City East – February Activity Report – Timothy Pham

Hi everyone!

How is your first few weeks in uni? I hope you are enjoying it so far and have made new friends. Have you for your new USASA diary yet? It is very useful, believe me! ((:


Now onto what I’ve been up to this month:
Asian Youth Leaders Travel & Learning Camp (AYLTLC)

I have been attending the Asian Youth Leaders Travel and Learning Camp (AYLTLC) in Singapore from 22/02 to 27/02. It was a very good opportunity for me to meet other student leaders in the Asia region, strengthen the leadership skills and expand my networking. If you have time, I would recommend you to join this camp!

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February-Mid March 2018 Board Report. ATSI Representative

Hello, Hello, Hello;

Welcome back everybody and I hope you have a great first two weeks back to university. I will also love to welcome all new students and hope you enjoy your university experience.

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City East – January Activity Report – Timothy Pham

Hi everyone!

It is my honour to be elected as your 2018 USASA City East Undergraduate Representative. I have been studying in our university for the last few years and I can’t wait to work with you to improve our student experience, especially for City East students.

Now onto what I’ve been up to this month:
As January is still on holiday, I have been overseas to many countries to take some short exchange programmes as well as teaching maths and English to the kids.

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February/March 2018 – Postgrad Rep Report

Hello again!

Now that the semester is in full swing, I hope you are all keeping on top of your studies as well as taking the time to look after yourselves. If you need to adjust your course load, remember that Census date is between the 26th and 31st of March, depending on your course. Before you do so, remember that there are plenty of people here to help  you if you are still finding your feet: check out UniSA’s student support services here.

I’ve had a chance to meet some of you already this year at research orientation events and at Campus Fair, but for those I haven’t, especially our coursework students, please say ‘hi’ on the UniSA Postgrads Facebook page.  I’ve made this page for postgrad students to make friends, share ideas and let me know what they want from USASA this year. Please share it with any other postgrad students you know so we can all be in the loop.

facebook group

Settling in can be particularly challenging for those of us who have recently arrived in Australia, particulary if we’ve brought family with us. If this is you, the UniSA Business School is offering a program to help you out and connect you with other new UniSA international families!

Family Support Program


Abid, Quihua, Sneha and myself were invited to the Carnegie Mellon University (Adelaide Campus) International Night, which was a lovely and vibrant event, and we look forward to a continuing relationship with their student rep team. I also enjoyed our USASA Clubs Welcome Back BBQ, and was excited to see how motivated our club execs are and what great events they are putting on for students!

This month has been an intense and challenging, but very fulfilling one. I attended my first University Council meeting, after an induction from the Chancellor. The Council members were very welcoming and I look forward to representing students as the university sets it’s vision for the years ahead. I attended a Formal Inquiry, and saw the vital work the USASA Advocacy team does in supporting students through this process.

I also attended meetings regarding the UniSA Sexual Assault Policy Review, a challenging but vital process which will be ongoing throughout the year. I am encouraged so far by the Project Group’s committment and approach to the issue, but I will continue to ensure that the university takes responsibility for this issue and addresses in an accountable and evidence-based manner. I have submitted a discussion paper and will be preparing a report for the USASA board to inform our potential involvement with this process.

Keep up the good work everyone, and remember; slow and steady wins the race!

Activity Report

09/02/18 – CMU International Night


That the board consider ways to build relationships with other student representative groups e.g. joint events, particularly where this may allow us to pool resources to create events tailored to certain student groups including postgrads and international students.

06/02/18 – USASA Board Meeting

13/02/18 – Introductory Meeting with Chancellor

14/02/18 – University Council Meeting

19/02/18 – UniSA Sexual Assault Policy Review Steering Group meeting

20/02/18 – Attended Research Degree Orientation Day

21/02/18 – Attended DVCRI town hall

27/02/18 – Introduced myself to HDR students at Flying Start Seminar and created UniSA Postgrads Facebook page


That USASA try to have a video introduction for cross campus representatives ready for orientation events next year and ask the uni to make organisers aware of it.

That all reps please try to share the page with any postgrad students they engage with, as it is a convenient way for them to communicate with me about their ideas and concerns.

28/02/18 – Formal Inquiry

01/03/18 – USASA Clubs Welcome Back BBQ

06/03/18 – Campus Fair Magill

08/03/18 – Women’s Committee Meeting

09/03/18 – UniSA Sexual Assault Policy Review meeting re: USASA involvement

12/03/18 – Prepared a discussion paper for the board on the above

Ongoing – Reviewing evidence for efficacy of Campus Events for primary prevention of sexual assuault on campus

Upcoming Events

15/03/18 – UniSA Council Strategy Session and Council Meeting, Farewell Dinner for Deputy Chancellor

20/03/18 – USASA Board Meeting

05/04/18 – UniSA Sexual Assault Policy Review Steering Group meeting

10/04/18 – Seminar “The 5Ps approach to improving the transition, retention and success of university students”


Board Member Activity Report- Surabhi Shubhraj Month of February


“Keep up or get caught” these were the first few words of my wise tutor from first year.  I hope that everyone is working through university study and life balancing act well. Our study load certainly represents the snow ball effect. I wish you all lots of love, power and strength to get past your individual challenges.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for my absence from Magill campus during orientation week. I am in my third year Social Work Placement this semester. As most of you are aware placement requires alot of work but I am committed to working towards students welbeing on campus. I am extremly exicited about the new changes on our campus.

While I was very concerned about the Magill Hub renovations, it was completed on time after all. I think the new area looks fantastic and I have received lots of positive feedback. Also, remember to pick your USASA goodie bags, diaries, calendars and pens etc from our USASA room.

Please feel free to contact me with your idea’s and concerns on Magill Campus on

BE68BF54-90F7-4C04-909E-39B2084649B0BEF1ABA7-051E-4084-9482-15A4A869E85A.jpegSummary of Activity

6/2 Meeting with Jordan and Daniel to discuss matters of interest

6/2 USASA Student Board Meeting

9/2 Call in meeting with NUS Women’s Officer Kate Jean Crossin

14/2 Meeting with Bridget Laffy (Introduction to the role of convenor of  Women’s Committee)

27/2 USASA Campus Fair Day Event Planning Meeting

1/3 USASA Clubs Welcome Back BBQ

6/3 Campus Fair Magill

8/3 USASA Women’s Committee Meeting

8/3 Women’s Collective Club event for International Women’s Day




February Board Report

First of all i would like to welcome everyone back to the university! Hope you all have a great year ahead!

The first month of study period 2 is usually very busy for us USASA reps. This month was no exception.

We had our first board meeting of the year on February 6. In that board meeting most things which were discussed were of administrative nature. At the board meeting committee convenors and their members were also elected/decided. I am happy to say that i will be the convenor for the Governance committee, whilst also being a member of the clubs, education and finance committee.

I was present on the O-week days for City East, handing out the USASA bag of goodies and it was very nice to chat to some familiar faces and some new ones. It was fantastic to see the appreciation from the students regarding the services USASA provides.

This month i also attended Academic board meeting. This is my second year as an academic board member and us USASA reps will continue to push for the good work we did last year. At this board meeting we were able to confirm an important thing pertaining to the International Relations degree students.

Now as a USASA board member i also get to sit on Preclusion appeals committee. I sat on preclusion appeals committee meetings on February 9 and February 23. It was great to see the work that appeals committee does to give every student a fair go!

That is all from me for this month.

City West – February 2018 Activity Report – Bridget Barletta

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone has been settling in to the new year. A big welcome back to returning students, and a big welcome to all new students to City West campus.

Summary of Activity

I was able to meet a lot of both new and returning students at O-Week.  O-Week is an event run at UniSA to introduce students to their student life, for them to get a feel for their chosen course and also to explore the campus and what UniSA has to offer. During this time, I attended a few sessions to introduce people to the USASA counter, which is situated in the student lounge at City West.This was a great experience, and was glad to see so many people come through on Orientation!

For those who didn’t get the chance to pop past, make sure you do! There’s still plenty of handy things to help you get started with your year – calendars, diaries, pens, wall planners etc. It’s also a very good chance to get to know what the USASA counter can provide students, in case you need something later!

Other than O-Week, this month I have experienced two formal enquiries. Formal enquiries are a process that USASA representatives attend to decide on the outcome of student reviews, particularly for academic integrity, academic progress or misbehaviour. As USASA representatives, we receive training on this process and are expected to contribute to give a student’s perspective. Albeit difficult, I have found these meetings to be particularly rewarding as I believe it is important to have a student voice on the panel to help make these important decisions. I really hope to be more involved in formal enquiries for the rest of my term as City West Rep.

I have also been able to get involved with USASA’s Women’s Committee this month! I attended my first committee meeting on Thursday 8 March, alongside other USASA representatives Surabhi, Kate and Pamela. In this meeting we discussed what the Women’s committee would look like, and proceeded to set up our expectations for the rest of the year. We also discussed some events that are in planning for upcoming months – so stay tuned!

Aside from the above, I was glad to see the turn out of our Campus Fair which looked to be fairly successful. There have been quite a few changes to the City West Campus in 2018, including our new food joints Honki Tonki and Abbots and Kinney, which I hope everyone has had the chance to check out. If not – make sure you do! 🙂

See you all next month!

PS: Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or have any comments on my email at

Upcoming Activities:

20 March – Governance Committee Meeting
20 March – USASA Board Meeting
6 April – PacCrawl Pub-Crawl
TBA – Women’s Committee Meeting



February 2018 Magill Board Report: Ryan Colsey

Welcome back to University folks!

February was hectic and full of activities, meetings and more meetings.

At the USASA Student Board Meeting I was elected as Convener for the Education Committee for 2018. I am hoping that in this role I can continue on the successful work the committee did in 2017 and expand it so we have one member from every Division on our committee this year.

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February 2018 City West Rep report- Qihua (Zelda) Zheng

Hi everyone!

February is a fantastic month to meet new students coming to school and joining the campus life. I hope all the new students enjoy the O-Week and have a bit of taste how studying at the Uni goes. Also wish you all the best with your study and have fun in the Uni-activities. Please make sure that you have picked up the appealing USASA freebies including goodie bags, diaries, calendars and pen etc. If not, come to the USASA counter (Student lounge at City West) and feel free to say hello with our lovely staff to take one.

Summary of activity

Orientation week was such a fantastic event to start with, where you can meet new students, got to know your campus and services provided by our Uni. I was there in the USASA counter and answered the enquiries from new students. It was my pleasure to start our conversation there and give you a hand from time to time. I also volunteered as a Uni-mentor to talk with the new students and helped them understand the difference of each service counter in UniSA.

Apart from the UniSA orientation, I also attended the international students night at Carnegie Mellon University with some other board members. It was a fun night of witnessing how other Uni engage with the international students and what we can offer to our students with some pros and cons.

I also attended our first board meeting where we discussed the sub-committees we would be interested in and be involved this year. That’s followed by my first meetings of Club and Education committee. We went through the responsibilities of our committees and some key focuses for this year. In addition, we scheduled our meeting time for the whole year and we would like to invite students to witness our meeting if they have interests.

There are two formal enquiries I attended this month. It was really impressive to me as my involvement may have different influences on the final outcome of the students’ study program. Formal enquiry is a critical process to ensure students comply with academic integrity and understand the implications of their improper behaviors.

Welcome back club night is another fun part I attended of this month. With BBQ and soft drinks provided, we joyfully mingled with the executive members of clubs in UniSA. There’re heaps of good proposals coming up for the events and activities around the whole university. As a Club committee member, it is of great importance to acknowledge these clubs executives. We want to give them supports to run fantastic events and attract more students’ attention.

Future activities

20th Mar: Board Meeting

6th Mar-15th Mar: Campus Fair

27th Mar: Clubs meeting


Any enquiries or ideas, feel free to contact me via email