November Mawson Lakes report- Sneha M

Hello everyone,

This month on the 14th we had our last clubs committee meeting. We discussed more about the club leaders retreat and feedback on the awards night held earlier this year was also given. This meeting was held at Mawson Lakes and thus was a great opportunity to celebrate the achievements of clubs based at Mawson Lakes and had their leaders attend this meeting.

On the 20th, Grace and I had a handover meeting with the newly elected Mawson Lakes representative. This meeting was facilitated by Bridget Laffy and posed as a good opportunity to talk about the work both of us have done this year and things we would like the following representative to continue. I wish the newly elected Mawson Lakes representatives, Noah and Thanusshan all the best!

That evening, we had our board meeting. Matters regarding the NUS conference this year and what campaigns of theirs we should support were discussed among board members.

That is all from me, hope you all went well with results. Happy holidays!


Mawson Lakes October report – Sneha M

Hey everyone,

This month has been pretty quiet for me, owing to October being a super busy month filled with looming deadlines for assignments:(

On the 12th, there was the USASA club awards night. Thank you to everyone who attended the event and made it awesome! The event was successful and deserving clubs were awarded and appreciated. To the clubs that did not win, do not be disheartened as your efforts are always recognised and much appreciated! Keep doing what you can for your own little club community and continue making an impact:)

On the 16th, it was my birthday! Hehe, but we had our board meeting for the month that evening. The clubs report and USASA’s brand awareness survey responses were discussed. We hope to make more of you aware of USASA’s services so that we can serve you better!

That is all from me for now, all the very best for all your remaining assignments and all your upcoming exams:)

Mawson Lakes September report- Sneha M

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a productive teaching break!

September has been a hectic month for USASA. On the 10th of September, we had our merger discussion exercise at the Mawson Lakes campus. It was interesting talking to students and listening to their opinions on whether this merger should go through, and whether it will be of benefit to the student community and the university at large. Students at Mawson Lakes were generally supportive of the merger and felt that combining resources and manpower between Adelaide and UniSA will enhance learning experiences of the students. Continue reading

Mawson Lakes August report- Sneha M

Hope you are all doing good.

This month on the 8th, we had our third student connect meeting at the Mawson Lakes campus. This meeting proved useful and informative to many of the student attendees as we had the campus facilities manager and the senior project officer from the division of ITEE attend this meeting and answer their questions. Making parking at Mawson Lakes more accessible to students is one key area FM Assist is looking into this semester. The construction works around P and SCT buildings are estimated to be done by the end of September. Any inconvenience caused to students due to this is regretted, however it was a water leak issue and had to be dealt with urgently.

On the 12th, there was the open day at the city campuses. It was a great experience volunteering with students from my division and talking to prospective students and their families. Campus day held on the 28th at Mawson Lakes was an equally successful event too.

USASA board meeting was held on the 21st of August. The meeting had discussions about the possible merger with Adelaide University and the upcoming student board elections. On the 10th of September, Grace and myself will be at GP courtyard(Mawson Lakes campus)  from 11am to 2pm looking forward to having a chit-chat with you all about the merger. So, if you are on campus that day feel free to come talk to us and tell us how you feel about the merger!

Clubs committee meeting this month was held at City West on the 28th and mainly facilitated discussions around the upcoming clubs awards. Hope all USASA clubs have nominated themselves and other clubs if they want to for the various awards! We are excited to meet all clubs at the awards event. Just a reminder also that nominations for these awards close on the 14th of September.

That is all from me for now, have fun at uni:)

Mawson Lakes July report- Sneha M

Hey hey everyone,

July had quite a few interesting days of USASA work despite it being the “winter break” period.

On the 11th of July, I participated in the night walk around the whole campus with FM assist. This was really useful as I was able to raise some of your concerns around campus facilities and hopefully they get resolved.

17th of July was the SP5 orientation day at Mawson Lakes and it was once again a fulfilling day as I got to meet many new students and help them if they had any issues. I sat on the student panel during a Q&A session that was organised for all the new students and through that was able to promote many USASA services such as the advocacy service. That evening, we had our board meeting and we had Shweta who came to talk to the board about the sexual assault and harassment website she and her team have been working on. Board members were able to provide feedback and help improve some of this website’s features.

On the 18th of July, we had a strategic planning session for USASA’s goals and objectives for the next three years. This session allowed for alot of interaction between all USASA members, students and staff alike. We were able to come to a consensus on what USASA stands for as an organisation. USASA aims to empower all students to be the best that they can be and achieve their dreams.

I attended the international students’ tour to Victor Harbour on the 21st of July. It was an awesome experience yet again meeting new international students and exploring Adelaide with them. Through this, I was also able to answer certain questions that some of them had regarding accommodation, insurance and so on.

We had our clubs committee meeting on the 25th of July at Magill campus. Clubs based at Magill were contacted to come to the meeting and we had the president of the psychology club attend on that day. Other clubs represented were Women in STEM, IPITS and the rainbow club. Many productive discussions took place around organising leadership workshops and creating a facebook group for club executives to help them run their respective clubs more efficiently in order to reap more benefits to both them and other students. On that note, I would like to again stress the importance of clubs’ presence at these meetings. The reason why we hold meetings at every campus is so that all clubs can come down and express their needs and concerns. These meetings also stand as a good opportunity for clubs to talk and clarify things with the USASA clubs support officers as well.

That is all from me for now. Have fun at uni and happy national science week!


June Mawson Lakes report- Sneha M

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re all having a fruitful break. June has been pretty quiet for me (with regards to USASA) due to exams.

On the 12th, we had our clubs committee meeting and it was great to meet and get to know club executives from different clubs who attended. The clubs awards night nominations are open so please get on to nominating your club or your club executive for an award!

On the 19th, we had our June board meeting. All of you should be aware by now of the looming possibility of a merger with Adelaide University. It was decided at the board meeting that campus reps will conduct sessions at their own campuses to talk to students about what they think about the merger. So, please keep a look out for that and come talk to us. Your opinions matter.

On the 22nd, the June academic board meeting took place and an interesting presentation about changes in the engineering degree curriculum was given. The division values work integrated learning and are planning to provide more opportunities for students to undertake design projects and STEM placements.

That is all from me for now and have a great 2 more weeks of break!




May report- Sneha M

Hey hey, happy SWOTVAC everyone!

May was an amazing month with lots of activities organised for you all on campus, hope you enjoyed them:)

On 02/05, I attended the student connect meeting at Mawson Lakes. Students from various divisions at Mawson Lakes came down to express their concerns with things around the campus. A lot of good points were raised with regards to facilities, carparks, course evaluations etc. FM assist and other relevant figures have been contacted and hopefully, these issues will be resolved soon.

On 15/05, there was the UNITE workshop on situational leadership and delegation that board reps had to attend. An activity on finding out each of our leadership styles was especially interesting. I really enjoyed and learnt a lot from the workshop and would definitely encourage you to participate in such workshops, you will learn new skills and also get free mentos.

We had our clubs committee meeting on 22/05 at City East where matters such as the budget for clubs, club awards and club activation events were discussed.  These meetings will be happening on different campuses every month so feel free to email me and join in the meeting if you have ideas or concerns to share about your club. Later that day we had the finance committee meeting followed by our May board meeting.

Education committee meeting was on the 25th and it was nice to see ASRs from different schools taking part in it. We had Luis from USASA advocacy to give a short talk about the advocacy services USASA provides. Students who are not aware of these services, please read about them on the USASA website and get in touch if you are in need of them.

That is all from me this month, all the very best for all your exams:)

Don’t hesitate to contact me at if you have any feedback or questions.


April Board report (Mawson Lakes)- Sneha M

Hey everyone,

April was pretty quiet for me with regards to USASA work due to the teaching break. On the 17th of April, the board had its second UNITE workshop on Project Management. Later that evening, we had our board meeting. Inspired by the magill reps and their toasties event activation, your Mawson Lakes reps (Grace and I) are planning to hold similar events at the  Mawson Lakes campus to promote student engagement and also because we all love free food!

On the 24th, the clubs committee had its meeting. The main discussion topic during that meeting was the clubs awards night. A lot of thoughts were raised regarding how smaller clubs can be encouraged more and how more recognition can be given to specific areas of improvement from some of the USASA clubs. If you are from a club and wish to raise any concerns to USASA, please contact me at and you can come down to one of our meetings. On the 27th, the education committee had its meeting where the issue regarding faculty evaluations was addressed. The committee expressed its concerns about this and discussed ways in which both the students and the faculty can benefit from these evaluations positively.

That is all from me for now. Please feel free to email if you have any concerns and good luck with all your courses:)

March report (Mawson Lakes) – Sneha M

Hey peeps,

I hope everyone enjoyed all the various events that took place on campus this month like the campus fair and the chill vibes event. In the midst of all your assignments and deadlines, hopefully they calmed your soul!

Image result

Well anyway, March kicked off with the Clubs Welcome BBQ at the City West Law Courtyard. It was a great opportunity for me to meet all the club executives and make them aware of Club Committee meetings I will convene monthly at different campuses.

The following week saw the first Finance committee meeting happen at City West. The week after, we had the campus fair at Mawson Lakes. It was really nice to see all students (not just first years) visiting USASA, UniSA Sport and the UniSA services booths. I got to meet and talk to many more students about the upcoming USASA events:)

The USASA student board also had its first UNITE workshop this month. Rosslyn Cox conducted it so well and I am positive that every one of us who attended left with a better understanding of our individual and collective strengths and weaknesses. This would be of great help when we work as a team to serve you better. The board meeting followed later that evening.

On the 27th of March, we had our second Clubs committee meeting. I was happy to see that a few club representatives turned up and because of that we got to hear what they would like from us and how they would like us to assist them this year. So, thank you to the representatives from the rainbow and ROUSTAH clubs who came down. Hoping to see you more of you in the future meetings!

Also, since I am writing this on the 1st of April might as well say this; ‘Happy April Fools’ day and hope you didn’t get fooled’! Have a great teaching break:)

Activities this month:

01/03/2018: Clubs Welcome BBQ

06/03/2018: Finance committee meeting

13/03/2018: Campus Fair Mawson Lakes

20/03/2018: UNITE workshop

20/03/2018: Board meeting

23/03/2018: Education committee meeting

23/03/2018: Academic Board meeting

27/03/2018: Clubs committee meeting

28/03/2018: Chill Vibes at Mawson Lakes





February 2018 report- Sneha M



Hope everyone transitioned well into their new semester by now. I wish to thank everyone who helped in one way or another during O-week at Mawson lakes, and I also sincerely hope the new students found the events useful and enjoyable.

February was an eventful and a great month! We had our first board meeting on the 6th of February at City West. Through the meeting, I understood more about how the board works, what our roles are as student representatives and also what we can contribute. I was given the opportunity to head the clubs committee this year. Moreover, I chose to be a member of the education and finance committees. On the 9th, a few board members and I attended the international night at Carnegie Mellon University. Through meeting their student board members, we found potential for a possible collaborative event with them in the future and positive talks about it are underway. On the 13th, I attended my first formal inquiry at City West. Following that, I had a meeting with Bridget about my clubs committee and how to manage the committee this year so that we would be able to contribute as much as we can to the student community in UniSA.

On the 14th, I had my UniMentor meeting. I chose to be an UniMentor this semester to guide and help as many new students as I can to ease into their university life here at UniSA. I had a meeting with Abid (international rep 2018) on the 16th to discuss about our plans for this year. As the convenor of the clubs committee, I hope to work with the international clubs in UniSA and alleviate any issues that they might have to the best of my ability. I also hope all the USASA clubs’ executives received my email which was an invite to my clubs committee meetings this year. I encourage executive’s attendance at the meetings to enhance efficiency of our plans for the clubs.

O-week at Mawson Lakes was on the 19th and 21st of February this year. On 19th, I was happy to meet the new students from the NBE school. I had a few interactions with them at our USASA counter in the F building and clarified any of their immediate concerns. On the 21st, the campus was bustling, and it was great to see that. The day kicked off with an international student briefing at F1-25, where I had the opportunity again to meet new students and share my experiences in UniSA with them. I was present on campus for the whole day after and had an awesome time getting to know a lot more students around campus and listening to them.

On the 23rd of February, the first academic board meeting for this year took place at City West. The board members who were present at the meeting found it very insightful with regards to the strategic plans for 2018 and any relevant follow ups pertaining to student complaints from last year. The first meetings for a few committees were held on the 27th of February. For the clubs committee, we managed to set a clear direction with regards to our schedules and certain plans for the year. The education committee meeting that took place was useful because we discussed about having more student representation from different schools on our committee to provide more insights about their respective issues. The campus fair briefing was also conducted on that day to brief us about the various activities available at each of the campuses.

Wish you all the best for your studies and please feel free to email me with any questions. My email is ‘’.

Thank you for reading!

Activities this month:

  1. 06/02- Board meeting
  2. 09/02- International night at Carnegie Mellon University
  3. 13/02- Formal inquiry at City West
  4. 14/02- UniMentor meeting
  5. 16/02- Meeting with international rep
  6. 19/02, 21/02- O-Week at Mawson Lakes
  7. 23/02- Academic board meeting
  8. 27/02- Clubs committee and Education committee meetings
  9. 27/02- Campus fair meeting