Postgrad report September

Hello all,

I won’t say too much about my activities this month as I’m currently on sick leave, but they have mainly been focused around the merger discussions, and discussing future directions for the policy review steering group as we move toward a proactive approach to preventing sexual violence at UniSA. If you have any questions or would like to know more please feel free to contact me at or on our postgrad facebook page.

Activity Report

12/09/18 – Policy Review Steering Group Meeting

19/09/18 – USASA 2019 events planning meeting

21/09/18 – Meeting with Jordan Mumford (President)

21/09/18 – USASA meeting with David Lloyd (UniSA Vice Chancellor + President)

25/09/18 – Diversity, Equity and Access Committee Meeting

28/09/18 – UniSA Council Meeting

Upcoming Events

12/10/18 – UniSA Council Meeting

16/10/18 – USASA Board Meeting

23/10/18 – Diversity, Equity, and Access Committee Meeting – TBC

22/10/18 – UniSA Council Meeting

25/10/18 – UniSA Council Meeting

25/10/18 – Annual UniSA Council Dinner



September 2018 – President’s Report

Hi everyone!
This month has been one of my busiest months of the year. It was so important that we got our initial consultation with students about the potential merger between the University of Adelaide and UniSA right, and the USASA team has been working tirelessly to ensure students have a strong say in the process.
 To top it off, we’ve also just approved our Strategic Plan to set the strategic direction of the organisation through to 2021. It really is an exciting time to be involved with USASA and I’m looking forward to seeing USASA continue to go from strength to strength.

Now onto what I’ve been up to this month:

Strategic Plan
After extensive consultation with students and staff, the USASA 2018-2021 Strategic Plan was approved by the Board at the last meeting. This Strategic Plan will see a renewed focus on student representation at UnISA. We understand that student representation must move beyond the elected USASA representatives, and this strategic plan lays out a vision to embed the student voice at every level of the University, and to work with the University to achieve prolific student representation. It also lays out USASA’s plans to work with the University to establish a USASA-managed University-wide Academic Student Representation (ASR) program by 2021.
I am also proud that our Strategic Plan lays out our intent to work with the Union of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students (UATSIS) to develop an Indigenous Strategy, to ensure USASA can support the engagement and participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at UniSA through the recognition of, and respect for, Aboriginal knowledge and culture. This strategy will include both external measures such as consideration of event and service design, as well as internal measures such as improving hiring and cultural support practices within USASA itself.
The plan also sees USASA maintain its commitment to student welfare through an array of improved and new offerings. There is intent to expand the Academic Advocacy service to support UniSA Online students, a new Financial Counselling and Emergency Grants program, as well as intent to introduce a peer-mentor language support program.
This Strategic Plan puts students front and centre. I am proud to have worked alongside the USASA Board as well as the staff to achieve such an exciting plan for USASA’s next few years.

Merger Discussion

It has also been great to speak to so many students across all 6 UniSA campuses this month about the potential merger between the University of South Australia and the University of Adelaide.
On the 21st of September the USASA Board made a submission on behalf of UniSA students to the Nous Group submission portal as well as directly to the Vice-Chancellor David Lloyd. We received submissions from over 1000 UniSA students, and if you’d like to read the submission we made, you can do so here.
On the 21st of September the USASA Board met with David Lloyd to discuss students feedback about the merger process thus far, and particularly pressed the perceived lack of information from the University and lack of opportunity to engage on this issue. I am pleased that as a result of our advocacy, the University has committed to town hall meetings with students so you will have a chance to speak to the Vice-Chancellor directly about the potential merger.
Me presenting USASA’s submission on behalf of UniSA students to the Vice-Chancellor David Lloyd.

Other things I’ve done this month:

  • 03/09/18 – Merger Listening Session with Georgina Gogel (USASA Mount Gambier Rep)
  • 04/09/18 – Meeting with Tegan Jardine (USASA Club Support Officer) and Paul Havelberg (UniSA Whyalla Regional Manager) to discuss Whyalla social club
  • 04/09/18 – Merger Listening Session at Whyalla Campus
  • 05/09/18 – Interview with Henry Coard about Merger
  • 06/09/18 – Merger Listening Session with Natansh Modi (USASA City East Rep)
  • 07/09/18 – Finance Committee Meeting
  • 10/09/18 – Merger Listening Session with Sneha Manimurugan (USASA Mawson Lakes Undergraduate Rep) and Grace Dixon (USASA Mawson Lakes Rep)
  • 11/09/18 – Student Engagement Advisory Group Meeting
  • 12/09/18 – Policy Review Steering Group Meeting
  • 14/09/18 – Student Engagement Advisory Group Meeting
  • 17/09/18 – Club Award Selection Meeting with Tegan Jardine
  • 18/09/18 – Magill Merger Town Hall with Daniel Randell (USASA GM)
  • 18/09/18 – Finance Committee Meeting
  • 18/09/18 – USASA Board Meeting
  • 19/09/18 – Meeting with Laura-Anne Bull (PVC: Student Engagement & Equity) and Daniel Randell (USASA GM)
  • 21/09/18 – Meeting with Iacovos Digenis (AUU President) to discuss Joint Working Group proposal
  • 21/09/18 – Meeting with Nick Anderson (Board Finance Advisor), Arthur Siow (Board Legal Advisor), and Daniel Randell (USASA GM)
  • 21/09/18 – Meeting with Kate Rigall (Postgrad Rep)
  • 21/09/18 – USASA meeting with David Lloyd (UniSA Vice Chancellor + President)
  • 25/09/18 – USASA Diversity, Equity, and Access Committee
  • 26/09/18 – Clubs Committee Meeting
  • 29/09/18 – UniSA Council Meeting
  • 28/09/18 – Education Committee Meeting
  • 28/09/18 – Academic Board Meeting

What I’m up to next month:

Student Elections

Late October will see the USASA Board elections take place and you’ll get to decide who represents you on the Board next year. USASA will be hosting Q&A events with election candidates to make sure to come along to those events and ask the tough questions of those who are seeking to represent you in 2019.
Good luck to all of the candidates, and congratulations to those who have been elected unopposed.

Other things I’m up to next month:

  • 03/10/18 – UQ Staff – Student Partnerships Showcase
  • 04/10/18 – Magill Candidate Q&A
  • 04/10/18 – Meeting with Matt Boughey (UoA SRC President) and Linda Matthews (Chair of St Mark’s College Board)
  • 09/10/18 – Welfare Committee Meeting
  • 09/10/18 – Finance Committee Meeting
  • 10/10/18 – Mawson Lakes + Postgraduate Candidate Q&A
  • 11/10/18 – Orientation Advisory Group Meeting
  • 11/10/18 – City East + International Candidate Q&A
  • 12/10/18 – UniSA Council Meeting
  • 12/10/18 – USASA Club Awards Night
  • 16/10/18 – Governance Committee Meeting
  • 16/10/18 – USASA Board Meeting
  • 18/10/18 – City West + President Candidate Q&A
  • 23/10/18 – Diversity, Equity, and Access Committee Meeting
  • 24/10/18 – Clubs Committee Meeting
  • 25/10/18 – UniSA Council Meeting
  • 26/10/18 – Education Committee Meeting
  • 27/10/18 – Academic Board Meeting

That’s all for now. If in the meantime you’d like to get in contact for any reason, feel free to send me an email at

September-October Board report

Hi everyone,

This last month woo what a month. I hope everyone had a lovely break and finding their uni work productive.

Diversity, equity and accessibility committee was great. Having a nice talk about the new USASA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander strategy was amazing and getting started with that is  one of the best feelings.

I was very pleased to sit in my first Education Committee. This committee is so amazing with all the work that they do I wish I could have been sitting in this committee from the beginning.

Academic board. Was great this month and the presentation given by Irene Watson on the newly Launched Reconciliation Action Plan was just truly invigorating. A copy of the RAP can be found here.

To round off the month I attended, two academic integrity meetings, one academic appeal committee initial meeting and lastly This Friday the USASA clubs award night is happening and I am pumped.



City East UG Rep – September report

Hi there,

As we are drawing closer to the exam now, I hope everyone is keeping well for the finals. Don’t forget to take care of your health – mentally and physically 🙂

In September, despite the break, I’d been running around quite a bit for my coursework, and of course, with USASA! It was a productive month after all. During the second week of the break, I attend the USASA Event Brainstorming session with other USASA board members and staffs. How exciting it is, USASA already had an event calendar planned out for 2019! Not to spoil the fun, I will leave it to you all to watch the space for great events rolling out.

Another highlight of the month was our meeting with the Vice Chancellor (VC), who kindly took time talking to us about the merger and answering our queries. If you have yet to engage in the merger discussion and/or would like to express thoughts, concerns, or queries, do not panic, please feel free to flick them through to us anytime.

Last but not least, the education committee meeting was also a fruitful one. We had received updates about the USASA Strategic Planning and more conversation around non-negotiable factors that UniSA students would like to put in place regarding the merger.

That’s all from me for September.




Mawson Lakes Rep – September

Hello again everybody,

Hope you all enjoyed your  mid-semester break. Once again I was jumping between states throughout September. 

Since being back in Adelaide I have continued to attend the usual array of academic inquiries, academic board meeting, welfare/education/ and finance committee meetings, as well as UniTopia SP5 planning committee meetings to bring you all another fun and enjoyable day of uni.


  • 4th – Academic Review Pre-liminary (Mawson Lakes)
  • 11th – Formal Inquiry (City West)
  • 12th – UniTopia SP5 Committee Meeting
  • 18th – Finance Committee Meeting
  • 18th – USASA Board Meeting
  • 19th – Academic Review Interviews (Mawson Lakes)
  • 21st – USASA Board Meeting with PRV David Lloyd (Via – Phone)
  • 28th – USASA Education Committee Meeting
  • 28th – ACADEMIC BOARD Meeting (City West)


Coming up in October so far:

  • 2nd – UniTopia Volunteer Brief and Care Package
  • 5th – Toastie Activation (Mawson Lakes)
  • 9th – Academic Review Panel (Mawson Lakes)
  • 9th – Finance Committee Meeting
  • 10th/11th – Academic Integrity Inquiries (Mawson Lakes)
  • 12th – Clubs Awards Night
  • 16th – USASA Board Meeting
  • 18th – USASA President Candidate Q&A Session (City West)

Until next month, stay safe – look after yourself and your friends and feel free to get in contact with me with any suggestions/concerns/complaints at anytime and i’ll be more than happy to address them the best I can.

Kindest Regards,

Grace Dixon

City West – September 2018 Report – Bridget

Hello world,

I can’t believe it is October, and therefore time for a September board report!

September has been a busy month study wise, as many other business school students can confirm. I hope everyone had a productive study break, with time to finish assignments but also to take some much needed time off to spend with friends & family, or even just with Netflix and some ice-cream.

This month USASA-wise I attended the board meeting on the 18th where we spoke about USASA’s strategic plan. We also reviewed the university merger process, and specifically focusing on the feedback we received from students about their current thoughts and feelings. Next steps, with both the merger and the strategic plan were discussed by the board, reflecting on what students need USASA to be in a time of change.

Next month I hope to meet again with the Board and the Committees to discuss what we can achieve in the last few months of the university year. With a new City West rep to work with, I hope to be able to interact with more students on campus as we near the end of the year.

For now, that’s all. Please contact me if you want to chat or have any questions. My email is

Next Month:

USASA board meeting
Governance Committee Meeting
TBA – Unite Workshop

Mount Gambier – September 2018 Activity Report – Georgina Gogel 

During September I was lucky enough to be asked to talk at the SACE Aboriginal Pathways Conference at the UniSA Mount Gambier campus. I was able to chat to high school students about the numerous opportunities available after completing school and starting university studies, as well as what USASA can provide for them and how they can support them through their studies. 

Jordan Mumford, the president of USASA, also flew to Mount Gambier for the day to chat with myself and students about the Merger of UniSA and UoA. We were also able to collect more completed surveys. 

On the 12th I participated in the Social Club’s first meeting as they nominated and voted for their president, secretary and treasurer roles. 

The 18th and 19th I was found running around Adelaide at the monthly USASA board meeting, and also at the USASA Events Planning meeting the following day. 

Another Social Club meeting was held on the 20th, where I was present to listen to ideas and answer any questions the new group may have had. 

Throughout the busy month, I was able to keep up with the duties of a typical USASA representative while also finding the time to enjoy the sunshine that snuck out during the month of September. 


Any questions or concerns, you know where to find me: 


Upcoming Activities: 

4th October – UniSA Mount Gambier – Social Club Meeting 

5th October – UniSA Mount Gambier Movie Night 

10th October – UniTopia 

16th October – USASA Board meeting

Mawson Lakes September report- Sneha M

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a productive teaching break!

September has been a hectic month for USASA. On the 10th of September, we had our merger discussion exercise at the Mawson Lakes campus. It was interesting talking to students and listening to their opinions on whether this merger should go through, and whether it will be of benefit to the student community and the university at large. Students at Mawson Lakes were generally supportive of the merger and felt that combining resources and manpower between Adelaide and UniSA will enhance learning experiences of the students.

On the 18th, we had our board meeting. The strategic plan for USASA for the next 3 years was presented. More resources and ideas have been set aside to target student leadership, student support and the student community. Club executives especially will be given numerous opportunities to attend workshops and camps to hone their leadership skills. USASA will also commit to identifying more leadership opportunities within the community and promoting those to students. To improve campus culture and build a sense of community for the students, USASA plans to deliver several new initiatives such as cross-club networking events, a mid-year social event, an expanded club awards program, an increase in training and professional development support. So, keep a lookout for all these!

On the 26th, we had our clubs committee meeting. We discussed the leadership camp that is to be conducted for 50 club executives next year. Many thoughts and ideas were generated around the itinerary of the camp. Updates about on-campus club activations that happened in SP5 were also given.

That is all from me for now. Wish you all the best for the rest of your SP5 and if you are attending the club awards night on the 12th of October, I will see you there! 😊

City East September Board Report

Hey all, I hope everyone had a nice reboot throughout the study break before getting into the final stretch of the sp5 study period.

This month was quite busy for me. I attended the academic review at city east, formal inquiry at city west, finance committee, clubs committee, Merger discussion with the VC and the Board Meeting.

The academic review was held across two days at city east to review the performances of certain students and discuss in the committee what to do with them. It is always good to see the supportive behavior of staff members towards the students being reviewed and due diligence made to ensure all correct steps are followed at the expense of time. Formal inquiry was more of the same as well with appropriate steps taken by the university to ensure it is a comfortable environment for the student in question.

At the finance committee, again the financial statements were reviewed and a portfolio update was given to us by perpetual fund to see the status of the USASA’s investment. At the clubs committee discussion was more based around next years planning of the club’s executive retreat and how it would look like. The committee were able to reach consensus on most aspects of the retreat, with other issues being discussed in the future meetings.

At the Board meeting, the president unveiled the USASA’s survey into the Merger Discussions and most of the board meeting was spent talking about the survey. The general manager also updated about the USASA’s strategic plan that has been in the works for a while and sets up the vision of the association for the coming years. We also had a merger discussion with the vice chancellor and updated him about the USASA survey and recommendations flowing on from the survey.

That is all from me for this month!



Wake me up when September ends!

Greetings reader, if you’ve had a great September that at least makes one of us. I haven’t had a great one due to a bit of illness I’ve been battling, but I’ll be back up and running again before you can say don’t close Magill Jack Robinson.

When I wasn’t coughing up blood and getting heckled by Bogans at the footy in Perth I continued to do my best to contribute to the USASA cause in a number of ways.

Firstly, after a number of students had raised the issue with me I got in contact with Damian from FM Assist to raise the possibility of leaving the Magill Campus B/C building upstairs corridors open afterhours. Previously these had been close off after 7pm resulting in students having to exit the building and walk alone in the cold by themselves late at night to get access to the Computer Labs from the Library. I asked that for reasons of safety and convenience that the corridors be kept open and I am pleased to report that this has now been granted. Yay!

Secondly, I can also confirm that USASA will be phasing out its use of polystyrene cups in favour of bi-degradable ones effective immediately. This came as a direct result of a student putting a suggestion in the Suggestion Box at the Magill Counters which I then took to Welfare Committee. After Daniel (GM) looked into the financial side of it, it was given the green light and the Student Board approved the recommendations. I would like to give a big thank you to the student who raised this as well as Daniel and Grace (Welfare Committee convener). Yay for the environment!

Thirdly I wrote a letter to the PVC for Student Engagement and Equity Dr Laura-Anne Bull on behalf of the Education Committee regarding the committee’s review into the MyCourseExperience forms at UniSA. This letter included four recommendations regarding ways the committee felt the MyCourseExperience could be improved. Dr Bull met with Provost and Chief Academic Officer Professor Allan Evans to discuss these recommendations with him and we will hear back from the University regarding our recommendations next month when the Academic Strategy Group meets. I am quietly optimistic about a positive outcome for students here.

Speaking of Education Committee, we met this month as usual and it went well. Daniel did a presentation to the committee on the role of the Education Committee in USASA’s new strategic plan for 2018-2021. I am very pleased to hear that the committee will have an expanded role and more resources directed to it in future years, hopefully making next year’s Education Committee conveners’ job a lot easier.

In addition to these activities I also sat on a Formal Inquiry in School of Management as well as Academic Reviews in the Division of EASS.

Finally I would like to welcome Tom Gilchrist aboard as the new Magill Student Undergrad Rep who will sit on the board for the remainder of this year as Surabhi’s replacement.

PS: Goodwork to those who did City to Bay with UniSA Sport. Hopefully next year we can get a USASA team running in it, something Welfare Committee had hoped to do this year.


What I did this month?

September 16 –UniSA Sport City to Bay (initially something USASA hoped to do as a group)
September 17 –Division of EASS Academic Reviews
September 18 –USASA Board Meeting
September 19 –USASA Events Brainstorming for 2019
September 19 –School of Management Formal Inquiry
September 26 –Clubs Committee Meeting (phone-in)
September 28 –Convened Education Committee Meeting
September 28 –Academic Board Meeting