City West – June Report – Bridget Barletta

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone has had a productive June, finishing their final assessments and exams.

This month I attended the USASA Board meeting on the 18th June and also convened the June Governance Committee Meeting. Being almost half way through the year, there has been so much achieved over the past nearly 6 months but also a lot to plan for in the next upcoming months! Particularly for governance, we are working on reforms for the constitution around election regulations in time for the upcoming student election, but also changing definitions around students and who can vote and/or run in elections – so watch this space!

I also participated in the welfare committee’s Arbor Day which involved a bit of team building which was really nice! It was definitely a reminder of how important it can be for our health to pause work for a bit, and spend time with each other outside a working space.


Apart from that – I hope everyone enjoys their winter breaks and find some time out for themselves doing something that they love!

As always, if you would like to catch up for a chat or have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email

Next Month:

16 July – USASA Board Responding to SASH Disclosures Training

Save the Children Pop Up Activation briefing

USASA Board Meeting

Governance Committee Meeting



President’s Report – May

Welcome back to another edition of “A month in the life of USASA President”

The highlight of May for me personally was watching an old friend Graduation in his home town of Whyalla, something neither of would have ever thought. Kemal had been the USASA Whyalla Rep for the previous three years and a proud moment to witness.


As for the rest of May: 

1st – Academic Review Appeal Interview Meeting (City East)

2nd – Uni Council Meeting (City East)

2nd – City East Campus Tour with Roger Eston

2nd – Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Steering Group

3rd – Whyalla Graduation

9th – Finance Committee

9th – Meeting with AUU President, Ali Amin

10th – Education Committee

13th – Meeting with UniSA Provost, Allan Evans

13th – Meeting with USASA CEO, Daniel Randell

13th – Academic Review Appeal Meeting (City East)

17th – Mt Gambier Graduation

20th – Meeting with Director SEU, Brendan Hughes

21st – Meeting with Kate Riggall and Daniel Randell

21st – Governance Committee Meeting

21st – USASA Board Meeting

23rd – Meeting with PVC: SEU Carol Grech and Daniel Randell

23rd – Mawson Lakes Campus Advisory Group

27th – Meeting with USASA CEO, Daniel Randell

30th – Sexual Assault and Harassment Steering Group

Coming up in June so far:

3rd – Meeting with Mawson Lakes Rep, Noah Bechmann

4th – Meeting with Deputy Director: SEU, Karen Hunt

5th – Scholarship & Grants Ceremony

6th – UniSA Council Meeting

6th – Meeting with Mawson Lakes and City West Rep, Noah and Ned

7th – Student Engagement Advisory Group

7th – Education Meeting

11th-13th – Interviews for Events Officer role

13th – Finance Committee

24th (President’s B-day) – Meeting with USASA CEO, Daniel Randell

24th – Meeting with Director:SEU, Brendan Hughes

26th – UniSA Council Financial Session

27th – Sexual Assault and Harassment Steering Group

As always, “call me, beep me, if you want to reach me” – KP

City West – May Report – Bridget Barletta

Hello everyone.

How is it June already? Time sure does fly!

This month has been hectic, and as a law student i’ve been very preoccupied with exams as most business students could relate with!

In May, we had another City West Unitopia event on the 14th which looked like it was well enjoyed. It came at a very good time of year, with most students needing to wind-down from study and assignment writing.

On the 21st we also had the USASA board meeting. The highlight for that meeting for me was the talk from the counselling department of the UniSA Student Support services. UniSA is very well resourced to offer students counselling, offering them a range of services that can meet almost any need (career, well-being, mental health, etc). I would highly recommend that anyone who is even considering an appointment with a counsellor to go ahead and do so – it’s free, highly professional, confidential and very valuable. I, myself have accessed the counselling service myself and found it to be very helpful – so make sure you make this service known to your fellow student friends and spread the word. Remember, we all have our ups and downs and sometimes it’s just nice to have a conversation with someone who is ready to listen.

More information can be accessed here, as well as online booking for an appointment:

On the 21st we also held another Governance Committee Meeting, which was very productive with a lot to cover. Our focus this month was on the USASA elections, and throwing some ideas around about how elections should run and the policies surrounding them. If you have any ideas or comments on this – please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you would like to get in touch, please do not hesitate to contact me using my email

Next Month:

18 June – USASA Board Meeting

18 June – Governance Committee Meeting

28 June  – Academic Board Meeting


President’s Report – April 2019

Hey hey everyone, it’s your girl G again.

*crickets in background*


Going to jump right in a say Club Executive Camp was (and a little to my surprise) a HIT!

It felt like being on a school camp all over again. Got to meet so many new faces and find out about existing clubs I hadn’t interacted with before. The camp consisted of a range of leadership workshops – including governance, bystander awareness, running an event as well as many other team building activities.


Activity Report:

1st – Meeting with Daniel Randell, Noah Beckmann, and Justin Faggotter (FM Manager) at Mawson Lakes

1st – Clubs Committee

4th – Welfare Committee

8th – Academic Review Preliminary Meeting (BUE)

9th – Meeting with Magill Undergrad Rep, Arrunika Dutta

10th – Academic Review Preliminary Meeting (HSC)a

11th – Finance Committee

11th – Meeting with Lidia (Events Support Officer)

11th – Governance Committee

11th – USASA Board Meeting

12th – Legendary PAC-CRAWL

15th/16th – Club Exec Camp

16th – Enterprise 25 Structure Session

23rd/ 24th/ 26th – Graduations

29th – Academic Review Interview Meetings (BUE)

30th – Academic Integrity Case

30th – Meeting with Council Member, Karen Hunt at City East


Coming up in May:

1st – Academic Review Interview Meetings (HSC)

2nd – Council Meeting at City East, followed by tour of campus lead by Roger Eston

2nd – Sexual Assault Sexual Harassment Steering Group Meeting

2nd – ERA/EL Celebration Event at Pridham Hall

3rd – Whyalla Graduation

6th – Meeting with David Lloyd (UniSA VC and President)

9th – Meeting with Daniel Randell

9th – Finance Committee

9th – Meeting with Adelaide University Student Union President, Ali Amin

9th – Welfare Committee

10th – Welfare Committee

13th – Meeting with Allan Evans (Provost of UniSA)

13th – Meeting with Daniel Randell

13th – Academic Review Interview (City East)

17th – Mt Gambier Graduation

20th – Meeting with Brendan Hughes (Director: Student Engagement Unit)

21st – Student Appeal Committee

21st – Governance Committee Meeting

21st – USASA Board Meeting

23rd – Mawson Lakes Campus Advisory Group

23rd – Meeting with Daniel Randell and Carol Grech (PVC: SEU)

27th – Meeting with Daniel Randell

30th – Sexual Assault and Harassment Steering Group

31st – Meeting with Daniel Randell, Nick Anderson, and Arthur Siow


As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

City West – April Report – Bridget Barletta

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their mid-semester break, and have found time to relax amongst many deadlines!

With public holidays and uni break, there isn’t too much to report.

I was able to enjoy the Volunteering Expo that was held at City West on Thursday 4 April. I was pleased with the turn-out, and happy that many students were interested in expanding their personal & professional experience.

One of my other highlights was attending a consultation workshop for Enterprise 25. This was a highly valuable workshop, which allowed me to gain a better insight to the future of UniSA. It was also very cool meeting lots of other people who are involved with the Uni, hearing about their roles and what they think about the future of the University.

I also attended the USASA board meeting on the 11th of April, and I am pretty impressed with the work of our student reps in developing their initiatives!

That’s all for now!

If you would like to get in touch, please do not hesitate to contact me using my email

Next Month:

21 May – USASA Board Meeting

21 May – USASA Annual General Meeting

21 May – Governance Committee Meeting

24 May – Academic Board Meeting


City West – March Report – Bridget Barletta

Hey guys,

annnnd it’s March!

March was quite a busy month for me. I attended the USASA board meeting on the 19 of March. This included a presentation by the Student Engagement Unit (SEU) and it was really good to hear how they can be of assistance to students such as help with work experience and leadership opportunities.

I also chaired the first Governance Committee meeting for the year, which focused on setting our goals for the year and welcoming new members to the Committee.

I was fortunate to also sit on some formal enquiry panels at City West. As always, these panels can be particularly emotional, and it just highlighted to me how important our role as USASA reps on that panel can be. It is great to know that a student perspective and voice can be heard in such cases.

Let’s not forget about City West campus fair! What a great day this was.
I volunteered to help man the USASA stall, and it was great to see so many of you coming over for your USASA goodie bags. Fortunately, I was able to have a bit of a look around myself, and enjoyed some of the activities that were on offer. Particularly, the community garden activity (I now own a teeny coridander plant!) and the beeswax wraps! There was an awesome turn out for Clubs, and I hope many of you have now chosen a club or two to join and get involved in.

I also spent a bit of time at the Business School Fair at City west on the 21st March. As a business student myself, I was pretty happy to see the range of information available for business students at this event, plus all the cool free stuff and activities!

So that basically covers the highlights for me in March!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to chat, or have any questions, my email is

Next Month (April):

4 April – Volunteering Expo (CW)

11 April
–  USASA Board Meeting
– Governance Committee Meeting

12 April
– USASA Pac Crawl

15 April
– Enterprise 25 Structure Session


President Report – March 2019

Hey hey everyone, it’s your girl G.

[Everyone:]          dont know her.jpeg

“Mad March” has surprisingly been pretty smooth sailing for me. I feel like I have got myself into the swing of things and really love what I am doing.

This month started with yet another embarrassing video of yours truly awkwardly interviewing Club Execs at the Clubs Welcome event, where those of you who didn’t attend missed out on a quality grazing spread. USASA were excited about the roll out of the tiered club funding pilot, as well as the upcoming Clubs Training Camp in April.

As ex-Mawson Lakes Rep I am excited to see the changes happening on that side of town, primarily the continuous improvement of the casual/visitor parking. It is also wholesome to see the continuation of my toastie activation thanks to the one and only Noah who has definitely one-upped me.

I also made an appearance at all campuses for Campus Fair and was amazing to see so much engagement with students.

Activity Report:

1st – Filmed Sexual Assault and Sexual Harrassment video message to students with UniSA’s VC David Lloyd.

4th – Academic Review Appeals Interview Meeting (City East)

5th – Cultural Awareness Training Program with Council

5th – Academic Inquiry Interview Meeting (City West)

6th – Meeting with Daniel Randell and Bridget Laffy

6th – Academic Integrity Preliminary Meeting (Mawson Lakes)

7th – Sexual Assault and Harassment Steering Group

7th – Diversity, Equity and Access Committee

7th – Clubs Welcome Event

14th – Council Governance and Nominations Committee

14th – Welfare Committee

14th – Finance Committee

15th – Academic Integrity Interview Meeting (Mawson Lakes)

15th – Foodbank Visit with Kate, Bridget, and Sanne

18th – Meeting with Brendan Hughes, Director: SEU

19th – Mawson Lakes Campus Fair

19th – Student Appeals Committee

20th – Magill Campus Fair

21st – Meeting with Professor Deirdre Tedmanson, Academic Director

21st – UniSA Council Meeting

21st – Farewell Lunch for Penny Moore

21st – Meeting with Karen Hunt, Deputy Director: SEU

22nd – Student Engagement Advisory Group

22nd – Academic Board

25th – Meeting with Jane Kehrwald, Manager Student Support: SEU

25th – Meeting with Daniel Randell

26th – Meeting with Carol Grech, PVC:SEU, and Daniel Randell

26th – Academic Integrity Interview Meeting (City West)

27th – Foundation Committee Luncheon

28th – Meeting with Professor Larry Lockshin, Head of School: Marketing

Upcoming (April)

1st – Clubs Committee

4th – Welfare Committee

8th – Academic Review Preliminary Meeting

11th – Finance Committee

11th – Meeting with Lidia (Events Support Officer)

11th – Governance Committee

11th – USASA Board Meeting

12th – Legendary PAC-CRAWL

23rd/ 24th/ 26th – Graduations

29th – Academic Review Interview Meetings

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

City West – Feb Activity Report – Bridget Barletta

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to your studies for 2019. Most of us have started our first semesters of 2019 by now, and should start to be getting back into the routine of study!

February has been a busy month for me USASA-wise, with a lot of events to be attended.

On the 19th, I attended my first USASA board meeting. Here, we were presented with a lot of valuable information. I enjoyed the presentation from the UniSA Ombudsmen, who gave us information on his role. We also heard from the President Grace Dixon about her plans for the year, and selected the Committees which we would sit on. I’m glad to announce that I have been nominated for the role of Convenor of the Governance Committee of USASA, and hope that I can lead the very big job of constitutional reform for the year.

I also attended my very first Academic Board meeting on 22 February.  Here, I was able to discuss university academic matters alongside other staff of the University. It was a valuable experience, and it opened my eyes to some of the things that are happening in the University space across the Globe (Did you know that micro-credentials were a thing? I didn’t!). I feel as though my attendance to these meetings will be a great tool to become informed on academic matters.

The most significant event that I have attended is O-Week. It was great to see so many first year students out and about exploring City West, and to be familiarising themselves with the facilities and services of the campus. During this week, I had the job of being at the USASA counter (student space) to introduce USASA to groups of students coming by for their orientation. I’d like to think the majority of students engaged very well with our talk, and a lot were very curious about getting involved with events and student clubs. It was great to also see continuing students walk by, remembering to ask for a diary and wall planner to start their year. I hope that I can continue to be recognised around campus, with a few faces remembering me from O Week and stopping to say Hello!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or ideas! I can be reached by my email address

Key March Dates:

12 March – Unisa City West Campus Fair
13 March – Unisa City East Campus Fair
15 March – Unisa Careers Expo
19 March – USASA Board Meeting
19 March – Governance Committee Meeting
22 March – Academic Board Meeting

Governance Committee Handover – TBA


Farewell from Magill: Ryan C

As this is the end of my term on the USASA Board I would like to give a summary of what I have done as a Magill Student Rep in the last two years.

From a personal level I was proud to have achieved the following during my time as a Magill Student Rep:

  • Kept Brekky Bar alive on a voluntary basis in SP5 2017 along with Carey Moore (Magill Rep 2017)
  • Came up with the concept of a free mid-morning food option once a fortnight called Toastie Tuesday’s. Myself and my co-rep Surabhi ran this in SP2 2018 and sold-out each time.
  • Successfully recommended Facilities Management keep the B and C building level 2 corridors open 24/7 to ensure students did not have to keep exiting in and out of the buildings late at night to go between the C2 computer labs and the library.
  • Spoke to Facilities Management to get them to agree to change the bin heights so that it would be accessible for wheelchair bound students to reach the bins to put their rubbish in
  • Got UniCast Student Radio back on the Magill airwaves
  • Successfully lobbied for plastic cups behind the USASA counters phased out for more ecofriendly alternatives
  • Promoted the UniSA Magill Network Facebook Group (of which I was an admin) and encouraged clubs and individuals to post on the page promoting their ideas and events. One of the ways this was promoted was by a free BBQ.


As well as being a Student Representative for Magill I was also fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to found and convene a sub-committee of USASA known as the Education Committee. This committee identified student academic leaders across many different schools at the University and sought work as a team to identify and recommend areas that could use improvement. Our tasks done include:

  • Collated 11 pages of student submissions to the University regarding the abrupt discontinuation of the International Relations program
  • Fought for IR students’ rights and ensured that students affected by their degree change would receive a financial stipend so they would not be financially disadvantaged by having to take courses that were at a higher band level than the ones they were replacing
  • Conducted focus groups into the possible merger of UniSA and Adelaide Uni with information then passed on to the University
  • Reviewed the MyCourseExperience forms that students use to relay feedback on the courses they partake in and tutors they have. Our review recommended four areas of improvement that could occur, with the suggestions passed onto the PVC for Student Equity and Engagement. Our recommendations were accepted and the  University has ordered a review into it.
  • Advocated for an expansion of the Academic Student Representative Program in the Division of EASS to be replicated across all Divisions at UniSA


Outside of these tasks and achievements I managed to keep myself pretty busy between April 2017 and December 2018. To see exactly how busy I was, below are all the meetings and events I’ve been involved in during my time as a Rep on the USASA Student Board.

  • 31 Sub-Committee Meetings (including 14 Clubs Committee meetings and 13 Education Committee meetings)
  • 19 Meetings with USASA Staff including event planning
  • 18 USASA Board Meetings
  • 12 Academic Board Meetings (all consecutive)
  • 11 Preclusion Meetings
  • 10 Campus Activations
  • 10 USASA Events Volunteered at (including 5 Unitopia’s)
  • 9 Meetings with University Staff (including 3 Campus Advisory Group Meetings)
  • 7 Formal Meetings with USASA Presidents
  • 5 Formal Inquiries
  • 4 times volunteering behind the USASA Counters
  • 2 USASA Rep Handover Meetings
  • 2 School Board Meetings
  • 1 Position Piece drafted for the EASS ASR Program
None of this would have been possible without a lot of help I had along the way. There are numerous people I could thank but in particular I would like to thank both Presidents I served on board with, Kayla Dickeson and Jordan Mumford, as well as General Manager Daniel Randell and Student Support Officer Bridget Laffy.
While I will be sad to go, I have no doubt the future of USASA is in great hands.
As a final gift, please enjoy several iconic photos that have been taken of me along the way by my peers and other students.
Unitopia Bubbles.jpg
Unitopia 2017 SP5 at Magill
Painting of Magill.jpg
Campbelltown Library 2018
Toastie Tuesdays with surabhi.png
Toastie Tuesdays SP2 2018 with Surabhi


Magill BBQ.jpg
UniSA Magill Network promotional BBQ Sp5 2017 with Carey



Magill Tree crashed 2016.jpg
What Magill was like before I was Rep, October 2016



Nutman Snapchat we elected this.png
Snapchat from Chris Dastoor: Campus Fair Day Sp2 2018



Another Snapchat from Chris Dastoor: Brekky Bar Sp5 2017



2017 USASA Halloween Party with former Magill Rep Chris Ghan

City to Bay with Team UniSA with 2018 USASA International Officer Abid Billah

November Board Report Magill: Ryan C

Greetings readers

As promised I’ll start of this board report with a fun fact as I did last month’s. This month’s fun fact: Lil Jon remains the only artist UniCast has ever received a censor-request from a staff member for–and the request was denied.

Also I know I said I’d do something fun and witty and creative for this board report but that’ll have to wait for the December edition.

It’s been a very busy November for all the board reps as we continue marching towards the cessation of the 2018 Board and the commencement of the 2019 Board. In order for USASA to continue being a success, continuity is crucial and as such I have already met with the incoming 2019 Magill Rep Arunika Dutta to talk her through the position alongside Bridget Laffy and my 1900 word handover document. I am very confident her and Kate Riggall will do a fantastic job for Magill Campus next year.

I attended/phoned in for the final meetings for Welfare Committee, Clubs Committee and the Education Committee, as well as attending my last ever Academic Board meeting. I am pleased to say that since joining Academic Board in mid-2017 I have not missed a single one, attending the last 12 in a row, the most consecutive meetings attended of any current board member #NotSoHumbleBrag

I’d also like to highlight the Education Committee in particular because it is a committee I’ve chaired since its formation and it has made some great achievements this year, of which I will go into more detail in my end of year report in December.

The committee recently received feedback from the PVC of Student Engagement and Equity that our letter of recommendations had been accepted by the Academic Strategy Group and the Provost has asked for a review into all student surveys, with the feedback the Education Committee provided to be fed into this review.

In other news I’ve also remained involved with the more social side of operations by jumping on board the Pac-Crawl committee. 2019 promises to be bigger and better than last year and the early discussions point to an exciting night coming up in April 2019. Like I don’t want reveal anything now but guys, it’s gonna so be like so lit O.M.G yaas get excited.

Finally I also attended the Magill Campus Advisory Group and am pleased to report some good news for students at Magill. Two of the carparks which were previously only available to staff are going to become unrestricted, making them available for students to park there as well starting sometime next year.

Other than that, best wishes to everyone who had to endure assignments and exams and my sympathies to those still studying in SP7.


PS: I’ve recently been made Co-Head Editor for Verse Magazine (funded by USASA so I think I get can away with mentioning this here) so send us some submissions; we’d love to read and hopefully publish them!

What I did this month:

November 5: USASA Welfare committee (phoned in)
November 6: handover meeting with support officer Bridget Laffy and Magill-elect Arunika Dutta
November 7 Meeting with Support Officer Bridget Laffy
November 14 Clubs Committee Meeting (secretary)
November 19 Pac-Crawl Committee Meeting
November 20 USASA Board Meeting
November 21 Meeting with USASA General Manager
November 22 Magill Campus Advisory Meeting
November 23 Formal Inquiry (cancelled after the student made a late decision to accept the outcome)
November 23 Meeting with USASA President
November 23 Academic Board
November 30 Education Committee (convener)