Magill Rep Report – March


It’s been a busy month with some exiting things being explored for Magill and the uni as  whole. USASA is beginning to plan our foodbank partnership program which we hope will ensure no student goes without meals while studying.

I got a chance to meet some of you face to face when I helped with handing out popcorn to promote campus fair, and again at campus fair itself when I had a go in the PacMan costume! For those of you attending Pac Crawl, I hope you have an amazing night, be safe and make plenty of new friends!


We also had our clubs welcome night this month, and  Arunika and I attended the ISASA Freshers Night which was amazing, though I don’t know how you undergrads have the energy to party all night like that! 😛


If you are helping out with a club this year, and haven’t yet heard about our USASA Club Executive Training Camp, please check it out and do your best to come along – you will learn things that will help you to grow and improve your club and yourself!

club camp

That’s all for now, looking forward to seeing you all around campus in April!

Activity Report

04/03/19 – Chat with CAPA president and USASA Postgrad Rep

05/03/19 – Chat with USASA staff re: foodbank proposal

06/03/19 – UniSA Employee Value Proposition – Student Focus Group

07/03/19 – Sexual Assault and Harassment Steering Group

– DE&A committee meeting

– USASA Clubs Welcome Event

13/03/19 – Campus Fair Promo (Popcorn!)

14/03/19 – Welfare Committee Meeting

15/03/19 – Foodbank Bowden Food Hub tour

20/03/19 – Magill Campus Fair

22/03/19 – Mental Health First Aid Training

Upcoming Events

03/04/19 – Magill Activation – Hot Cross Buns

04/04/19 – Meet with EASS division executive

05/04/19 – Welfare Committee meeting

09/04/19 – Formal Inquiry

11/04/19 – USASA Board Meeting


March 2019 – International Students’ Representative Report – Rana

Hello all…

The month of March was hectic.

In March the very first event I attended was clubs welcome at law courtyard, and it was fabulous. Grace and Noah welcomed all the clubs and encouraged all in this new year for exceptional events. After which I was interacting with the club members of various clubs and had a great time. I came to know about a lot of great clubs and their goals for the year.

I am looking forward to being a part of the significant events organised by the clubs. There will be an executive training camp happening in April which unfortunately I can’t be a part of, but I recommend to you all.

Then, Kate Rigall, our Magill Representative helped me very much in discussing the issues about the government working towards contract cheating. And we all worked together to make a press release which addresses that student association can be an essential part to be in the panel of decision making on contract cheating.

Another grand event in March was btw glamorous the campus fair. It was a lot of fun, and it was a pleasure to meet you all on campus fair. Also, I feel blissful to talk to you all and have a great conversation about various topics including the important ones like UniSA+.

The big event in March was the UniSA Career Expo at the Adelaide Convention Centre. I came to know about a lot of the opportunities for graduates and internships. It is also great to see more openings and opportunities for international students.

Lastly, Mawson lakes rep Noah started the Toastie Tuesday from 26th of March at the Hive at Mawson Lakes campus. I feel pleasure to be a part of it, and I insist you all to come to have free toasties on every Tuesday mornings. I am looking forward to seeing you all every Tuesday there.

Helping Noah in Toastie Tuesday…

Apart from the events, I had a few of the meetings and other activities which are listed below:

  • Diversity, Equity and Access committee meeting
  • Education committee handover meeting
  • Finance committee meeting
  • Education committee meeting
  • Board meeting
  • Mental health training Day 1
  • Meeting with Katrina (SEU)
  • Chill out event
  • Meeting with Claire (ASR)
  • Diligent training meeting

The upcoming month is of the same enthusiasm as March. The next events of the April are listed below:

  • Mental Health Training Day 2 – 01/04
  • UniSA Volunteering Expo – 04/04
  • Education Meeting – 05/04
  • Toastie Tuesday – 09/04
  • Student Connect Meeting – 09/04
  • Toastmaster event – 09/04
  • Board Meeting – 11/04
  • Finance Committee Meeting – 11/04
  • Enterprise 25 Presentation – 16/04

City West – March Report – Bridget Barletta

Hey guys,

annnnd it’s March!

March was quite a busy month for me. I attended the USASA board meeting on the 19 of March. This included a presentation by the Student Engagement Unit (SEU) and it was really good to hear how they can be of assistance to students such as help with work experience and leadership opportunities.

I also chaired the first Governance Committee meeting for the year, which focused on setting our goals for the year and welcoming new members to the Committee.

I was fortunate to also sit on some formal enquiry panels at City West. As always, these panels can be particularly emotional, and it just highlighted to me how important our role as USASA reps on that panel can be. It is great to know that a student perspective and voice can be heard in such cases.

Let’s not forget about City West campus fair! What a great day this was.
I volunteered to help man the USASA stall, and it was great to see so many of you coming over for your USASA goodie bags. Fortunately, I was able to have a bit of a look around myself, and enjoyed some of the activities that were on offer. Particularly, the community garden activity (I now own a teeny coridander plant!) and the beeswax wraps! There was an awesome turn out for Clubs, and I hope many of you have now chosen a club or two to join and get involved in.

I also spent a bit of time at the Business School Fair at City west on the 21st March. As a business student myself, I was pretty happy to see the range of information available for business students at this event, plus all the cool free stuff and activities!

So that basically covers the highlights for me in March!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to chat, or have any questions, my email is

Next Month (April):

4 April – Volunteering Expo (CW)

11 April
–  USASA Board Meeting
– Governance Committee Meeting

12 April
– USASA Pac Crawl

15 April
– Enterprise 25 Structure Session


City West Undergrad Report: March

Hi there! March started strongly before I actually needed to do some uni work but we’re now definitely more in the swing of things. 

I was at every day of Campus Fair. The event ran brilliantly as always and USASA staff deserve a lot of credit for their fantastic work running it. I had lots of great conversations with students around student welfare and issues like sexual assault and harassment on campus which will guide a lot of the work I do for the rest of the year, looking to collaborate more with the National Union of Students on their national campaigns to make a difference in the lives of students everywhere. 

I attended the March academic board meeting in place of Harsh, hearing about some important and exciting new initiatives from the University. 

I’ve also continued committee work. I’m now also on the welfare committee, and am the secretary for finance, clubs and education.

I’m also continuing consulting hours, so feel free to drop by and have a chat. 

See you at Pac Crawl!

City East Rep – March Report – Julie Ma

Hello students!

I hope your studies are progressing well.

March has been an eventful month, which started off with the Clubs Welcome Event – a great opportunity for the club executives to meet other clubs executives. In relations to clubs, there is also the executive training camp coming up next month. I just registered for it! Even if you’re a club member or are interested in creating your own clubs – you are most welcome to sign up! There’s lots on offer including workshops related to leadership, event planning and budgeting to help you gain skills to run a successful club.

Campus Fair kicked off at all metro campuses this month. I attended the City West Campus Fair, and loved the vibe and energy of George Street and the visibility of the clubs and services. Look out for more campus events happening!

Both the clubs I am a member of (Finance and Welfare) hosted the first meeting this month. Most of the matters discussed were preliminary items and also followed on from the last committee meeting. The monthly board meeting also took place and we had an informative presentation from the Student Engagement Unit (SEU) about the student support services and their goals and vision for the year in enhancing student experience.

I also attended some workshops and events hosted by USASA clubs. On March 21st, I attended an “How to make your communication count” workshop organised by the ISBS Vietnam Chapter club, and on the 26th, attended a SPICED event held by the Vietnamese Student Society (VSS). I find it fundamental as a representative to engage in the activations the clubs are holding.

A group photo of the attendees and organisers, including the lovely Rosslyn Cox who facilitated the workshop.

Sopor and I also met up, brainstormed and proposed an activation for City East students. We gathered that since it was our first activation of the year, we would do something to make ourselves visible to the students with the opportunity to have informed conversations regarding the campus, what is important to them, and what activations they would like to see. It would also be a valuable opportunity to start gaining some perspectives of the E-25 since it is directly affecting City East as a whole campus, and thus the students who call this campus home. Sopor and I came to a conclusion that we will be hosting a “Meet Your City East Reps” Easter Activation! I submitted the proposal and have already been given the green light (yay – Thanks Daniel!) So, on April 11th, Sopor and I will be at the Basil Hetzel Plaza to hand out chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. Feel free to come visit us between 2:30-5:30pm! We would love to see you there!

Upcoming April Activities:

April 2nd: VSS Activation

April 4th: Welfare Committee Meeting

April 11th: Finance Committee Meeting

April 11th: “Meet your City East Reps” Easter Activation

April 11th: USASA Board Meeting

April 12th: USASA Pac Crawl

April 15th-16th: Club Executive Training Camp

April 16th: Enterprise 25 Structure Session

P/S: My submission got published in the Verse Magazine!!

A short poem I wrote titled “Biology Is Me” in the Verse Magazine Edition 26

Make sure you pick up the Verse Magazine at any USASA student spaces to check out the other great content. Also, submissions are now open for the next edition via this link:

See you next month,


City East UG Rep – March Report – Sopor Tan

Hi everyone,

How has the first half of SP2 been for you? After four weeks back at uni, or the first four weeks of uni for our freshmen, I hope everyone is keeping up well.

For me, during the first week back, I attended the Club Welcoming Party – both as your USASA rep and a club member myself. It was great catching up with fellow board and club members as well as connecting with other clubs. Have you found your flock yet? If not, I highly encourage you to sign up for at least one at the upcoming Campus Fair and Club Fair. The USASA Club has many new offers in store for your club this year. From a free access to marketing materials, a leadership bootcamp, to club grants – you would not want to miss out on these great opportunities.

Then came the second week of uni, I sat in an academic review session and helped out at the City East Campus Fair. It was such a great day out in the Basil Hetzel Plaza with our City Easters. Shout out to those who met and had a chat with me at the USASA booth during the Fair! I’m glad to meet you all and hope you would keep me updated with about your uni experiences at

Our monthly board meeting in the third week, as always, has been a productive one. We got to hear from the Student Engagement Unit (SEU) officers about their services to compliment student life at UniSA. Did you know if you are struggling with finding work experience opportunities or leadership engagements to build up your skills, you may reach out and seek assistance from the SEU? And yes, there are opportunities for us allied health students! So, if you are interested, please drop by the SEU office is on Level 2 of Playford Building. Shall you need more info before reaching out to them, please feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll be more than happy to assist.

Last but not least, to pre-celebrate the upcoming Easter holiday and take an opportunity to meet our City “Easters” again :D, the City East Rep, Julie Ma, will be handing out some goodies at the Basil Hetzel Plaza during the second week of April, so please be on Campus and watch out for Easter baskets! Looking forward to meet you all then!

Upcoming April activities:

April 11th: “Meet your City East Reps” Easters Catch up

April 11th: USASA Board Meeting

April 16th: Enterprise 25 Structure Sessions.

Mawson Lakes Undergraduate Rep Report – Thanusshan Packiyarajah

Hello everyone, First of all I just want to Apology for my late board paper submission. I haven’t done that much for last month with in this short period.

I had a meeting with Daniel and Bridget about the last board meeting Issues. I explained my situation why I couldn’t be able to showing anything during the USASA activations and some sort of events. I was missed the Campus Fair last month because of my busy schedule and I has been informed this to Daniel and Bridget as well.

My free Instant coffee activation got rejected from Daniel because of some reasonable reasons which I couldn’t be able to answer and find out the solutions. My main focus of this activation to provide free coffee for all students but USASA expect more than what I’ve expected. That’s alright.

I am mainly focusing on the importance of student’s placements. I had a meeting with Elizabeth Smith who is our Program Coordinator for Industrial placements and I have explained the situation to her how the students are struggling to get the placements in the real industrial society. I have wrote an email proposal to her as well she forwarded that to the Dean of our department. I am waiting for their reply. Currently am trying to get the feedback letter from Indian, Chinese, Srilankan, Vietnamese and Nepal societies how their students are students are struggling here to find the placements with the small explanations.

Upcoming Month

April 5th – Education Committee Meeting

April 11th – Governance Committee Meeting

April 11th – USASA Board Meeting

April 15th – Enterprise 25 Structure Sessions

Kind Regards,

Thanusshan Packiyarajah

March Rep Report Magill

Hello Again,

March was not as busy as February.

Beginning of the month started Great as, an student representative got chance to do the 1stevent ZOOPER DOOPER at Magill campus along with Kate.

Then was the Clubs Welcome put together by the USASA Staff.

 It gave me a good chance to meet several students from clubs based at Magill and discuss ways we can make life easier for clubs on campus.

As the convenor of the welfare committee I got the chance to hold the 1stmeeting of the year. It was my first time experience as a representative. Hopefully I can successfully run this position and make a positive change.

 More exciting for me this month was the Campus fair, had good time talking with other students.I wore a PAC-man costume to help promote sales to the PAC-Crawl which I am pleased to hear has sold out!

Me and @kateriggall pac crawl costume
Me And @kateriggall at USASA counter on campus fair At magill

Also in the campus Fair there were many different kinds of activities which the students enjoyed and also there was a face paint stall, popularly which was more crowded stall than any other 😉

I also went to the 1stASR meeting for the MBAA course. We met with our program director. The Academic Student Representative Program, or ASR Program for short, is designed to encourage student involvement in the continued improvement and development of the University of South Australia’s teaching and learning outcomes. ASR also have a Facebook page. 

This is all for this month, see you all in PAC CRAWL.

Enjoy your rest of the month

March Activities:-

  • 5th  March Zooper dooper @ Magill 
  • 9th  March clubs welcome
  • 14th  March welfare committee Meeting
  • 15th March school Board meeting @ Magill foe the EASS division.
  • 19th March Usasa board Meeting 
  • 28th March ASR Meeting.

March 2019- Post Graduate Rep Report

Hey guys!

Hope you had a wonderful time at Campus Fair, it was lovely meeting City Easters and I had an amazing time at Mawson Lakes USASA counter.  

March was marvellous, celebrated Women’s day at Adelaide Convention Centre with exceptional leaders and motivators. It was also the month of assignments, please do check out Unisa Counselling if you ever feel the need to reach out to someone. They are highly qualified counsellors and have extensive experience working with university students.

Also, we had our Board meeting and it was great to have Mr. Brendon Hughes, Director: Student Engagement Unit and Carol Grech, Pro Vice Chancellor: Student Engagement and Equity as Guest speakers. We had discussions over enhancing student engagement.

Activity Report:

March 4- Meeting with Natasha (President of CAPA) and Kate Riggall

March 6- Afternoon Tea with Indian Consul Officer

March 13- Campus Fair City East

March 19- Campus Fair Mawson Lakes

March 19- Governance Committee Meeting

March 19- USASA Board Meeting

March 21- UniSA Council Meeting

March 21- Farewell Lunch for Penny Moore

March 21- Meeting withHon John Hill

March 22- Academic Board Meeting

March 22- ISASA Fresher Night

March 26- Toastie Tuesdays

March 26- Formal Academic Review of Progress Meeting

Upcoming month

April 4- Formal Inquiry Meeting

April 4- Unisa Volunteering Expo

April 11- Finance Committee Meeting

April 11- Governance Committee Meeting

April 11- USASA Board Meeting

April 12- USASA Pub Crawl

April 30- Toastie Tuesdays

Also, I’d like to congratulate our graduates who’d be graduating this April, all the best for your future endeavours. Looking forward to USASA Pub Crawl before our mid semester break, relax and get back to university with loads of energy and enthusiasm  

Feel free to contact me through my email:

Whyalla – March Activity Report – Wenona Reddaway-Worth

Hi Everyone,

Hope you have all managed to submit you first lot of assignments, would you believe the teaching break is nearly upon us, hold in there!


My Activity for the Month:

Toastie Tuesday’s:

What a success! Thank-you to everyone who got on board the Toastie Tuesday’s in Whyalla!

It was great to see the USASA lounge absolutely full of students, all enjoying a free feed and conversing before their next classes! The last three weeks have been such a success, and with one more week to go, I have a feeling it will be no different. It has also been great to speak with all fellow student, both new and old to gather their thoughts and suggestions about what they would like to see around the Whyalla campus. Little did I know, we have so many creative students on our hands… something I can’t wait to utilise in the near future!

Exploring the viability of a 2019 Whyalla Pac-Crawl (Continued):

To all the student who have consistently communicated that you would like to give a pub-crawl a shot in Whyalla, I have been listening! I have been busy behind the scenes this month building a strong case, organising a whole heap of fun and hopefully, with a little luck, I will be able to deliver in the very near future! So, watch out for any communications from myself in the near future if this is something you’re keen to get on board with.

With that being said, I have not forgotten all the other suggestions that I have received from student and overly thankful for, safe to say, between the University and USASA where in for a big year at the Whyalla Campus.

Other USASA related activity:

19th March USASA Board Meeting
19th March Toastie Tuesday
26th March Toastie Tuesday
31st March Phone meeting with USASA Events
31st March Meeting with Whyalla Campus General Manager and Student Engagement Officer

Finally, feel free to contact me whenever with any suggestions/concerns/complaints you may have and I’ll be more than happy to address them the best I can.

Kind Regards,

Wenona Reddaway-Worth