February Board Report

First of all i would like to welcome everyone back to the university! Hope you all have a great year ahead!

The first month of study period 2 is usually very busy for us USASA reps. This month was no exception.

We had our first board meeting of the year on February 6. In that board meeting most things which were discussed were of administrative nature. At the board meeting committee convenors and their members were also elected/decided. I am happy to say that i will be the convenor for the Governance committee, whilst also being a member of the clubs, education and finance committee.

I was present on the O-week days for City East, handing out the USASA bag of goodies and it was very nice to chat to some familiar faces and some new ones. It was fantastic to see the appreciation from the students regarding the services USASA provides.

This month i also attended Academic board meeting. This is my second year as an academic board member and us USASA reps will continue to push for the good work we did last year. At this board meeting we were able to confirm an important thing pertaining to the International Relations degree students.

Now as a USASA board member i also get to sit on Preclusion appeals committee. I sat on preclusion appeals committee meetings on February 9 and February 23. It was great to see the work that appeals committee does to give every student a fair go!

That is all from me for this month.


January 2018 Board Report

Hey everyone,

First of all, I would like to thank everyone at City East who supported and had faith in me as their Representative for 2017. I will continue to represent the City East students to the best of my ability in 2018.

On January 23-24th we had our Board Retreat. I am very excited to work with continuing and newly elected board members. Board retreat was a fantastic experience and an excellent team building occasion. Throughout the retreat the board members were very involved in their respective tasks, which is a good indicator for the students they will be representing this coming year. Continue reading

City East November Report

Hello everyone!

This month was very busy owing to my exam period. I hope all your exams went well and are looking forward to your well deserved break.

I attended the board meeting on November 6th, the main point of discussion was about approval a new financial investment plan, which will exist to serve the students over the coming years. The another important take away from the board meeting was the fact that we approved a handover policy, which means that the incoming reps will have the required support they need to get firing on all cylinders. Continue reading

City East October Board Report

Hey all,

This month has gone by very quick. I have attended and organized numerous meetings over the past month.

At this month’s board meeting, major points of discussion was supposed to take on the change of USASA’s financial policy, however owing to the absence of both the general manager and the financial adviser, the discussion was delayed till the november board meeting.

CCOM will be meeting on the 31st of October this month to discuss about the Clubs Awards night and Clubs strategic plan.  The clubs awards night was a major success with numerous clubs execs and member showing up for the inaugural event. I was present there as well, to listen to the concerns of the clubs execs. I also presented the penultimate award of the night. From the feedback i received on the night, was very positive.

FCOM will be meeting on November 2 to discuss the financials and WCOM will meet on that day as well to start laying groundwork for emergency grants program.

I also attended a Formal inquiry in the School of Nursing and Midwifery. The outcome which was decided by the committee was very fair towards the student.

That will be all from me.

September City East Report

Hey all,
September was yet again another very busy month. I attended the board meeting early in the month where the major discussion point was an in-camera item which i cannot discuss. At the board meeting i gave my official report-back regarding the Education conference and highlighted the important role NUS plays in developing student leaders skills.

At the clubs committee we discussed about the Clubs strategic plan and are in process of finalising the strategic plan for 2018-2020. It will be exciting to see it rolled out next year. Clubs stand to benefit alot from this USASA initiative.

This month’s welfare committee was organised by me. We delved into more details regarding the future of brekky bar. The committee members are working very hard to find a sustainable solution for brekky bar. We also discussed the possibility of rolling out the Emergency Grants program from next year.

The Finance committee this month voted to relax some of the constraints which were negatively impacting the financial capabilities of the Association.

I also attended 2 Formal inquiries in the School of Business this month. The outcomes of those inquiries were very fair towards the students involved as the committee members deliberated at every possible option before choosing the best option.

That is all from me!

July Board Member Report

This month i attended/organised July Board Meeting, Clubs Committee Meeting, Finance Committee Meeting, Welfare Committee Meeting and SSAF survey walk around the campus.

At the Board Meeting, the major discussion point was filling of the Student Vacancies on several committees and academic board. Ryan Colsey was chosen by the Board members to represent USASA alongside other 4 Board members at the academic board. We also welcomed 2 new board members, i) Mawson Lakes Campus Rep and ii) International Rep.

Clubs Committee meeting revolved around various proposals the Staff had to encourage greater Clubs participation and greater rewards for Clubs who follow rules and guidelines to the letter. The Clubs Support officer will be reaching out to the Clubs executives regarding this.

Finance Committee meeting was all about discussing the previous month’s financials and nothing else of noting arose from that.

Welfare Committee meeting discussion dominated around the Brekky Bar. Majority of Board members ran on the promise to make Brekky Bar free. At the welfare committee we moved a step further in achieving that.

SSAF survey walk around the campus was a success. I managed to engage with a fair amount of students and encouraged them to fill out the SSAF survey. All participants received a free lolly!

Academic Board meeting was about report backs from various division heads and discussion on the external reviews of certain schools within UniSA.

That is it from me.
Thank you!

June Board Report

June was yet again very busy, but not due to USASA related work but due to exams! I hope all of your exams went well.
I attended the USASA Board meeting and the Finance Committee special meeting previous month.

At USASA Board meeting, i did a report back of my May City East Student Catch-ups. We had far more people show up to this catch-up, a 200% increase! The ideas that were raised will be put forward to the General Manager and based on their feasibility they will get put into motion.

Finance Committee special meeting was required to be held to have a review of the Budget plans for the next financial year.

This month i will be attending the Education Conference in Brisbane of which i will do a report back at the upcoming July Board meeting. The Clubs committee, Finance Committee and the Welfare committee are scheduled to be held this month.

Hope you all have great holidays!!!

May Report

Hi all,

This month was yet again a very eventful one.
The AGM and Board meeting held earlier this month was again an important one where we commended the extreme hardwork done by the USASA Staff and the advisors.
The Clubs committee held a meeting on 24th May where Clubs regulations and Clubs sponsorship were discussed. The latter is an important bit of policy which will give clubs a greater autonomy with regards to where they can get money, but of course it comes with few caveats.
The Finance committee held a meeting on 25th May where some important decisions regarding the Budget were made. The finance committee also discussed the April months finance report and the report looked healthy, which is good for this young association.
I am also going to attend a welfare committee meeting on 31st May and very interested to know what we will be discussing and what direction will the committee take.
The May Student Catchups will be held on the 31th of May in the Playford Building. Hope to see you guys there!

Natansh Modi.

April Board Report

This was an eventful month. I attended the April USASA board meeting where the USASA board reaffirmed its support for students welfare by extensively discussing two motions which directly affects students welfare.

I have also the called the Clubs committee meeting and the Finance committee meeting to be held during the next week.

The Student Catch up session was held last month in the Playford building Lounge where few students showed up and raised issues such as regarding marketing of the events and having a rep office on the campus. Unfortunately due to mine and Han’s schedule we won’t be having catch ups this month, however the May catchups will be likely held again in the Playford building lounge, so it might be worthwhile for City East students to drop by and raise issues that are of concern to them.

That is all from me. Hope all of you have had a well rested study break and are raring to go back to university again.