Aboriginal & Torres Islander Rep: September Activity Report.

Hi all,

I hope everyone is doing well & enjoyed the teaching break over the last two weeks & that we are all refreshed & ready to complete final mile of this semester :o). I have been a little busy over the past month doing a variety of different things.

4th.09.17 ->

On the 4th I had the pleasure of catching up with the lovely Sophie Murray. For those who aren’t aware Sophie Murray is Academic support officer for indigenous students in city west campus and Sophie is previous Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Representative. Sophie is an amazing person, she is super supportive and friendly. Love her character! She met with me to coach me in this role as a student representative as well as discussing future plans for indigenous students. Such events include a movie night for the city west student unit. I just wanted to say thank you Sophie for mentoring me!

5th.09.17 ->

I was studying in the City West Wirringka Student Services and I was speaking a fellow indigenous student, unfortunately she is having some struggles with uni life and her personal life. Her problems ranged from not being to find a job, not really enjoying her degree to coping with unsupportive parents. After speaking with me, I mentioned a couple of potential mechanisms that are available to her as a indigenous student. These are the different options I mentioned to her which may work for you, if you are struggling and are in need of support:

  • Google: Wirringka Student Services -> this website has the appropriate links for tutoring assistance, scholarships and grants available.
  • Campus Central
  • Your home campus Aboriginal Student Engagement Officer are always available to talk to you. These are the contact details for each campus. City West telephone: (08) 8302 0121, City East telephone: (08) 8302 2316, Magill telephone: (08) 8302 4691, Mawson Lakes telephone: (08) 8302 5303, Mount Gambier telephone: (08) 8302 8907 or regional telephone: (08) 8722 8907, Whyalla/Port Augusta/ Por Lincoln/ Ceduna telephone: (08) 8302 6179
  • If you continuous financial support, I highly recommend seeking help through Centrelink (visit local centre or research online) or campus central.


8th.09.17 ->

I’m involved as a student in the ATP (Aboriginal Tutoring Program), and I was being tutored and I asked my tutor for some ideas on what to raise money for. My tutor is amazing her name is Sarah (former pharmacy student). We collectively came up with supporting the red dust foundation, which we both hold vary dear. We are thinking of a midday movie and cupcakes to help raise money for the red dust foundation.

16th.09.17 & continuing->

The Mawson Lakes wirrringka student services unit is currently being renovated YAY!

17th.09.17 ->

I participated in the city to bay with my mum doing the 12KM walk. My mum is a former UniSA indigenous student, she studied Visual Arts majoring in photography at City West campus. This was my first time doing the city to bay walk, and boy, I didn’t know realise how hard it is!! I could not walk straight for 3 days!!

18th.09.17 – 3rd.09.17 -> TEACHING BREAK!!!

I hope everyone used their time wisely to catch up as best as they can before exams . But in saying that I also hope that you guys also got a chance to take a little break to rest.


Cheers to making over half way study period 5.

Enjoy your October, kind regards,

Jordy :o)






September International Rep Report- Luke LE

Hi everyone,

September has been a super busy month for me as I helped run logistic management and performance management for an event with Vietnamese International Students in Adelaide (VISA). Vietfest, a Vietnamese cultural fair, was held at Light Square showcasing Vietnamese folk games, traditional cuisine and an unforgettable performance night on the 23th of September. It was touching to see hard works of 95 people over 6 months of preparation were successfully put together. We had a massive celebration at the end of the night.




Anyway, let’s go back to my USASA commitment.

On the 7th of September, I received my training for academic review and formal inquiry. It is essential to have student representation on those panel in order to provide student perspectives and ensure the outcomes of those meetings are fair and just. I took my first formal inquiry on the 18th of September. It was interesting to see how the panel makes decisions and it was amazing to have a voice on the it. The panel, which consists of academic staff, was extremely professional and considerate. We all came in agreement for the decision made for that student and we believed that decision was best for student and best for the University.

On the 28th of September, Kayla, Ryan K. and I had a meeting with Stephen Boyle, Dean of Academic at Business School. We discussed Academic Integrity issues. Dr. Boyle was extremely passionate and proactive in improving teaching quality and student experience at our University.

What I am planning to do this month:

17/10: Formal Inquiry

I wish everyone to have a successful last term of the year. That’s it! Bye for now!



Hi everyone,

Welcome back from the holidays! Hope you all had an amazing break from your studies!  I hope everyone had fun watching the Grand Finals – even if your team did not achieve your desired results. Throughout the month of September, USASA has been focused on several projects. I’ve been involved in discussions around policies in the Governance committee, as well as the other projects – which I hope to update you guys with soon.

Breakky Bar in September was particularly interesting. Mainly because for one week,  the turnout was unexpectedly higher than normal and also because I ran it by myself. I have to say it was no easy task but I was happy to see everyone coming down and having a fun time and some, in fact, many of you took the time to have a chat with me. Sadly most of the food was gone within the first hour, so do drop by sooner rather than later!
Here are some images from the Breakky Bar in a slideshow;

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This month is filled with activities, from Unitopia to the Haloween Party!


You can get your tickets and more information here; http://usasa.sa.edu.au/halloween
See you there!!!


UniTopia is back! Drop by for a range of different activities to help you feel more relaxed than ever before! The best part of all, you get to pat cute lil doggies!!!!!
There’s even a Zen zone and Health Check-up Zone!
This year, the Women’s committee will be setting up a responsible sex tea-bar as well! Do drop by and say hello or even for a quick chat and a cuppa tea!
Did I mention there’ll be cute lil doggies too?


You can get more information here; http://usasa.sa.edu.au/UniTopia
See you there!!!

The award-winning Verse Magazine is recruiting for a new editorial team for 2018!
if you haven’t already picked one up, publications can be found across campuses & they make for a very interesting and informative read!
If you are interested, drop by the link below and apply! Be quick though, applications close soon!


More information at http://usasa.sa.edu.au/verse

Check out other events happening around campuses at http://usasa.sa.edu.au/events

Things I’ve been up to:

  • Brekky Bar – 30/08/17
  • Brekky Bar – 06/09/17
  • Formal Inquiry / Academic Review Training – 07/09/17
  • Brekky Bar – 13/09/17
  • USASA Board Meeting 04/09/17
  • Governance Board meeting – 04/10/17

Things I’ve got planned for next month:

  • Brekky Bar – 04/10/17
  • Academic Review Meeting – 05/10/17
  • USASA Board Meeting – 09/10/17
  • Governance Board meeting – 09/10/17
  • Brekky Bar – 11/10/17
  • UniTopia Mawson Lakes – 17/10/17
  • Brekky Bar – 18/10/17
  • Academic Review Meeting – 19/10/17

If you are having issues with academic problems/misconduct, contact the Advocacy team and they might be able to assist you! They will provide you with confidential advice on a series of academic misconduct issues. 
More information at https://usasa.sa.edu.au/advocacy


That’s all for now, if you see me on campus then come and say howdy! In the meantime, if you have any issues or concerns feel free to send me an email on uthjy001@mymail.unisa.edu




September City West Rep Report – Zahra

Hi everyone,

I hope those who had a study break had a chance to get some rest from the busy uni life.

September was my first official month being a Student Rep for City West. With the first month came many first experiences and first meetings, these included the USASA September Board Meeting, Education Committee Meeting, training for Formal Inquiry/Academic Review meetings and for the first time being a part of the Business School Formal Inquiry.

Though sitting on a formal inquiry is not too exciting and can be overwhelming, it comes with the role of a student representative, to be a voice for the students at UniSA when they need it most i.e. when they’re facing an issue regarding their studies.

On a brighter note, the Board Meeting was a great opportunity to meet others involved with USASA, including most of the other USASA Student Reps. And the Education Committee is working hard to find strategies to improve education and student representation.

September’s Highlights:

  • 1/9 Meeting the Marketing Team of USASA
  • 4/9 USASA Board Meeting
  • 6/9 Education Committee Meeting
  • 7/9 Formal Inquiry/Academic Review Training
  • 14/9 Business School Formal Inquiry

October’s Planned Activities:

  • 4/10 Winter School Focus Group – Business School
  • 5/10 Education Committee Meeting
  • 9/10 USASA Board Meeting
  • 24/10 Business School Formal Inquiry 1
  • 24/10 Business School Formal Inquiry 2


Mt Gambier Student rep report for October – Julie Baum

Hey everyone,

Well it’s back to Uni we go from tomorrow, I can’t believe we are about to begin the 2nd half of SP5 this year has gone amazingly fast.  The last 2 months have been especially busy for me as I work toward completing my final (long 13 week) placement.

Not much has happened in the last month on campus, unfortunately we had to cancel out planned Winery tour as we could not get enough participants, sometimes these things just happen and you have to just keep planning for the next thing.

We are now in the throws of preparing for our next vote for next years USASA student rep, I honestly hope we get interest in this program and that we have a successful candidate take up the role and keep momentum going for USASA on our campus.

We kick of our first day back tomorrow with a BBQ lunch for everyone, Yeh!!!

I am in the process of organizing our next Unitopia for October with a plan for yummy food, massages and adopting a plant.

I hope to catch up withstudetns over the coming weeks and check in to seehow everyone is doing, see you all agin next mont.


September 2017 – Mawson Lakes Rep

Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a great break from study, and are enthusiastic about seeing out the rest of the year. Throughout the month of September, USASA has been focused on several projects. I’ve been involved in discussions around the future of Brekky Bar, as well as the establishment of an emergency grants scheme. I will hopefully have more to say on these developments in the coming months.

Now onto what I’ve been up this month:

AHRC Survey Forum –
On the 5th of September, I attended the Responding to the Australian Human Rights Commission Survey Report Forum, which featured USASA President Kayla Dickeson, Vice Chancellor David Lloyd, Founder of EROC Australia Sharna Bremmer, Yarrow Place Representative Sophie, as well as Manager of Counselling at UniSA Narelle Lietschke. It was a great discussion, and while the University has committed to accepting the recommendations of the report in full, there is much more work to do in space.

Student Housing Survey – 
As part of a nation-wide project, the National Union of Students (NUS) and Anglicare Australia are trying to learn more about student housing and rental affordability. On the 7th of September, I, as well as Kayla Dickeson, and NUS Welfare Officer – Jill Molloy, spoke to students about the housing survey and encouraged them to participate. If you’d like to get involved you can complete the survey here.

Other things I’ve been up to:

  • Brekky Bar – 30/08/17
  • USASA Board Meeting 04/09/17
  • Welfare Committee Meeting – 28/09/17

Things I’ve got planned for next month:

  • Brekky Bar – 04/10/17
  • USASA Board Meeting – 09/10/17
  • UniTopia City West – 10/10/17
  • Brekky Bar – 11/10/17
  • UniTopia Mawson Lakes – 17/10/17
  • Brekky Bar – 18/10/17
  • Academic Review Meeting – 20/10/17
  • Academic Board Meeting – 27/10/17
  • Welfare Committee Meeting – TBA
  • Club Committee Meeting – TBA

That’s all for now, if you see me on campus then come and say hey! In the meantime if you have any issues or concerns feel free to send me an email on mumjp001@mymail.unisa.edu

September Board Report

Hi everyone,

This month has been a quiet one for me, particularly because I’ve been away on clinical placements for all of September and will be for the first few weeks of October.

At end of last month, we had the monthly student catch-ups at the Playford building-it’s always good to hear feedback on how we can help you.

On the 16th of September, there was the Marriage Equality Rally. We along with thousands of others gathered outside of Parliament house to rally for YES for marriage equality. We heard from a number of inspiring speakers and we marched towards Victoria Square to show our support!

The monthly USASA meeting, finance committee meeting and welfare committee meeting all happened as per normal, with Natansh as the convenor for the WCOM as I was not able to make it due to clashes with my placement. As I am aware, the Brekky Bar was a topic of discussion as well as a new idea of an Emergency Grants program, possibly rolling out next yrar.

On the 17th of October, we will be having a BBQ at City East. Natansh and I will be there, so if you’re at City East that day come along and grab a sausage sizzle!

Next up:

Board Meeting 9th October



BBQ at City East

September City East Report

Hey all,
September was yet again another very busy month. I attended the board meeting early in the month where the major discussion point was an in-camera item which i cannot discuss. At the board meeting i gave my official report-back regarding the Education conference and highlighted the important role NUS plays in developing student leaders skills.

At the clubs committee we discussed about the Clubs strategic plan and are in process of finalising the strategic plan for 2018-2020. It will be exciting to see it rolled out next year. Clubs stand to benefit alot from this USASA initiative.

This month’s welfare committee was organised by me. We delved into more details regarding the future of brekky bar. The committee members are working very hard to find a sustainable solution for brekky bar. We also discussed the possibility of rolling out the Emergency Grants program from next year.

The Finance committee this month voted to relax some of the constraints which were negatively impacting the financial capabilities of the Association.

I also attended 2 Formal inquiries in the School of Business this month. The outcomes of those inquiries were very fair towards the students involved as the committee members deliberated at every possible option before choosing the best option.

That is all from me!