months. In my next entry (in the next week or so) I will offer a more personalised entry again. Let’s do this:

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