Mawson Lakes Rep – July


Hello again everybody,

Welcome back – hope you all enjoyed your well deserved semester break.

The first week of July was a very busy but exciting one for me. Whilst you were most likely enjoying the perks of some much needed relaxation and binge-watching Netflix all day for the first week of holidays, I had the privilege of attending this years NUS Education Conference hosted at Flinders university here in SA. Students from Queensland, NSW, Victoria, and Western Australia all flew over to enjoy 5 days of workshops, seminars, and discussions (some a little more rowdy than others) but overall it was a great week socialising with other university representatives to share opinions and ideas to ultimately greater the student experience and environment for everyone. After 6 full on days at conference I finally got to enjoy some of my uni break and jumped on a flight to Darwin – where funnily enough I was sitting in the same row as Magill Rep, Ryan Colsey.

Since being back in Adelaide I have continued to attend the usual array of academic inquiries, academic board meeting, welfare/education/ and finance committee meetings, as well as UniTopia SP5 planning committee meetings to bring you all another fun and enjoyable day of uni.

On the Wednesday of Wk 3 SP5 I hosted Mawson Lakes first ‘Hungry Hump Day’ providing free toasties in the Hive from 9:30 am until sold out – and although this activation was technically August not July it is still something I am very excited about doing every week for the rest of the semester.

Until next month, stay safe – look after yourself and your friends and feel free to get in contact with me with any suggestions/concerns/complaints at anytime and i’ll be more than happy to address them the best I can.

Kindest Regards,

Grace Dixon