City West – August Report – Bridget Barletta

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is doing okay at uni as we approach our mid semester assignment rush!

On the 20th of August we had our governance committee meeting and board meeting. The governance meeting was particularly productive, as we are reviewing parts of the constitution relating to elections and student board representatives. As always, there is a lot to cover and lots of changes in the Uni that we have to consider (such as E25).

I would like to take the time to mention the UniSA medical clinic. Did you know that there are GP clinics on campus for you to access? Not only is it super convenient, but they offer all the services as your usual medical centre and also bulk bill! There are clinics at both City East and City West, so can help you check in with your health while studying at uni.

That’s all for this month, as usual if you wish to contact me please email

This month:

August 7- Clubs Fest at City West

August 20- Governance meeting

August 20- USASA board meeting

Next month:

Meeting with Bridget Laffy

September 17- Governance meeting

September 17- USASA board meeting


City West – July Report – Bridget Barletta

Hey guys!

A short sharp report from me as I write my July board report from aboard using my phone in wintery NZ!

In July, I attended the USASA board meeting on the 16th. This was a fairly quick meeting, with lots of reps away on holidays with the winter break.

The highlight for the month for me would be the training I undertook on responding to sexual assault and sexual harassment disclosures. This workshop was highly valuable, as I increased my awareness on sexual assault & harassment and learnt ways to help others when such cases arise. UniSA provides free and confidential services to students who need support with sexual assault and harassment, which are professional and accessable. Students can also report or disclose an incident online through this link:

In August, I look forward to being involved in more campus events as the new study period begins and we step into the second half of the year!


Next month:

Save the Children Pop Up

20 Aug

Governance Committee Meeting

USASA board meeting


City West – June Report – Bridget Barletta

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone has had a productive June, finishing their final assessments and exams.

This month I attended the USASA Board meeting on the 18th June and also convened the June Governance Committee Meeting. Being almost half way through the year, there has been so much achieved over the past nearly 6 months but also a lot to plan for in the next upcoming months! Particularly for governance, we are working on reforms for the constitution around election regulations in time for the upcoming student election, but also changing definitions around students and who can vote and/or run in elections – so watch this space!

I also participated in the welfare committee’s Arbor Day which involved a bit of team building which was really nice! It was definitely a reminder of how important it can be for our health to pause work for a bit, and spend time with each other outside a working space.


Apart from that – I hope everyone enjoys their winter breaks and find some time out for themselves doing something that they love!

As always, if you would like to catch up for a chat or have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email

Next Month:

16 July – USASA Board Responding to SASH Disclosures Training

Save the Children Pop Up Activation briefing

USASA Board Meeting

Governance Committee Meeting


City West – May Report – Bridget Barletta

Hello everyone.

How is it June already? Time sure does fly!

This month has been hectic, and as a law student i’ve been very preoccupied with exams as most business students could relate with!

In May, we had another City West Unitopia event on the 14th which looked like it was well enjoyed. It came at a very good time of year, with most students needing to wind-down from study and assignment writing.

On the 21st we also had the USASA board meeting. The highlight for that meeting for me was the talk from the counselling department of the UniSA Student Support services. UniSA is very well resourced to offer students counselling, offering them a range of services that can meet almost any need (career, well-being, mental health, etc). I would highly recommend that anyone who is even considering an appointment with a counsellor to go ahead and do so – it’s free, highly professional, confidential and very valuable. I, myself have accessed the counselling service myself and found it to be very helpful – so make sure you make this service known to your fellow student friends and spread the word. Remember, we all have our ups and downs and sometimes it’s just nice to have a conversation with someone who is ready to listen.

More information can be accessed here, as well as online booking for an appointment:

On the 21st we also held another Governance Committee Meeting, which was very productive with a lot to cover. Our focus this month was on the USASA elections, and throwing some ideas around about how elections should run and the policies surrounding them. If you have any ideas or comments on this – please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you would like to get in touch, please do not hesitate to contact me using my email

Next Month:

18 June – USASA Board Meeting

18 June – Governance Committee Meeting

28 June  – Academic Board Meeting


City West – April Report – Bridget Barletta

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their mid-semester break, and have found time to relax amongst many deadlines!

With public holidays and uni break, there isn’t too much to report.

I was able to enjoy the Volunteering Expo that was held at City West on Thursday 4 April. I was pleased with the turn-out, and happy that many students were interested in expanding their personal & professional experience.

One of my other highlights was attending a consultation workshop for Enterprise 25. This was a highly valuable workshop, which allowed me to gain a better insight to the future of UniSA. It was also very cool meeting lots of other people who are involved with the Uni, hearing about their roles and what they think about the future of the University.

I also attended the USASA board meeting on the 11th of April, and I am pretty impressed with the work of our student reps in developing their initiatives!

That’s all for now!

If you would like to get in touch, please do not hesitate to contact me using my email

Next Month:

21 May – USASA Board Meeting

21 May – USASA Annual General Meeting

21 May – Governance Committee Meeting

24 May – Academic Board Meeting


City West – March Report – Bridget Barletta

Hey guys,

annnnd it’s March!

March was quite a busy month for me. I attended the USASA board meeting on the 19 of March. This included a presentation by the Student Engagement Unit (SEU) and it was really good to hear how they can be of assistance to students such as help with work experience and leadership opportunities.

I also chaired the first Governance Committee meeting for the year, which focused on setting our goals for the year and welcoming new members to the Committee.

I was fortunate to also sit on some formal enquiry panels at City West. As always, these panels can be particularly emotional, and it just highlighted to me how important our role as USASA reps on that panel can be. It is great to know that a student perspective and voice can be heard in such cases.

Let’s not forget about City West campus fair! What a great day this was.
I volunteered to help man the USASA stall, and it was great to see so many of you coming over for your USASA goodie bags. Fortunately, I was able to have a bit of a look around myself, and enjoyed some of the activities that were on offer. Particularly, the community garden activity (I now own a teeny coridander plant!) and the beeswax wraps! There was an awesome turn out for Clubs, and I hope many of you have now chosen a club or two to join and get involved in.

I also spent a bit of time at the Business School Fair at City west on the 21st March. As a business student myself, I was pretty happy to see the range of information available for business students at this event, plus all the cool free stuff and activities!

So that basically covers the highlights for me in March!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to chat, or have any questions, my email is

Next Month (April):

4 April – Volunteering Expo (CW)

11 April
–  USASA Board Meeting
– Governance Committee Meeting

12 April
– USASA Pac Crawl

15 April
– Enterprise 25 Structure Session


City West – Feb Activity Report – Bridget Barletta

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to your studies for 2019. Most of us have started our first semesters of 2019 by now, and should start to be getting back into the routine of study!

February has been a busy month for me USASA-wise, with a lot of events to be attended.

On the 19th, I attended my first USASA board meeting. Here, we were presented with a lot of valuable information. I enjoyed the presentation from the UniSA Ombudsmen, who gave us information on his role. We also heard from the President Grace Dixon about her plans for the year, and selected the Committees which we would sit on. I’m glad to announce that I have been nominated for the role of Convenor of the Governance Committee of USASA, and hope that I can lead the very big job of constitutional reform for the year.

I also attended my very first Academic Board meeting on 22 February.  Here, I was able to discuss university academic matters alongside other staff of the University. It was a valuable experience, and it opened my eyes to some of the things that are happening in the University space across the Globe (Did you know that micro-credentials were a thing? I didn’t!). I feel as though my attendance to these meetings will be a great tool to become informed on academic matters.

The most significant event that I have attended is O-Week. It was great to see so many first year students out and about exploring City West, and to be familiarising themselves with the facilities and services of the campus. During this week, I had the job of being at the USASA counter (student space) to introduce USASA to groups of students coming by for their orientation. I’d like to think the majority of students engaged very well with our talk, and a lot were very curious about getting involved with events and student clubs. It was great to also see continuing students walk by, remembering to ask for a diary and wall planner to start their year. I hope that I can continue to be recognised around campus, with a few faces remembering me from O Week and stopping to say Hello!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or ideas! I can be reached by my email address

Key March Dates:

12 March – Unisa City West Campus Fair
13 March – Unisa City East Campus Fair
15 March – Unisa Careers Expo
19 March – USASA Board Meeting
19 March – Governance Committee Meeting
22 March – Academic Board Meeting

Governance Committee Handover – TBA


City West – October 2018 Report – Bridget

Hey guys!

I’m writing this as I enjoy my first day of university holidays – what a great feeling! I know I’m one of the very few lucky ones at this stage, so I hope everyone is feeling confident during exam time.

On the 16th of October we had our USASA board meeting, where we spent our time discussing USASA brand awareness and USASA in the middle of the merger discussions. For those of you who are unaware – an email would have been sent to you in your Student Emails this month regarding the merger decision. After months of discussion, it has been decided that the merger will not go ahead. I’d like to say a thank you to everyone who took part in the merger process, and made their voice heard as a student. It has been great engaging with you throughout this process, and has given USASA a greater understanding of the thoughts and needs of students around this topic.

Also on the 16th, I attended the Governance Committee meeting, where we are working on improving the current USASA constitution. Not a lot of interesting stuff going on here to report on – but a bit of my homework has included reviewing some clauses of the constitution.

Finally, on October 22nd I was re-elected to the USASA board as City West Representative, and I would like to thank everyone who supported me during this time. USASA elections are a lot of fun – mostly because I always seem to make a lot of new friends and because I can have some pretty fun conversations with other people along the way.  I am really looking forward to next year, and am already putting together plans to engage with students at City West!

That’s all the important stuff for now, seeya next time!

Please contact me if you want to chat or have any questions. My email is

Next Month:

20th USASA Board Meeting
Governance Committee Meeting

21th City West Handover Meeting, with 2019 rep



City West – September 2018 Report – Bridget

Hello world,

I can’t believe it is October, and therefore time for a September board report!

September has been a busy month study wise, as many other business school students can confirm. I hope everyone had a productive study break, with time to finish assignments but also to take some much needed time off to spend with friends & family, or even just with Netflix and some ice-cream. Continue reading

City West – July 2018 Report – Bridget

Semester 2 Begins! (Well…. study period 5!)

Hi everyone,

Congratulations on surviving through to study period 5! Hope everyone feels rested after their winter breaks, ready to face the last study period of the year.

In July, although being on holidays, I was able to achieve a few things as a rep.

The most notable event of July for me, was attending the 2018 NUS Education Conference hosted at Flinders University. The conference is designed for student representatives, and is attended by representatives from all over Australia. The event ran from 2 July to 5 July, involving four jam-packed days of discussion and presentation.

Education Conference was a great event that allowed me to learn from student leaders from across Australia, enabling me to see a diverse perspective on our different experiences, opportunities, and issues. We had a range of presentations from both students and outside presenters, with a range of backgrounds, experiences, and opinions on different topics – which allowed me to see the different sides of the story that students face.

Over the four days, I was blown away with the number of workshops but also the variety of discussions that ultimately affect students in someway, shape or form. I feel as though I could never write a list including so many issues that affect the student experience – but really, there are many things to consider and experience as a university student. Some of the topics I attended included talks on homelessness, student welfare, Newstart allowances, unionism, indigenous rights and reform, sustainable activism, mental health awareness, the HECS system, negotiation and experiences from regional students and campuses.

Overall, I felt that NUS Education Conference 2018 was a valuable experience, allowing me to create networks and friendships with other students across Australia. It has enabled me to broaden my perspective, and to consider the various opportunities and challenges faced by University students currently. I would highly recommend this conference to any upcoming student representatives, or students who are interested in making a difference in their University.

As usual, I also attended July’s board meeting and the Governance committee meeting. A lot of discussions surrounding the merger, sexual harassment awareness and ‘hazing’ issue were discussed.

As most of you are probably aware, both University of South Australia and University of Adelaide are in the middle of discussing a possible merger of the two universities. Please be mindful that this is a discussion, and that no decision has been made as of yet. In saying that, we would really love to hear your feedback about the merger, and want as many students to participate in the process as possible. At City West, we will be having feedback sessions on Tuesday 28 August, between 11 am to 2pm outside the Jeffrey Smart building. Would be great to see you there!
The discussion paper can be accessed here:
Please look out for a survey that will be distributed 20 August

For now, that’s all. Please contact me if you want to chat or have any questions. My email is


Next Month:

21 August
Unite Workshop – Conflict Management and Effective Feedback
Governance Committee Meeting
USASA Board Meeting

28 August
Merger Feedback Session City West