December City West Rep Report – Zahra

Hey everyone,

Wow its December already!

Hope everyone is enjoying their break. My highlight of December has been being part of the hiring panel for a full-time staff member in the Careers Team of UniSA. It was definitely an eye-opening experience and I learnt so much about the hiring process in the two days that I spent with the amazing panel members. As expected, everything was conducted professionally and we (especially me) were guided through the whole process. As a USASA Rep, my mind was focused on what the candidates could do for UniSA students and this helped me make decisions along the way.

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December City West Activity Report

Hello, is any one still here? I know – it’s almost Christmas so I wouldn’t expect anyone to be reading this as you all should be wrapping presents (for those of you that have actually done your Christmas shopping!!). But seeing as you’re here now, I thought this would be a good time to wrap up my activities for the year.  Continue reading

October City West Activity Report

Hey everyone,

I hope your October has been productive and fun, because mine has been all about planning. This is a time of the year where we start looking towards 2018 – planning our new classes, planning our holidays and planning how we, as students, will map out the rest of our studies and exams so we finish the year successfully. Continue reading

Mawson Lakes Rep October Post – Jivan Jothi


Happy Haloween everyone!

I hope everyone had fun over the festive weekend! I bet everyone that went for the USASA party at Fat Controller had heaps of fun!  to those that did not, there is still 12 months before the next Haloween party!

It has been getting warmer over the past few days.


With winter ending, many people have been down with sinus and hay-fever! Do take good care of your health! Do check out the clinics UniSA has for all students!

More info here:

There has been plenty happening over the past month!

Unitopia ran at every Metro Campus! it was a fun-filled day with adorable dogs making an appearance and a wide variety of games and even a plant adoption corner!

Elections ran last week! with free BBQ on every metro campuses too! I hope you took part! Congratulations to all elected individuals! I am sure you will strive to make the University a better place for all students.

With exams coming up next month I am sure everyone will be busy with their assignments and with their studies!

All the best!!!
Till next time!


Hi everyone,

Welcome back from the holidays! Hope you all had an amazing break from your studies!  I hope everyone had fun watching the Grand Finals – even if your team did not achieve your desired results. Throughout the month of September, USASA has been focused on several projects. I’ve been involved in discussions around policies in the Governance committee, as well as the other projects – which I hope to update you guys with soon.

Breakky Bar in September was particularly interesting. Mainly because for one week,  the turnout was unexpectedly higher than normal and also because I ran it by myself. I have to say it was no easy task but I was happy to see everyone coming down and having a fun time and some, in fact, many of you took the time to have a chat with me. Sadly most of the food was gone within the first hour, so do drop by sooner rather than later!
Here are some images from the Breakky Bar in a slideshow;

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This month is filled with activities, from Unitopia to the Haloween Party!


You can get your tickets and more information here;
See you there!!!


UniTopia is back! Drop by for a range of different activities to help you feel more relaxed than ever before! The best part of all, you get to pat cute lil doggies!!!!!
There’s even a Zen zone and Health Check-up Zone!
This year, the Women’s committee will be setting up a responsible sex tea-bar as well! Do drop by and say hello or even for a quick chat and a cuppa tea!
Did I mention there’ll be cute lil doggies too?


You can get more information here;
See you there!!!

The award-winning Verse Magazine is recruiting for a new editorial team for 2018!
if you haven’t already picked one up, publications can be found across campuses & they make for a very interesting and informative read!
If you are interested, drop by the link below and apply! Be quick though, applications close soon!


More information at

Check out other events happening around campuses at

Things I’ve been up to:

  • Brekky Bar – 30/08/17
  • Brekky Bar – 06/09/17
  • Formal Inquiry / Academic Review Training – 07/09/17
  • Brekky Bar – 13/09/17
  • USASA Board Meeting 04/09/17
  • Governance Board meeting – 04/10/17

Things I’ve got planned for next month:

  • Brekky Bar – 04/10/17
  • Academic Review Meeting – 05/10/17
  • USASA Board Meeting – 09/10/17
  • Governance Board meeting – 09/10/17
  • Brekky Bar – 11/10/17
  • UniTopia Mawson Lakes – 17/10/17
  • Brekky Bar – 18/10/17
  • Academic Review Meeting – 19/10/17

If you are having issues with academic problems/misconduct, contact the Advocacy team and they might be able to assist you! They will provide you with confidential advice on a series of academic misconduct issues. 
More information at


That’s all for now, if you see me on campus then come and say howdy! In the meantime, if you have any issues or concerns feel free to send me an email on




Board Member Activity Report – Month of June – Mawson Lakes


Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a successful exam period, and I wish everyone well now that results have started rolling out. If you have any issues or concerns with your final grades, are unsure of university policy, or would like an assignment re-marked, then you can contact USASA’s Advocacy Team here, who are experts in academic policies and procedures, and can provide you with free and confidential advice.

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