President’s Report – June

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is looking after themselves during this stressful exam period but there is light at the end of the tunnel and help at your fingertips so don’t get trapped in an “Exam Blues” spiral!!

My highlight as the month (other than my birthday) was finally having – what I hope will be a re-occurring event – Welfare Committee’s Greening Australia ‘Arbor Day’ which involved a bit of team building and was really great to see both staff and reps take some time out of their weekend to come along. It was definitely a reminder of how important it can be for our health to pause work for a bit, and spend time with each other outside a working space and something I have personally wanting to see more of amongst the USASA team.


As for the boring stuff, my month consisted of:

3rd- Clubs Committee

4th – Meeting with Karen Hunt, Deputy Director: SEU

5th – Scholarships & Grants Ceremony

6th – UniSA Council Meeting

7th – Student Engagement Advisory Group

7th – Education Committee

11th-12th – Events Officer Interviews

13th – Finance Committee

17th – Meeting with Daniel Randell, USASA CEO

18th – Meeting with Carol Grech (PVC:SEU) and Daniel Randell

18th – Governance committee

18th – USASA Board meeting

24th – Advisers Meeting with Nick Anderson, Arthur Siow and Daniel Randell

26th – Council Financial Workshop

27th – Sexual Assault and Harassment Meeting

Apart from that – I hope everyone enjoys their winter breaks and find some time out for themselves doing something that they love!

As always, if you would like to catch up for a chat or have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 9.10.16 pm
(only realised after deadline that didn’t upload initially, hence why have not been included in board papers)


CE UG Rep June Report – Sopor Tan

Hello all!

Finally the exams are over! I hope everyone is having a well-deserved break.

I have to admit though, as June was filled with tests and exams, unfortunately, I had not been able to keep up much with the USASA board activities besides our monthly meeting.  Thence, this is a brief check-in rather than a report.

With more time in hand now, I’ll be planning more activations for the upcoming semester with our CE rep and be back to see everyone again soon!

See you next month!

July activities:

16th July – Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Assault Workshop

16th July – Board Meeting

25th July – City East Orientation Panel Session

City West Undergrad Report- June

Hiya! June has been a month filled with assignments and not much fun! The most important things for June were work done on the USASA budget for the next year and continuing work on the governance committee, especially related to electoral reform.

I always struggle to work out what to write in these things. It isn’t that I’m not doing much, far from it, but it is all very bureucratic and boring. I guess that’s what I’m good at so I’ll stick to it!

I have started planning what I’ll be up to for SP5 though so hopefully my reports will get a bit more interesting then!

City East Rep – June Report – Julie Ma


I’m so happy to be writing this during the mid semester break! The final assessments and exam period is finally done and we can finish it off by celebrating and congratulating ourselves for getting through the first semester.

As anticipated, I didn’t get up to much USASA related duties during the past month. I did want to plan some exam snacks or stationery give-away activations but my schedule wasn’t very time-permitting..perhaps these exam support activations is something I can look into carrying out next semester..

Early in the month, myself and International Representative, Harsh Rana, attended a focus group which was facilitated by OT students. We had a great discussion about student connection at City East and how it could be improved to enhance student’s wellbeing. These focus groups will occur over the next 4 weeks. It shall be interesting to explore this theme further with other stakeholders.

I also attended my first City East Facilities Management Advisory Group Meeting. It was really (for me) just an overview and update with the facilities management and procedures around the campus.. (e.g. security, cleaning, general project works). I did bring up that it would be of students best interest to extend the library opening hours, but it was great to hear that they had already anticipated to implement this and reflect it on the website.

My dear friend, Sig, also invited me to the Rainbow Club’s “Tea Time for Rainbow Test Takers” event. I’d like to organise something like this for the new International City East students coming to study in SP5. It would offer a more intimate and informal environment of talking to the students about their education experience in their hometown and my tips on studying at the East campus. I plan to write out the proposal and send it off for approval/feedback before Orientation Week. That way, I can advertise it during the International Student Welcome Evening.

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor
” Tea Time for Rainbow Test Takers” Event with an amazing and inclusive club on campus, the UniSA Rainbow Club.

On a side note, I’ve heavily reduced my working hours at my job, so I can devote more time on USASA next semester. With more time on my hands, I am looking forward to sit on some academic reviews and formal enquiries!

See you next semester and enjoy your break!!


Activities for July:

4th July – Welfare Committee Meeting

15th July – Finance Committee Meeting

15th July – Mental Health First Aid Training (Session 1)

16th July – USASA Responding to SASH Disclosures Training

16th July – USASA Board Meeting

22th July – Mental Health First Aid Training (Session 2)

25th July – USASA Club Quiz Night

June Activity Report –Whyalla Representative -Wenona R-W

Hi Everyone,

Who else is super happy that the semester is over?!

After a relatively busy month in May for myself as the Whyalla Representative with the organisation of Unitopia and the 2019 Whyalla Pac-Crawl, unfortunately in June I had to be absent in my role as Whyalla USASA Representative in order to prioritise all of my major assignments and exam revision in which I would like to sincerely apologise for.

Needless to say, my inactivity has only increased my motivation to play a more active role next semester! As a result, I’m hanging for everyone to return to campus and back into the non-holiday mind set so I can hear what the Whyalla students would like to see next in addition to being eager to start organising Whyalla’s upcoming regular events!

Although I was fairly inactive last month, in between all the major assignments and exam revision I was brainstorming different ideas for engaging the Whyalla UniSA population. So far, I have been tossing up between the following ideas and am eager to put these ideas to all the students:

  • students, staff and friends charity ball
  • family fun day
  • SP5 pub-crawl
  • More FREE FOOD events (did someone say tacos?)
  • USASA club registration information session

Once again, apologies for my inactivity for the month of June and stay tuned!

Finally, feel free to contact me whenever with any suggestions/concerns/complaints you may have and I’ll be more than happy to address them the best I can.

Kind Regards,

Wenona Reddaway-Worth

City West – June Report – Bridget Barletta

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone has had a productive June, finishing their final assessments and exams.

This month I attended the USASA Board meeting on the 18th June and also convened the June Governance Committee Meeting. Being almost half way through the year, there has been so much achieved over the past nearly 6 months but also a lot to plan for in the next upcoming months! Particularly for governance, we are working on reforms for the constitution around election regulations in time for the upcoming student election, but also changing definitions around students and who can vote and/or run in elections – so watch this space!

I also participated in the welfare committee’s Arbor Day which involved a bit of team building which was really nice! It was definitely a reminder of how important it can be for our health to pause work for a bit, and spend time with each other outside a working space.


Apart from that – I hope everyone enjoys their winter breaks and find some time out for themselves doing something that they love!

As always, if you would like to catch up for a chat or have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email

Next Month:

16 July – USASA Board Responding to SASH Disclosures Training

Save the Children Pop Up Activation briefing

USASA Board Meeting

Governance Committee Meeting


Magill Rep Report – June

rainy vacation

Happy holidays everyone! Pity it’s been so cold – I hope you’re all keeping warm! Hopefully you’re all relaxing too, enjoying your well earned break, and feeling good about your exam results.


Even if you didn’t get the mark you expected, remember, you’ve made it through the first semester, and that’s something to celebrate!!

lemon-and-a-pear.pnglincoln on a bearlizard-on-a-chair.jpg

Etcetera…. you get the idea 🙂

Since we haven’t had any campus activations this month, keep reading if you’re interested in what’s going on behind the scenes at USASA. Otherwise, enjoy your holiday, and see you next month!


The biggest news this month was the response we received from TEQSA after reaching out to them to urge them to include student representation in their response to the issue of contract cheating in Australia. The CEO of TEQSA was very appreciative of our input and has since raised the matter with the TEQSA student advisory group, and will continue to work with them on this issue. We also submitted a comment on the draft contract cheating legislation, supporting CAPA, NUS and UATSIS in asking for a law that targets the predatory cheating industry but not students and their families.

USASA will be meeting soon with the president of the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations, who sits on the advisory group, to discuss our ideas and concerns. We hope that this will lead to a response which is informed by and addresses the underlying issues which make students from non-English speaking backgrounds more likely to be involved in academic integrity inquries. Many of these are the same issues that cause these students to struggle with coursework and with university life in general, so my hope is that this could be a really positive move toward a more supportive environment across the Australian higher education sector.

In the Diversity, Equity and Access committee, we’ve started the process of developing an Aboriginal Strategy for USASA. This will take a similar form to the development of the USASA Strategic Plan, with a strategy session with USASA staff and board members and key aboriginal staff and student leaders, to be followed by wider consultation with aboriginal students. It will hopefully be a document that helps USASA contribute to the UniSA vision of being the university of choice for Aboriginal students, and to Australia’s reconciliation goals.

In the SASH steering group, the SEU have agreed to hire a research assistant to review the research literature and best practice on cultural primary prevention initiatives, to ensure that our approach is rigorous and evidence-based, so that we are doing the right thing by our students in addressing this critical student safety and wellbeing issue.

Finally, this coming month I will be joining the new ALLY network advisory group, to provide input into the launch and development of the program, which will give UniSA staff and students skills and opportunities to support queer/LGBTQ+ students at UniSA, again contributing to what I hope will be an even more inclusive and supportive environment at UniSA.

Activity Report

05/06/19 – Magill Campus Advisory Group

07/06/19 – Diversity, Equity and Access Committee Meeting

18/06/19 – USASA Board Meeting

22/06/19 – USASA Staff and Student Board Tree Planting Day

27/06/19 – SASH Steering Group Meeting

27/06/19 – SASH SEU + USASA catch up

Upcoming Events

04/07/19 – Diversity, Equity and Access Committee Meeting

04/07/19 – Welfare Committee Meeting

16/07/19 – USASA Board Responding to SASH Disclosures Training

16/07/19 – Save the Children Pop Up Activation breifing

16/07/19 – USASA Board Meeting

27/06/19 – SASH Steering Group Meeting

27/06/19 – ALLY Network Advisory/Working Group


Mawsonlakes Undergraduate Student Rep – Thanusshan Packiyarajah

Hello everyone,

Hope that everyone have completed their examinations successfully without any stresses. Last month was very dull because everyone was busy with their assignments and exams preparations.

I couldn’t be able to attend the last board meeting and the Governance committee meeting because I was sick. I am travelling to overseas during my vacation break.

Activity Report – This month

Education Committee Meeting – 07.06.2019

Academic Integrity Meeting for Research Theory and Practice (CIVIL) – 12.06.2019

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me

Kind Regards,

Thanusshan Packiyarajah

Mawson Lakes Rep Report June 2019

Hey y’all

A quiet month for rep work, but a busy one for study with exams and finishing off assignments, I hope it hasn’t been too stressful and I am hopeful that you have all achieved the results that you were after.

At the time of writing this report I’m at the University of Sydney attending the National Union of Students (NUS) Education Conference. This is an event where student unions, associations and guilds from all over Australia come together to discuss ideas related to the student union movement such as activism, welfare, and education issues. If you’re interested in the work that the NUS does please get in touch with me, they have a variety of resources available to affiliated universities which help to empower us to do the best work that we can.

This month at Mawson Lakes I participated in a night walk around the campus to assess the safety of the various areas that students and staff use around campus. It’s a once yearly event, just to make sure that the campus and its students are as safe as possible. If you spot any areas around campus that you think are unsafe or could just do with a bit more light at night, get in touch with me and we can take it up with facilities.

Activity Report

This Month

June 3rd – Clubs Committee Meeting

June 18th – USASA Board Meeting

June 27th – School of Aviation Review Meeting

June 29th – July 4th – National Union of Students Education Conference

Next Month

29th June – July 4th – National Union of Students Education Conference

8th July – Clubs Committee Meeting

25th July – USASA Clubs Quiz Night

Usual deal, drop me an email if you need any assistance with things at Mawson Lakes, the National Union or Clubs, I’m always here. Even if you just want to have a quick chat and a cup of coffee, if I’m on campus, I’ll be there!

June Magill Rep Report

HI All,

Hope you are doing well. June has been quite smooth for me .

Hope you all are not that stressed about Major assessments and Exams. You all will rock it.

If you need any Student support Servicesyou can always book an appointment.

For this Month I  attended the Academic Integrity meeting and also attended Arbor Day at pitman park It was good to see Port Adelaide Council making a community day out of planting tree 

To those still doing assignments and exams, good luck, and to those on holiday already, I hope you have a blast.

Planting Tree(Abor Day)

Activities done for this Month:-

14 June-Academic Integrity Formal Inquiry

18 June-Board Meeting

23 June-Arbor Day(Planting Tree)@Pitman Park Windsor Gardens

28 June-Academic Integrity Formal  Inquiry

28 June-Acadeic Board Meeting

Chao see you next month