October Board Report Magill: Ryan C

 Hi folks 

I’ve decided that for all my remaining board reports (so like three) I’m going to start off with a fun fact. This month’s fun fact: UniSA is younger than the car I was driving to uni in first year (1990 Ford Laser nicknamed Blue Steel). 

Anyway back on topic. Another month, another board report, how time flies when you actually need to get stuff done. It’s scary to think that after joining the board in 2017 I now only have 2 months left. Jeepers.  

From a university standpoint it’s been quite eventful time, with the key event being the news that there will be no merger with the University of Adelaide. As such the USASA Student Board and also the Education Committee will now redirect their efforts towards being involved in the University’s new strategic plan known as Enterprise25.  

Speaking of Education Committee, we were scheduled to meet on October 26 however I have opted to postpone this meeting until we know the outcome of the letter we sent to the University regarding the MyCourseEvaluation. We expect to know the outcome early in November. That day also happened to clash with the USASA Elections which would have left several board members unable to attend so it was the right decision to make. 

For differing reasons, Clubs committee and Welfare committee were also postponed by their respective conveners this month. 

“Geez Ryan,” I hear you say. “Looks like you didn’t do anything this month.” 

…that’s where you’re wrong kiddo. 

On October 17 everyone’s favourite event ‘Unitopia’ came to Magill and yours truly was there to volunteer behind the Popsicool stand, right next to a fruit stand and -for some reason -a skeleton.  

While I did offload plenty of ice-blocks, there were times where I had ‘nobody’ with me
USASA Popsicool
The best photos are the ones where they blur your face and apply the focus on people that aren’t you.

Outside of Unitopia I also attended the USASA Club Awards Night (congrats to the winners), sat in at the Magill Campus candidate Q&A session to pose some questions for the prospective 2019 Magill Campus Reps, and attended Academic Board for another month. 

Finally, I am open to all ideas regarding how you would like my November Board Report to be written. I’ve already delivered one in Haiku and another full of Spice Girls references, so hit me up with some suggestions as to what you’d like to see in next month’s report and I’ll try make it happen. 

Goodluck with exams everyone! 



October 4 -attended Magill Campus candidate Q&A
October 12 -attended USASA Club Awards night
October 16 -sat in on Governance Meeting for about 20 minutes
October 16 -USASA Board Meeting
October 17 -Unitopia at Magill (volunteered at Popsicool stand)
October 26 -Academic Board Meeting 




Wake me up when September ends!

Greetings reader, if you’ve had a great September that at least makes one of us. I haven’t had a great one due to a bit of illness I’ve been battling, but I’ll be back up and running again before you can say don’t close Magill Jack Robinson.

When I wasn’t coughing up blood and getting heckled by Bogans at the footy in Perth I continued to do my best to contribute to the USASA cause in a number of ways.

Firstly, after a number of students had raised the issue with me I got in contact with Damian from FM Assist to raise the possibility of leaving the Magill Campus B/C building upstairs corridors open afterhours. Previously these had been close off after 7pm resulting in students having to exit the building and walk alone in the cold by themselves late at night to get access to the Computer Labs from the Library. I asked that for reasons of safety and convenience that the corridors be kept open and I am pleased to report that this has now been granted. Yay!

Secondly, I can also confirm that USASA will be phasing out its use of polystyrene cups in favour of bi-degradable ones effective immediately. This came as a direct result of a student putting a suggestion in the Suggestion Box at the Magill Counters which I then took to Welfare Committee. After Daniel (GM) looked into the financial side of it, it was given the green light and the Student Board approved the recommendations. I would like to give a big thank you to the student who raised this as well as Daniel and Grace (Welfare Committee convener). Yay for the environment!

Thirdly I wrote a letter to the PVC for Student Engagement and Equity Dr Laura-Anne Bull on behalf of the Education Committee regarding the committee’s review into the MyCourseExperience forms at UniSA. This letter included four recommendations regarding ways the committee felt the MyCourseExperience could be improved. Dr Bull met with Provost and Chief Academic Officer Professor Allan Evans to discuss these recommendations with him and we will hear back from the University regarding our recommendations next month when the Academic Strategy Group meets. I am quietly optimistic about a positive outcome for students here.

Speaking of Education Committee, we met this month as usual and it went well. Daniel did a presentation to the committee on the role of the Education Committee in USASA’s new strategic plan for 2018-2021. I am very pleased to hear that the committee will have an expanded role and more resources directed to it in future years, hopefully making next year’s Education Committee conveners’ job a lot easier.

In addition to these activities I also sat on a Formal Inquiry in School of Management as well as Academic Reviews in the Division of EASS.

Finally I would like to welcome Tom Gilchrist aboard as the new Magill Student Undergrad Rep who will sit on the board for the remainder of this year as Surabhi’s replacement.

PS: Goodwork to those who did City to Bay with UniSA Sport. Hopefully next year we can get a USASA team running in it, something Welfare Committee had hoped to do this year.


What I did this month?

September 16 –UniSA Sport City to Bay (initially something USASA hoped to do as a group)
September 17 –Division of EASS Academic Reviews
September 18 –USASA Board Meeting
September 19 –USASA Events Brainstorming for 2019
September 19 –School of Management Formal Inquiry
September 26 –Clubs Committee Meeting (phone-in)
September 28 –Convened Education Committee Meeting
September 28 –Academic Board Meeting

August Board Report Magill: Ryan C

Hello, नमस्ते and ہیلو  to everyone this August.

I hope you’re all enjoying whatever studies you have been undertaking this semester and if you’re not loving university and want to defer or quit, please consult this academic calendar for due dates for withdrawal: http://www.unisa.edu.au/Student-Life/Support-services/Student-administration/Academic-calendars/Academic-calendar-2018/#SP5

This month started pretty hectically for me as I was trying to find my own feet studying at two different universities on the same day and partially moving out of home. In addition to this my co-rep Surabhi resigned, leaving me as the sole Magill Rep until her replacement is confirmed.

Despite these setbacks I was still able to achieve a fair bit this month as your representative.

On August 10 I attended a USASA Welfare Committee meeting, which meant after sitting on the USASA Board for 16 months I finally attended a sub-committee meeting other than Education and Clubs. At the Welfare Committee meeting I raised a suggestion a student had given me about reducing plastic cups at the USASA Counter Spaces.  Right now we are looking at seeing what we can do and will have more information in the future hopefully.

Later in the month I got stuck into even more activities, particularly related to the possible merger of the University of South Australia and University of Adelaide (no sadly I don’t have any Simpsons or Spice Girls references this time). On August 20 USASA launched our own survey for students to complete regarding the merger and I would like to congratulate Jordan and the rest of the team who put many hours into that. To date we currently have more than 900 responses from students and will aim to receive as many as we can.

On August 30 myself, Jordan and Pam (Aboriginal & Torres Straight Island Rep) went to Magill Campus to have a face-to-face consultation with students while trying to get more students to complete the survey. Overall it was a really good experience as we try push towards the 1000 figure of students doing the survey. By the time the next board report comes out, the survey will have closed and we will have our data.

Merger Talk Photo

I convened the Education Committee again where we discussed made a decision on what to do regarding student thoughts into the MyCourseEvaluation feedback. Ultimately the committee came to a consensus that the overall structure and questions of the feedback was fine, however it could use some minor improvements. As such on behalf of the committee I will be sending a letter to the university detailed four recommendations the committee made.

Finally, I’d also like to note that my board page has been getting some comment requests lately presumably from spam robots. While I am flattered with the attention they give me, they are wasting their time as I’m not looking for singles in my area, and my distant royal cousin from Nigeria already has my bank details.

Have a good time everyone and I’ll see you around in the near future!



What I did:

-August 3: Meeting with Project Officer for Student Engagement in EASS Mr Peter Andrinopoulos
-August 10: USASA Welfare Committee meeting
-August 21: USASA Board Meeting
-August 24: USASA Education Committee Meeting
-August 29: USASA Clubs Committee Meeting
-August 30: Magill Consultation with Students regarding merger
-August 31: EASS Academic Review

July Board Report Magill: Ryan C

Happy July all and welcome to uni for another semester!

After a two week interstate holiday at the start of the month it was  back to work for me at our monthly board meeting on July 17. It was a productive meeting as always.

The following day USASA had a planning meeting involving both Board and Staff in order to develop our Strategic Plan for the next three years. Everyone at the planning meeting contributed towards our new plan and I can guarantee anyone reading this that the organization will be in a strong position for at least the next three years.

On a personal note, this semester I will not be able to be on campus everyday like I was able to in SP2 due to the fact that I am undertaking cross-institutional study at Flinders University.

Homer confused.jpg
Hey, don’t give me that look

So far only seven people have told me I should resign as Magill Rep for being a traitor, which I’m assuming means the other 7.4 billion people in the world think I’m doing awesome. For the record I still do have two classes at Magill this semester anyway, so those seven people need to calm their farm.

I will still be present at Magill Campus three and a half days a week and intend to do my best during the times I am at Magill. The only real difference is there may not be as many Toastie Tuesday’s this semester and/or they may have to be shifted to a different day.

Anyway, back on topic I was able to volunteer during O-Week at Magill at the counter to introduce myself to new students and add to USASA’s presence at Magill.

The next week (week 1) was a busy week for me USASA wise.

On Wednesday we held the Clubs Committee (CCOM) meeting at Magill. Prior to the meeting I reached out to several of the clubs at Magill to see if we could do more to support them. I had mixed responses from the clubs, but was fortunate to be able to meet with the executives from the UniCast Radio Club, as well as invite the Psychology Club President to attend the CCOM.

The next day I sat on the Magill Campus Advisory Group, which is comprised of members from FM, Security, OH&S, a few heads of school etc. I am very thankful to Damian for allowing me to sit at this meeting and raise a concern I had about the Student Hub bins being too tall for students in wheelchairs to reach. I am pleased to announce that they are now in the process of rectifying this.

Finally onto the matter that has been receiving the most attention: the merger. At the Education Committee meeting on Friday we ran a focus group to ask students their thoughts on the possible merger between the Isotopes UniSA and Albuquerque the University of Adelaide. All of the discussion raised by the students was incredibly helpful and exceeded our expectations. Several points raised were things that neither myself, Jordan or Daniel had even considered but added to our collation of data.

I would also like to thank Dr Laura-Anne Bull for being at this meeting also to take on our suggestions for the My Course Evaluation as well as dispel some of the myths that had been spread regarding it.

Other than that, ta ta and farewell, and enjoy the semester!


PS: I’m hoping to write something in the Verse Magazine for the next edition (if they accept it) so keep an eye out for that.



My Activities This Month:

July 17 USASA Board Meeting

July 18 USASA Strategic Planning Meeting

July 18 USASA O-Week at Magill

July 25 Meeting with Co-Rep

July 25 Connection meeting with UniCast radio club based at Magill

July 25 USASA Clubs Committee Meeting

July 26 Magill Campus Advisory Group

July 27 USASA Education Committee meeting

July 27 Academic Board Pre-Meeting

July 27 Academic Board Meeting

June Board Report Magill: Ryan C

Greetings UniSA students/future University of South Adelaide students

Hope you’re not too stressed out by the impending fact that 50% of your semester’s grades are due by tomorrow and you’ve left all your revision to the last minute coz student.

Last week I wowed you with my amazing board report submitted in haiku, which one expert said was clearly the best board report ever written [Colsey 2018]. Sadly this board report will be a bit more conventional, but I’ll still try make it interesting with some cheap pop-culture references at the end.

On paper it might not seem like I did many USASA activities this month, however I was secretary at the clubs committee meeting, and attended the USASA Board meeting as well as Academic Board. Education Committee did not sit this month due to exams but it will meet late next month to work towards a plan of improving the Course Evaluation forms.

Outside of these meetings I have been doing some planning ahead for next semester’s activities. These include working out a schedule for Toastie Tuesdays (which may need a new name due to a possible day change), and working out a plan for a student catchup at Magill to discuss the possible merger between our glorious University of South Australia and those other folks at Adelaide University.

As student representatives it is crucial that we speak to students to find out what you want, what you really really want, regarding a possible merger. It remains to be seen what happens to Magill Campus when two become one, if the two universities actually combine. For all we know, the talks may be unsuccessful and the whole thing could stop right now. In my personal opinion, any new university must be financially sustainable enough to make it last forever, and while it could involve some changes to student engagement on campus, friendship never ends.

To those still doing assignments and exams, good luck, and to those on holiday already, I hope you have a blast.

Goodbye my friend

Activities this month:
June 12: Clubs Committee Meeting
June 19: USASA Board Meeting
June 22: Academic Board Pre-Meeting
June 22: Academic Board Meeting

May Magill Board Report Ryan C

Before I start I would like to guarantee you that this will be the best board report you have ever read by a Magill Student Rep. Enjoy.


Hi all

May has been an incredibly busy month, full of fun but also some serious stuff.

As part of being a USASA Rep, we have been invited to undertake the Unite Leadership Program which consists of several self-development workshops held over a few months. These workshops are incredibly fulfilling and I encourage any student with an interest in leadership to partake in the Unite or Aspire leadership programs.

One thing that has really stood out for me in these workshops is how people lose most of their creativity as they get older. University students are no exception and we all fall for the known and tried patterns rather than take risks challenging the status quo.

As a student of the School of Creative Industries and as a USASA Student Rep and leader I feel an obligation to try and buck this trend, especially as we had International Creativity Week last month.

In the spirit of thinking outside the square, I would like to present this monthly board report in a different format to usual, in the hope it will inspire other students to take more risks and be more creative. I also hope you find it engaging.



City East, Magill I helped

I was the MC


Photographer there

Many photos were captured

But zero of me

  Continue reading

April Magill Board Report Ryan C

Hi All

April was a very exciting month, with myself and co-rep Surabhi launching our first “Toastie Tuesdays” event for the year.

It is no secret that at times Magill can be a bit of a sleepy campus, so part of this initiative is to be proactive and reach out to students on campus. This has been very successful, after an hour we ran out of supplies and were able to engage with approximately 40 students and hear from them about various concerns they had. In addition to this we were able to promote upcoming USASA activities such as Pac-Crawl. Continue reading

March 2018 Magill Board Report: Ryan Colsey

Hi folks! I hope you’ve all been keeping well!

March was not quite as busy as February, but it was still eventful nonetheless!

The month kicked off with the Clubs Welcome BBQ put together by Tegan and the USASA Staff. This was a great chance to meet with students from a variety of backgrounds and interests. This also gave me a good chance to meet several students from clubs based at Magill and discuss ways we can make life easier for clubs on campus.

The very next day I attended my first Magill Campus Advisory Group meeting, Continue reading

February 2018 Magill Board Report: Ryan Colsey

Welcome back to University folks!

February was hectic and full of activities, meetings and more meetings.

At the USASA Student Board Meeting I was elected as Convener for the Education Committee for 2018. I am hoping that in this role I can continue on the successful work the committee did in 2017 and expand it so we have one member from every School on our committee this year.

As part of this, USASA President Jordan Mum Continue reading

January 2018 Magill Rep Report -Ryan C

Greetings folks! Hope everyone had a great Australia Day

It’s an absolute honour to be serving as Magill Rep for a second year and I look forward to building on the good work we achieved last year.

Naturally the board retreat was the highlight of this month. Having only joined the USASA Board in April last year this was my first board retreat and it was a very positive experience. I got to meet most of the new board for this year I am filled with great confidence that this year’s board will be just as successful as last year’s board, if not more so.

On February 6 the USASA Board will have it’s first meeting which will determine who convenes and sits on which committees. Once this has been decided I will have a fair idea of what I will be doing this year for USASA as a whole.

As for the Magill Campus, a few of my aims this year on campus will be: Continue reading