Farewell from Magill: Ryan C

As this is the end of my term on the USASA Board I would like to give a summary of what I have done as a Magill Student Rep in the last two years.

From a personal level I was proud to have achieved the following during my time as a Magill Student Rep:

  • Kept Brekky Bar alive on a voluntary basis in SP5 2017 along with Carey Moore (Magill Rep 2017)
  • Came up with the concept of a free mid-morning food option once a fortnight called Toastie Tuesday’s. Myself and my co-rep Surabhi ran this in SP2 2018 and sold-out each time.
  • Successfully recommended Facilities Management keep the B and C building level 2 corridors open 24/7 to ensure students did not have to keep exiting in and out of the buildings late at night to go between the C2 computer labs and the library.
  • Spoke to Facilities Management to get them to agree to change the bin heights so that it would be accessible for wheelchair bound students to reach the bins to put their rubbish in
  • Got UniCast Student Radio back on the Magill airwaves
  • Successfully lobbied for plastic cups behind the USASA counters phased out for more ecofriendly alternatives
  • Promoted the UniSA Magill Network Facebook Group (of which I was an admin) and encouraged clubs and individuals to post on the page promoting their ideas and events. One of the ways this was promoted was by a free BBQ.


As well as being a Student Representative for Magill I was also fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to found and convene a sub-committee of USASA known as the Education Committee. This committee identified student academic leaders across many different schools at the University and sought work as a team to identify and recommend areas that could use improvement. Our tasks done include:

  • Collated 11 pages of student submissions to the University regarding the abrupt discontinuation of the International Relations program
  • Fought for IR students’ rights and ensured that students affected by their degree change would receive a financial stipend so they would not be financially disadvantaged by having to take courses that were at a higher band level than the ones they were replacing
  • Conducted focus groups into the possible merger of UniSA and Adelaide Uni with information then passed on to the University
  • Reviewed the MyCourseExperience forms that students use to relay feedback on the courses they partake in and tutors they have. Our review recommended four areas of improvement that could occur, with the suggestions passed onto the PVC for Student Equity and Engagement. Our recommendations were accepted and the  University has ordered a review into it.
  • Advocated for an expansion of the Academic Student Representative Program in the Division of EASS to be replicated across all Divisions at UniSA


Outside of these tasks and achievements I managed to keep myself pretty busy between April 2017 and December 2018. To see exactly how busy I was, below are all the meetings and events I’ve been involved in during my time as a Rep on the USASA Student Board.

  • 31 Sub-Committee Meetings (including 14 Clubs Committee meetings and 13 Education Committee meetings)
  • 19 Meetings with USASA Staff including event planning
  • 18 USASA Board Meetings
  • 12 Academic Board Meetings (all consecutive)
  • 11 Preclusion Meetings
  • 10 Campus Activations
  • 10 USASA Events Volunteered at (including 5 Unitopia’s)
  • 9 Meetings with University Staff (including 3 Campus Advisory Group Meetings)
  • 7 Formal Meetings with USASA Presidents
  • 5 Formal Inquiries
  • 4 times volunteering behind the USASA Counters
  • 2 USASA Rep Handover Meetings
  • 2 School Board Meetings
  • 1 Position Piece drafted for the EASS ASR Program
None of this would have been possible without a lot of help I had along the way. There are numerous people I could thank but in particular I would like to thank both Presidents I served on board with, Kayla Dickeson and Jordan Mumford, as well as General Manager Daniel Randell and Student Support Officer Bridget Laffy.
While I will be sad to go, I have no doubt the future of USASA is in great hands.
As a final gift, please enjoy several iconic photos that have been taken of me along the way by my peers and other students.
Unitopia Bubbles.jpg
Unitopia 2017 SP5 at Magill
Painting of Magill.jpg
Campbelltown Library 2018
Toastie Tuesdays with surabhi.png
Toastie Tuesdays SP2 2018 with Surabhi


Magill BBQ.jpg
UniSA Magill Network promotional BBQ Sp5 2017 with Carey



Magill Tree crashed 2016.jpg
What Magill was like before I was Rep, October 2016



Nutman Snapchat we elected this.png
Snapchat from Chris Dastoor: Campus Fair Day Sp2 2018



Another Snapchat from Chris Dastoor: Brekky Bar Sp5 2017



2017 USASA Halloween Party with former Magill Rep Chris Ghan

City to Bay with Team UniSA with 2018 USASA International Officer Abid Billah

November Board Report Magill: Ryan C

Greetings readers

As promised I’ll start of this board report with a fun fact as I did last month’s. This month’s fun fact: Lil Jon remains the only artist UniCast has ever received a censor-request from a staff member for–and the request was denied.

Also I know I said I’d do something fun and witty and creative for this board report but that’ll have to wait for the December edition.

It’s been a very busy November for all the board reps as we continue marching towards the cessation of the 2018 Board and the commencement of the 2019 Board. In order for USASA to continue being a success, continuity is crucial and as such I have already met with the incoming 2019 Magill Rep Arunika Dutta to talk her through the position alongside Bridget Laffy and my 1900 word handover document. I am very confident her and Kate Riggall will do a fantastic job for Magill Campus next year.

I attended/phoned in for the final meetings for Welfare Committee, Clubs Committee and the Education Committee, as well as attending my last ever Academic Board meeting. I am pleased to say that since joining Academic Board in mid-2017 I have not missed a single one, attending the last 12 in a row, the most consecutive meetings attended of any current board member #NotSoHumbleBrag

I’d also like to highlight the Education Committee in particular because it is a committee I’ve chaired since its formation and it has made some great achievements this year, of which I will go into more detail in my end of year report in December.

The committee recently received feedback from the PVC of Student Engagement and Equity that our letter of recommendations had been accepted by the Academic Strategy Group and the Provost has asked for a review into all student surveys, with the feedback the Education Committee provided to be fed into this review.

In other news I’ve also remained involved with the more social side of operations by jumping on board the Pac-Crawl committee. 2019 promises to be bigger and better than last year and the early discussions point to an exciting night coming up in April 2019. Like I don’t want reveal anything now but guys, it’s gonna so be like so lit O.M.G yaas get excited.

Finally I also attended the Magill Campus Advisory Group and am pleased to report some good news for students at Magill. Two of the carparks which were previously only available to staff are going to become unrestricted, making them available for students to park there as well starting sometime next year.

Other than that, best wishes to everyone who had to endure assignments and exams and my sympathies to those still studying in SP7.


PS: I’ve recently been made Co-Head Editor for Verse Magazine (funded by USASA so I think I get can away with mentioning this here) so send us some submissions; we’d love to read and hopefully publish them!

What I did this month:

November 5: USASA Welfare committee (phoned in)
November 6: handover meeting with support officer Bridget Laffy and Magill-elect Arunika Dutta
November 7 Meeting with Support Officer Bridget Laffy
November 14 Clubs Committee Meeting (secretary)
November 19 Pac-Crawl Committee Meeting
November 20 USASA Board Meeting
November 21 Meeting with USASA General Manager
November 22 Magill Campus Advisory Meeting
November 23 Formal Inquiry (cancelled after the student made a late decision to accept the outcome)
November 23 Meeting with USASA President
November 23 Academic Board
November 30 Education Committee (convener)

Mawson Lakes Rep – October

Hello again everybody,

It’s that stressful time of year – I hope everyone is feeling as prepared as can be during these last few weeks, but hang in there cause you’re so close!!

This month has been a very eventful one, with the USASA elections for next years board taking place. It was an absolute honour being elected as your student president for 2019.

Other than heckling students for 8hrs a day on their way to JS library during election week I also got to enjoy attending the Club Awards Night to see some of the fantastic work and efforts of clubs over the year being recognised. USASA Clubs have been going from strength to strength in 2018 and I hope to see this positive growth continue next year.



  • 02/10/18 – UniTopia Volunteer Brief & Care Package Packing
  • 03/10/18 – Mawson Lakes Hungry Hump Day
  • 09/10/18 – ITEE Academic Review Appeals Meeting (MLK)
  • 09/10/18 – Welfare Committee Meeting
  • 09/10/18 – Finance Committee Meeting
  • 10/11/18 – Academic Integrity Formal Inquiry (CW)
  • 10/10/18 – Mawson Lakes + Postgraduate Candidate Q&A
  • 11/11/18 – Academic Integrity Formal Inquiry (CW)
  • 11/10/18 – City East + International Candidate Q&A
  • 12/10/18 – USASA Club Awards Night
  • 16/10/18 – Mawson Lakes UniTopia
  • 16/10/18 – USASA Board Meeting
  • 18/10/18 – City West + President Candidate Q&A
  • 22/10/18 – 26/10/18 – Campaigning USASA Elections


Coming up in November so far:

  • 05/11/18 – Meeting with USASA GM Daniel Randell
  • 05/11/18 – Welfare Committee Meeting
  • 14/11/18 – MLK Campus Advisory Group
  • 16/11/18 – Board Retreat Planning

Until next month, stay safe – look after yourself and your friends and feel free to get in contact with me with any suggestions/concerns/complaints at anytime and i’ll be more than happy to address them the best I can.


Kindest Regards,

Grace Dixon

City West – October 2018 Report – Bridget

Hey guys!

I’m writing this as I enjoy my first day of university holidays – what a great feeling! I know I’m one of the very few lucky ones at this stage, so I hope everyone is feeling confident during exam time.

On the 16th of October we had our USASA board meeting, where we spent our time discussing USASA brand awareness and USASA in the middle of the merger discussions. For those of you who are unaware – an email would have been sent to you in your Student Emails this month regarding the merger decision. After months of discussion, it has been decided that the merger will not go ahead. I’d like to say a thank you to everyone who took part in the merger process, and made their voice heard as a student. It has been great engaging with you throughout this process, and has given USASA a greater understanding of the thoughts and needs of students around this topic.

Also on the 16th, I attended the Governance Committee meeting, where we are working on improving the current USASA constitution. Not a lot of interesting stuff going on here to report on – but a bit of my homework has included reviewing some clauses of the constitution.

Finally, on October 22nd I was re-elected to the USASA board as City West Representative, and I would like to thank everyone who supported me during this time. USASA elections are a lot of fun – mostly because I always seem to make a lot of new friends and because I can have some pretty fun conversations with other people along the way.  I am really looking forward to next year, and am already putting together plans to engage with students at City West!

That’s all the important stuff for now, seeya next time!

Please contact me if you want to chat or have any questions. My email is barba006@mymail.unisa.edu.au

Next Month:

20th USASA Board Meeting
Governance Committee Meeting

21th City West Handover Meeting, with 2019 rep



October Board Report Magill: Ryan C

 Hi folks 

I’ve decided that for all my remaining board reports (so like three) I’m going to start off with a fun fact. This month’s fun fact: UniSA is younger than the car I was driving to uni in first year (1990 Ford Laser nicknamed Blue Steel). 

Anyway back on topic. Another month, another board report, how time flies when you actually need to get stuff done. It’s scary to think that after joining the board in 2017 I now only have 2 months left. Jeepers.  

From a university standpoint it’s been quite eventful time, with the key event being the news that there will be no merger with the University of Adelaide. As such the USASA Student Board and also the Education Committee will now redirect their efforts towards being involved in the University’s new strategic plan known as Enterprise25.  

Speaking of Education Committee, we were scheduled to meet on October 26 however I have opted to postpone this meeting until we know the outcome of the letter we sent to the University regarding the MyCourseEvaluation. We expect to know the outcome early in November. That day also happened to clash with the USASA Elections which would have left several board members unable to attend so it was the right decision to make. 

For differing reasons, Clubs committee and Welfare committee were also postponed by their respective conveners this month. 

“Geez Ryan,” I hear you say. “Looks like you didn’t do anything this month.” 

…that’s where you’re wrong kiddo. 

On October 17 everyone’s favourite event ‘Unitopia’ came to Magill and yours truly was there to volunteer behind the Popsicool stand, right next to a fruit stand and -for some reason -a skeleton.  

While I did offload plenty of ice-blocks, there were times where I had ‘nobody’ with me
USASA Popsicool
The best photos are the ones where they blur your face and apply the focus on people that aren’t you.

Outside of Unitopia I also attended the USASA Club Awards Night (congrats to the winners), sat in at the Magill Campus candidate Q&A session to pose some questions for the prospective 2019 Magill Campus Reps, and attended Academic Board for another month. 

Finally, I am open to all ideas regarding how you would like my November Board Report to be written. I’ve already delivered one in Haiku and another full of Spice Girls references, so hit me up with some suggestions as to what you’d like to see in next month’s report and I’ll try make it happen. 

Goodluck with exams everyone! 



October 4 -attended Magill Campus candidate Q&A
October 12 -attended USASA Club Awards night
October 16 -sat in on Governance Meeting for about 20 minutes
October 16 -USASA Board Meeting
October 17 -Unitopia at Magill (volunteered at Popsicool stand)
October 26 -Academic Board Meeting 

Mawson Lakes Rep – September

Hello again everybody,

Hope you all enjoyed your  mid-semester break. Once again I was jumping between states throughout September. 

Since being back in Adelaide I have continued to attend the usual array of academic inquiries, academic board meeting, welfare/education/ and finance committee meetings, as well as UniTopia SP5 planning committee meetings to bring you all another fun and enjoyable day of uni.


  • 4th – Academic Review Pre-liminary (Mawson Lakes)
  • 11th – Formal Inquiry (City West)
  • 12th – UniTopia SP5 Committee Meeting
  • 18th – Finance Committee Meeting
  • 18th – USASA Board Meeting
  • 19th – Academic Review Interviews (Mawson Lakes)
  • 21st – USASA Board Meeting with PRV David Lloyd (Via – Phone)
  • 28th – USASA Education Committee Meeting
  • 28th – ACADEMIC BOARD Meeting (City West)


Coming up in October so far:

  • 2nd – UniTopia Volunteer Brief and Care Package
  • 5th – Toastie Activation (Mawson Lakes)
  • 9th – Academic Review Panel (Mawson Lakes)
  • 9th – Finance Committee Meeting
  • 10th/11th – Academic Integrity Inquiries (Mawson Lakes)
  • 12th – Clubs Awards Night
  • 16th – USASA Board Meeting
  • 18th – USASA President Candidate Q&A Session (City West)

Until next month, stay safe – look after yourself and your friends and feel free to get in contact with me with any suggestions/concerns/complaints at anytime and i’ll be more than happy to address them the best I can.


Kindest Regards,

Grace Dixon

City West – September 2018 Report – Bridget

Hello world,

I can’t believe it is October, and therefore time for a September board report!

September has been a busy month study wise, as many other business school students can confirm. I hope everyone had a productive study break, with time to finish assignments but also to take some much needed time off to spend with friends & family, or even just with Netflix and some ice-cream. Continue reading



Wake me up when September ends!

Greetings reader, if you’ve had a great September that at least makes one of us. I haven’t had a great one due to a bit of illness I’ve been battling, but I’ll be back up and running again before you can say don’t close Magill Jack Robinson.

When I wasn’t coughing up blood and getting heckled by Bogans at the footy in Perth I continued to do my best to contribute to the USASA cause in a number of ways.

Firstly, after a number of students had raised the issue with me I got in contact with Damian from FM Assist to raise the possibility of leaving the Magill Campus B/C building upstairs corridors open afterhours. Previously these had been close off after 7pm resulting in students having to exit the building and walk alone in the cold by themselves late at night to get access to the Computer Labs from the Library. I asked that for reasons of safety and convenience that the corridors be kept open and I am pleased to report that this has now been granted. Yay!

Secondly, I can also confirm that USASA will be phasing out its use of polystyrene cups in favour of bi-degradable ones effective immediately. This came as a direct result of a student putting a suggestion in the Suggestion Box at the Magill Counters which I then took to Welfare Committee. After Daniel (GM) looked into the financial side of it, it was given the green light and the Student Board approved the recommendations. I would like to give a big thank you to the student who raised this as well as Daniel and Grace (Welfare Committee convener). Yay for the environment!

Thirdly I wrote a letter to the PVC for Student Engagement and Equity Dr Laura-Anne Bull on behalf of the Education Committee regarding the committee’s review into the MyCourseExperience forms at UniSA. This letter included four recommendations regarding ways the committee felt the MyCourseExperience could be improved. Dr Bull met with Provost and Chief Academic Officer Professor Allan Evans to discuss these recommendations with him and we will hear back from the University regarding our recommendations next month when the Academic Strategy Group meets. I am quietly optimistic about a positive outcome for students here.

Speaking of Education Committee, we met this month as usual and it went well. Daniel did a presentation to the committee on the role of the Education Committee in USASA’s new strategic plan for 2018-2021. I am very pleased to hear that the committee will have an expanded role and more resources directed to it in future years, hopefully making next year’s Education Committee conveners’ job a lot easier.

In addition to these activities I also sat on a Formal Inquiry in School of Management as well as Academic Reviews in the Division of EASS.

Finally I would like to welcome Tom Gilchrist aboard as the new Magill Student Undergrad Rep who will sit on the board for the remainder of this year as Surabhi’s replacement.

PS: Goodwork to those who did City to Bay with UniSA Sport. Hopefully next year we can get a USASA team running in it, something Welfare Committee had hoped to do this year.


What I did this month?

September 16 –UniSA Sport City to Bay (initially something USASA hoped to do as a group)
September 17 –Division of EASS Academic Reviews
September 18 –USASA Board Meeting
September 19 –USASA Events Brainstorming for 2019
September 19 –School of Management Formal Inquiry
September 26 –Clubs Committee Meeting (phone-in)
September 28 –Convened Education Committee Meeting
September 28 –Academic Board Meeting

Mawson Lakes Rep – August


August was another productive month for me behind the scenes.

Hungry Humpday toasties activation at Mawson Lakes has continued throughout the month with the help of fellow Mawson Lakes rep Sneha and USASA pres Jordan – continuously running out so continue to look at for us every Wednesday in the Hive and get in quick!

On the eighth of August following the very first toastie activation I managed to catch the last part of Mawson’s Student Connect meeting with special guest – facility manager Justin Faggotter who had the opportunity to hear students concerns and ideas for around campus directly.

The rest of the month consisted of a mixture of academic integrity meetings, committee meetings, one on one catch-ups with Head of Engineering School – Duncan Campbell and Mawson Facility Manager – Justin , two trips interstate, and a case of the winter cold.

8th Aug – First Hungry Humpday Toastie Activation (Mawson Lakes)

8th Aug – Student Connect Meeting (Mawson Lakes)

10th Aug – Academic Integrity Inquiry (City West)

10th Aug – Welfare Committee Meeting (City West)

15th Aug – Humpday Toastie Activation (Mawson Lakes)

15th Aug – One on one catch-up with Justin Faggotter (Mawson Lakes)

15th Aug – One on one catch-up with Duncan Campbell (Mawson Lakes)

21st Aug – Finance Committee (City West)

21st Aug – USASA Board Meeting (City West)

22nd Aug – MLK Advisory Group (Interstate)

Thanks for checking out a very quick summary of last month’s greatest moments!

Any questions, concerns or banter –> dixgl001@mymail.unisa.edu.au

Upcoming Activities:

4th Sept – Academic Review Preliminary Meeting (Mawson Lakes)

11th Sept – Formal Inquiry (City West)

12th Sept – Hungry Humpday Activation (Mawson Lakes)

12th Sept – Student Connect Meeting (Mawson Lakes)

18th Sept – USASA Board Meeting

19th Sept – Academic Review Interview Meeting

24th Sept – Academic Inquiry (Mawson Lakes)

26th Sept – UniTopia SP5 Committee Meeting