February 2018 City West Rep report- Qihua (Zelda) Zheng

Hi everyone!

February is a fantastic month to meet new students coming to school and joining the campus life. I hope all the new students enjoy the O-Week and have a bit of taste how studying at the Uni goes. Also wish you all the best with your study and have fun in the Uni-activities. Please make sure that you have picked up the appealing USASA freebies including goodie bags, diaries, calendars and pen etc. If not, come to the USASA counter (Student lounge at City West) and feel free to say hello with our lovely staff to take one.

Summary of activity

Orientation week was such a fantastic event to start with, where you can meet new students, got to know your campus and services provided by our Uni. I was there in the USASA counter and answered the enquiries from new students. It was my pleasure to start our conversation there and give you a hand from time to time. I also volunteered as a Uni-mentor to talk with the new students and helped them understand the difference of each service counter in UniSA.

Apart from the UniSA orientation, I also attended the international students night at Carnegie Mellon University with some other board members. It was a fun night of witnessing how other Uni engage with the international students and what we can offer to our students with some pros and cons.

I also attended our first board meeting where we discussed the sub-committees we would be interested in and be involved this year. That’s followed by my first meetings of Club and Education committee. We went through the responsibilities of our committees and some key focuses for this year. In addition, we scheduled our meeting time for the whole year and we would like to invite students to witness our meeting if they have interests.

There are two formal enquiries I attended this month. It was really impressive to me as my involvement may have different influences on the final outcome of the students’ study program. Formal enquiry is a critical process to ensure students comply with academic integrity and understand the implications of their improper behaviors.

Welcome back club night is another fun part I attended of this month. With BBQ and soft drinks provided, we joyfully mingled with the executive members of clubs in UniSA. There’re heaps of good proposals coming up for the events and activities around the whole university. As a Club committee member, it is of great importance to acknowledge these clubs executives. We want to give them supports to run fantastic events and attract more students’ attention.

Future activities

20th Mar: Board Meeting

6th Mar-15th Mar: Campus Fair

27th Mar: Clubs meeting


Any enquiries or ideas, feel free to contact me via email zheqy016@mymail.unisa.edu.au


January 2018 City West Rep report- Qihua (Zelda) Zheng

Hello everyone!

It is a great pleasure introduce myself as one of City West student representatives for 2018! I’m in my second year of master in management. To those who voted for me last year, I want to take this opportunity to express my sincerest appreciation. To those who don’t know me at all, I would like to invite you all to start our conversation and acknowledge each other. I am looking forward to hearing the voices from students at City West, helping them strive for what they desire and what they want to improve.

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