April Board Report

This was an eventful month. I attended the April USASA board meeting where the USASA board reaffirmed its support for students welfare by extensively discussing two motions which directly affects students welfare.

I have also the called the Clubs committee meeting and the Finance committee meeting to be held during the next week.

The Student Catch up session was held last month in the Playford building Lounge where few students showed up and raised issues such as regarding marketing of the events and having a rep office on the campus. Unfortunately due to mine and Han’s schedule we won’t be having catch ups this month, however the May catchups will be likely held again in the Playford building lounge, so it might be worthwhile for City East students to drop by and raise issues that are of concern to them.

That is all from me. Hope all of you have had a well rested study break and are raring to go back to university again.

February Activity Report

Hey all,

Previous month was fairly busy for me. I attended the board meeting on February 6th and was elected as a convenor for the Finance and Clubs committee. I attended with the Student President regarding my KPI’s. I attended the O-Week day at City East and was present at USASA stall from early morning to till afternoon. I had to opportunity of chatting to lots of students and i informed them about the role of USASA and their reps. I also attended the academic council meeting which was a great experience. Currently i am in the process of getting the first meeting for the Finance and Club Committees underway.