December 2016- international student report

Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoyed the season festivities 2016. As my job as USASA international student representative 2016 came to its end, this will be my last post for the year 2016.

I wrote an article for the international uni blog which I will copy-paste here for those who won’t see it on Facebook pages.

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November and December Report

The last couple of months of the year were packed with final assignments, USASA and conferences! Students were going through their final exams, so the Board helped out at our USASA Examinaid shifts, providing students with free pens, calculators and a shoulder to cry on throughout the exam period. USASA looked toward 2017, beginning to map out our events for the year. Continue reading

City West – November Activity Report

Hey everyone!

November was certainly a busy month for me with all my exams, so I wasn’t able to contribute back as much as I liked. It’s something that definitely sucks with having 4 exams every single semester. I’m sure some of you can relate; it feels like 3 weeks of my life just gets trapped in this bubble of exams and it’s all that your world revolves around.
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International Rep – November Activity Report

Hi everyone,

First of all, I would like to wish happy holidays for all those who are done with their exams and final submissions. I have been on holidays for 3 weeks now and all I can say is that holidays do not have the same taste when you are an international student representative.

For those who are being strong enough to read my post, I will make it brief about what I did this month.

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Nick Li – Postgraduate student Rep – October & November Report

Soon it comes to the last quarter of 2016, which means summer is here (or not!) and Christmas is just around the corner, I hope you all had a great year and done well in your study.

I guess it is always stressful by the end of the year for university students as that means the final exam for the year (at least for normal entry students). During the exam period USASA has hosted its Examin-aid counter once again, to assist and support students who attended to their examination in Adelaide Showground by loaning out calculators and rulers to whose in need, giving out freebies such as pen, pencils and jellybeans, or by a simple ‘good luck with your exam!’. The counter was so popular that we ran out of jelly beans! I hope our warm wishes and efforts can give you that final push on top of your hardworking to be successful in your exam.

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BYE BYE 2016 – Whyalla Campus

On the 26th November, 2016 we gathered together at the Eyre Hotel to acknowledge the year we had and HUGE Congratulations to all those who completed their studies through whatever challenges you may have faced, no matter what year or subject area, Congratulations to Foundation Students who had the courage to enter the University sector working hard to achieve something incredible. Congratulations to all those graduating in 2017, (including Alex Robinson, former USASA rep and loyal supporter of Uni events) hope you all enjoyed your Uni experience in Whyalla.

We farewell the Student Experience Ambassador position which Michelle Fay has worked so tirelessly in and welcome a new concept of a student leadership group encouraging students from different disciplines to come together and plan and run events for 2017.

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Activity Report-Sepember & October

Hello everyone, it seems like been a long time as City West student Rep and only have two months left for all of you. I will continue support all the students with any helps needed.

During Sepember and October, I had been enrolled in study tour courses to go overseas. I went to China to learn ‘Business in China’ courses with BiMBA of Peking University. This is a excited experience for me to study these courses with MBA students. As a Chinese, this study tour freshed me with new experiences and understanding about China. I must thank you for the University provides this great opportunity to all of management students and fantastic study tour experiences for all of us. If you are interesting to the Study Tour or any overseas study opportunties please contact Student Mobility Office 08 8302 0903 or you can email to for any equiries.

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