June Student News – Whyalla

Greetings to everyone, congrats to those students who survived the semester and got through it and all the best to those who have a little longer, keep pushing.

Gratitude to Kayla Dickeson (President of USASA) who came up to Whyalla to hear the thoughts and ideas from our students on how Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF) could be better spent. Minutes of meeting attached. SSAF focus group – Whyalla

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April Student Report – Whyalla

  • The month started with the mighty Pac-crawl held on April 7th starting at the Spencer Hotel where students were greeted with a Parma and Pac-man connect four challenge won by Lauren Jones, well done. Thank you to Gemma Todd for volunteering on the night and thank you to Lauren Haddow for the gifts. From the Spencer Hotel, we headed to the Bayview to watch Mel Schenck and then to the Eyre where the group stayed till late. Thank you to all who attended making it a truly great night.
  • UniTopia is set to take place during the second week back from mid semester break on Wednesday 3rd May between 11am to 2pm. There will be free food, free haircuts and free massage. Please let me know if you have any ideas how we can improve this day as we will be having another one in SP5, send me an email brkky001@mymail.unisa.edu.au or catch up with me face to face.
  • By now you should have all recently submitted either one or two assignments and I hope things have settled down from what appeared to be a period of disarray and unimaginable workload to perform, hopefully some light has appeared and be proud of yourself for completing what is required. When in doubt “look up to the sky and smile” 😊

March Student Report – Whyalla

  • I’m not too sure whether everyone is feeling the way I am about studies, however keep forcing yourself to get through day by day, week by week, everyday write a schedule for the day, making room for study, fitness and TV 😊. Keep pushing yourself, no one is going to do it for you, you’ll get the rewards. 41 people have paid and signed up for our biggest event in years, the USASA Pac Crawl being held on the 7th April 2017 (last day before the semester break). The original idea for the crawl started at metro campuses however after a couple of enquiries Whyalla turned possibility into opportunity. For those participating, make sure you send the kids away and keep the following day free to recover. T-Shirts have been ordered and will be available on Wednesday 5th April and Thursday 6th

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Welcome all new students to the Whyalla University Campus

I was really impressed with the energy of the new students as they strolled in for their official first day at Uni, sitting at the USASA table I knew this was their first encounter with the Student Association. As they looked at what was available to take for free, most picked up the condom packet from shine thinking it was a set of matches or a badge, they turned the packet to read the fine print only to have a great surprise, you know who you are.

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Welcome 2017 – Whyalla Campus


Hi all, I am the Whyalla Campus Student Representative for the University of South Australia Student Association (USASA). My name is Kemal Brkic and I am a mature age student studying my third year in Bachelor of Education (Primary).

This is my second term on the student board, and I am here to assist students in the following areas;

  • If you have any issues with your studies there are people to help you, there is Campus Central and Lauren Johnson, Regional Student Support Officer and if your matters deal with academic integrity we have staff who specifically work in advocacy at USASA, so please feel free to contact us to help you out https://usasa.sa.edu.au/advocacy
  • At the Whyalla Campus we have the Movie Lovers Club however if you have an idea about starting a new club, feel free to contact us to get your idea moving; you will need a membership of 10 however for our campus we understand this might take some time to gain, so please start and make it happen, here is some more info; https://usasa.sa.edu.au/runningclubs
  • USASA is independent from the University and we want to make your experience extra special so if you can think of any ideas to do this then please contact me at the email below.

Looking forward to seeing you all at O-Week on Monday 20th Feb and Tuesday 21st February, I will touch base with you after this to outline some more great activities for the year.


Be Safe

Kemal Brkic


BYE BYE 2016 – Whyalla Campus

On the 26th November, 2016 we gathered together at the Eyre Hotel to acknowledge the year we had and HUGE Congratulations to all those who completed their studies through whatever challenges you may have faced, no matter what year or subject area, Congratulations to Foundation Students who had the courage to enter the University sector working hard to achieve something incredible. Congratulations to all those graduating in 2017, (including Alex Robinson, former USASA rep and loyal supporter of Uni events) hope you all enjoyed your Uni experience in Whyalla.

We farewell the Student Experience Ambassador position which Michelle Fay has worked so tirelessly in and welcome a new concept of a student leadership group encouraging students from different disciplines to come together and plan and run events for 2017.

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October – Whyalla Campus

Hope everyone survived October, I know students have been busy with assignments and placements. I do want to thank everyone who made the effort to come out to UniTopia on October 5th special mention to Carey Moore (USASA President) who made the effort to fly up for the day and help out. On this day we also celebrated 25 trees for 25 years, an initiative funded by the Student Association and planted by students of Whyalla.

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September 2016 – Whyalla Campus

Only two months of study for 2016 to go, and a few events to put in the calendar;

UniTopia – Wednesday 5th October

  • 0830 – USASA Brekky Bar (until 1100)
  • 0900 – Boot camp on front lawn
  • 1100 – 5 min Massage commence (via booking sheet, be quick)
  • 1200 – 25 Trees for 25 Fabulous Years – photo/cake
  • 1215 – Lunch (front lawn)
  • 1230 – Bubble soccer commences
  • 1330 – Bubble soccer finishes
  • 1340 – Large games set up and played
  • 1440 – Clean up commence
  • 1450 – Last Massage
  • 1500 – End of Unitopia

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Kemal Brkic – Whyalla Student Rep – July Report

Warm welcome to new students who have started this week at the Whyalla Campus and welcome back existing students to SP5. Already the campus has arranged a pizza luncheon for new students during the first week. Second week (1 August) we have Bubble Soccer on the front lawn starting at 4pm.

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