Hello everyone!


For many students July was a time to relax and take a break from the stresses of study, but for USASA the work doesn’t stop.

This month I focused on three main things that I believe are important to my campus: social interaction, club regeneration, and the Brekky Bar.

Firstly, as you may have started to see, there have been new posters going up around the Magill Campus to promote our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/UniSAMagillHub/).   Continue reading

USASA Student rep – Mt Gambier Julie Baum

June has been a quiet month in Mt Gambier, students attended their last lectures and tutorials earlier in the month, then worked toward completing their final assignments and exams.

Our silent study space is proving to be very beneficial for the students who are utilizing it, I have had feedback about the room which includes; “it’s great for doing my assignments, no noise or distraction” and “I can concentrate in there, the piazza was always too noisy”, I’m glad that not only students are using the area but that it is meeting the needs of the students.

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President’s Report June

Summary of Activities

June was a great chance to build on the work I’ve been doing regarding student voice at UniSA, I have now interviewed all the schools across the University and will be able to bring forward a report about student representation at UniSA. I continued to develop and contribute feedback into UnISA Sexual Violence policy. Furthermore, we ran stalls about SSAF at UniSA. See all of my activities for the month below.

As always, ask me if you have any questions: Kayla.Dickeson@unisa.edu.au

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International Rep Report – June Activities

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a successful exam period. I am Luke, your new international representative. It was a big surprise to be offered the position 3 weeks ago. First step is always the hardest. I am still trying to adapt to the workload and responsibility as a representative. This month, I have met with Bridget and Kayla for the takeover meeting. It was amazing to learn about what I have never known before. Being a representative is a stressful responsibility but meaningful as I will be able to understand more about students’ needs and help make their experience at university a memorable one. I have also met with Bridget to discuss about a few ideas including:

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Board Member Activity Report – Month of June – Mawson Lakes


Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a successful exam period, and I wish everyone well now that results have started rolling out. If you have any issues or concerns with your final grades, are unsure of university policy, or would like an assignment re-marked, then you can contact USASA’s Advocacy Team here, who are experts in academic policies and procedures, and can provide you with free and confidential advice.

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June Report-City West Rep

The month of June has been quieter than previous months as most of the students are on holidays. Though the student representatives participated in different activities throughout the month to ensure student involvement in major university issues. As a City West campus representative, I have represented you all in following occasions,

May 29, 2017

Sat on a formal inquiry panel for the School of Art, Architecture and Design

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June Board Report

June was yet again very busy, but not due to USASA related work but due to exams! I hope all of your exams went well.
I attended the USASA Board meeting and the Finance Committee special meeting previous month.

At USASA Board meeting, i did a report back of my May City East Student Catch-ups. We had far more people show up to this catch-up, a 200% increase! The ideas that were raised will be put forward to the General Manager and based on their feasibility they will get put into motion.

Finance Committee special meeting was required to be held to have a review of the Budget plans for the next financial year.

This month i will be attending the Education Conference in Brisbane of which i will do a report back at the upcoming July Board meeting. The Clubs committee, Finance Committee and the Welfare committee are scheduled to be held this month.

Hope you all have great holidays!!!

June Postgrad report

Hi postgrads!

It’s been a crazy busy month! For those of you who had exams, I hope that they went well, and that you’re enjoying your much-deserved break. For the PhD students, I hope you get a bit of a break as well even though we didn’t have exams! I’ve been up to a lot of different things this month, and many of the committees I attend are busily preparing for the upcoming release of the human rights commissions survey about sexual assault and harassment at Australian universities. The women’s committee, university policy review working group, and the women’s social action group are particularly focusing on this. We are planning ways to support students and also on how to respond to the data when it is released. What I’ve been up to this month is below…

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