May 2018 Magill Board Report: Surabhi Shubhraj

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but there echos are truly endless” Mother Teresa

In university full of people from different back grounds and personal stories… Lets begin to smile at each other with ease…. Lets be kind and remember to discover these untold stories amongst each other… Remember human connection with a purpose can be extremely rewarding. You never know who needed to see your smile.

The month of May was a very short for me both at USASA and Magill Campus. I certainly feel the pressure of being away from  our campus. I am unable to attend a lot of events for this reason too. My sincere apologies. Please feel free to contact me on my email

My highlight this month would be “Toastie Tuesdays”. Specially being in the library!!! It was a great opportunity to reach out to many students studying hard. I was personally able increase my visibility and engage with lots of students on campus. A big thank you to team @ryancmagill @jordanmumford1 @pamelaspek

May Activities:

May 1 –Toastie Tuesdays
May 15 –USASA Women’s Committee Meeting
May 15 –UNITE Workshop
May 29 –Toastie Tuesdays



City West – May 2018 Report – Bridget

Hello everyone!

Annnnd it’s already June! Which means it’s time to write another board report, for May.

I hope everyone has had survived through their last half of their semester. For Business School, exams have just finished, and I hope everyone feels confident about their results. For the rest of the Uni, make sure to take care of yourself through these last few weeks, and in no time you’ll be joining the business kids in holiday season!

This last month has been hectic for me. Mostly because it’s been exam season for me, and I’ve been frantically trying to squeeze everything in!

Summary of Activity

I was able to attend the City West Unitopia day.. which turned out to be very successful! I hope everyone enjoyed the free food (which was delicious, and very popular!), the activities, some of our help stations (like our counsellors!), and other things… like the doggos!

City West has also been very lucky to enjoy the opening of our MOD museum, that is just right across the road from our campus! It’s a very futuristic museum, with lots of advanced technology and science-y things to check out. So far, I’ve heard lots of positive feedback, saying that it’s a great place to check out if you have a spare moment in your day.

On the 22nd of May I also attended our monthly board meeting. During this meeting, we had a visit from Jordan O’Reilly representing the NUS (National Union of Students) and some of the issues that face us as students. The NUS represents us and provides a voice for student needs and rights. As students, it’s important for us to have our voice heard and to stand up for the things we need; especially when things such as the Budget are handed down with very little consideration for students. If you would like to find out more about the NUS or issues facing students, please visit their website here:

Other things discussed in the meeting included events being held by reps (and some great ideas for us to consider here at City West). We also spoke about the ‘hazing’ incident that is occurring (and is becoming well-known) happening at St Marks College. We are currently working on a response, and would like to support anyone affected by the incidents. Please don’t be afraid to speak to our university services staff, if you or someone your know is in need of help.

Otherwise, please keep yourself safe during this time of exams or holidays!

That’s about it for me!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to chat, have any questions or ideas, my email is

Next Month:

(Attending a study tour to Japan with UniSA in June!)

TBA – Committee Meetings

TBA – Catch up with City West Reps

May Magill Board Report Ryan C

Before I start I would like to guarantee you that this will be the best board report you have ever read by a Magill Student Rep. Enjoy.


Hi all

May has been an incredibly busy month, full of fun but also some serious stuff.

As part of being a USASA Rep, we have been invited to undertake the Unite Leadership Program which consists of several self-development workshops held over a few months. These workshops are incredibly fulfilling and I encourage any student with an interest in leadership to partake in the Unite or Aspire leadership programs.

One thing that has really stood out for me in these workshops is how people lose most of their creativity as they get older. University students are no exception and we all fall for the known and tried patterns rather than take risks challenging the status quo.

As a student of the School of Creative Industries and as a USASA Student Rep and leader I feel an obligation to try and buck this trend, especially as we had International Creativity Week last month.

In the spirit of thinking outside the square, I would like to present this monthly board report in a different format to usual, in the hope it will inspire other students to take more risks and be more creative. I also hope you find it engaging.



City East, Magill I helped

I was the MC


Photographer there

Many photos were captured

But zero of me

  Continue reading

Board Report 3 Pamela :)

Hi everyone this period of time has been every busy and exciting.

Early in the month I was was on a hiring panel for the new Wirringka services manager.

This same day I attended the governance committee and the board meeting. In this board meeting I with the help of president Jordan Mumford presented a board paper to affiliate with UATSIS. Which has passed the first stage of the board. Next is to meet with the finance committee. Continue reading

April 2018 Magill Board Report: Surabhi Shubhraj

“It is never the wrong time for the right one” PictureQuotations

University is a safe space for learning. Our goal is to excel academically to achieve our professional goals. However I strongly believe that learning can only take place when we are looking after our wellbeing. Lots of love, power and strength to you all.

“Toastie Tuesdays”  was huge success. @ryancmagill and I had a great opportunity to connect with many students on Magill campus. Reflecting back on our interactions with 40 students we learnt that Magill campus is quite because a lot of students are juggling between work, university and personal lives. It is a constant run to meet strict time lines. I wish for us to create a community to proved each other with unconditional love, acceptance and support to thrive. Continue reading

City West – April 2018 Report – Bridget

Hey guys!

So… it’s mid-may. Most of us are probably frantically trying to get some major assignments done, as we near the time for our exams. For business school, it’s our last week next week for study period 2.. which means it’s almost time to start our new subjects!

April has been a busy month. I will speak about some of the highlights below. Continue reading

April Magill Board Report Ryan C

Hi All

April was a very exciting month, with myself and co-rep Surabhi launching our first “Toastie Tuesdays” event for the year.

It is no secret that at times Magill can be a bit of a sleepy campus, so part of this initiative is to be proactive and reach out to students on campus. This has been very successful, after an hour we ran out of supplies and were able to engage with approximately 40 students and hear from them about various concerns they had. In addition to this we were able to promote upcoming USASA activities such as Pac-Crawl. Continue reading

Mount Gambier – March 2018 Activity Report – Georgina Gogel

Hi everyone!

I’m Georgina and I am the new USASA Rep for the Mount Gambier Campus. I am so excited and proud to be representing the students here and provide them with the best experiences.

It has been extremely busy on campus the past few weeks, smashing out some assignments and brainstorming events for the year. Continue reading

March 2018 Magill Board Report: Surabhi Shubhraj

“Life is quicker than a blink of an eye” Jimi Hendrix

March clearly felt like running marathon. I got my days mixed up and I am a few hours late at getting the my report in. Apologies!

Most of you know me now and aware of my passion towards women’s matters on campus. I spent this month learning about what I can and can not do in the capacity of Magill Under Grad Representative and the convenor of the Women’s Committee at USASA. The complexities of the matter require me to connect with female identifying students on campus. I identified USASA Women’s Collective Club as a great opportunity to reach out with diverse student groups to initiate matters for discussion.

In the capacity of the club listed are some on the issues I came across:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Breast feeding
  • Pregnancy
  • Abortion
  • Miscarrage
  • Storage of Breast milk on campus
  • Child care
  • Pumping Breast milk on campus
  • Gender inequality
  • Inadequate support during placement due to gender biases

I wish to network and continue to explore new ideas to form a safe space for students in the future.

March Activities:

  • 01/03/2018 Clubs Welcome BBQ
  • 06/03/2018 Magill Campus Fair Day
  • 08/03/2018 USASA Women’s Committee Meeting
  • 08/03/2018 International Women’s Day Zumba by UniSA Women’s Collective Club
  • 08/03/2018 International Women’s Day March
  • 19/03/2018  Meeting with Narelle Lieschke and Shweta Mariwala
  • 20/03/2018 USASA Board Meeting