Activity Report- July 2017, CW Rep


The month of July has been quiet in the beginning as only few students were on campus for the winter school courses but in mid-July the campus again has become vibrant with all the new and old faces. The student representatives participated in different activities throughout the month to provide support to all of you. I have spent the month mostly doing different activities for the SP5 O-week assisting the UniSA and USASA staffs.

July 04, 2017

Attended 02 formal enquiries in business school

July 10, 2017

Women’s committee meeting, Governance committee meeting, Board meeting-July

July 13, 2017

Attended the Student Pal training session with the International rep and had a chat with them about the international student cohort

July 14, 2017

Had a meeting with Luke, international rep to prepare for the presentation in the Arrival briefing

July 17, 2017

Attended the SP5 O-week International day and welcomed the new international students during the Expo and arrival briefing

July 27, 2017

Attended 01 formal enquiry in the business school

July 28, 2017

The City West SSAF Survey interaction was postponed from 24th July to this date and Kayla (USASA president) and I talked to students and let them know about the SSAF survey. If you haven’t done already, fill up the survey till 5th August and take the opportunity to contribute to this important decision.

Attended the academic board meeting for the month of July along with other reps.

Planned activities for upcoming days:

The upcoming schedule looks like the following as of now,

August 01, 2017: BUE International day expo and arrival briefing

August 02, 2017: 01 formal enquiry to attend in the Business School

August 07, 2017: Women’s committee meeting, Governance committee meeting, Board meeting-August

Welcome to all the new students who have just started their program and all the best to all of you for the new semester. See you around the campus and do not hesitate to contact me via this email:

Thank you,



June Report-City West Rep

The month of June has been quieter than previous months as most of the students are on holidays. Though the student representatives participated in different activities throughout the month to ensure student involvement in major university issues. As a City West campus representative, I have represented you all in following occasions,

May 29, 2017

Sat on a formal inquiry panel for the School of Art, Architecture and Design

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May Report: City West


The month has been really busy for most of the City West students as it is the month of assignments, presentations and exams. In between the exam preps and assignments, I had some good times interacting with you all during different activities around the campus.

April 27, 2017: Student catch-up- muffin for feedback

Our 2nd catch-up was a hit and why shouldn’t it be??? Muffins were up for grab for your feedback and we really appreciate your response. I am glad that we could connect with some of you beyond the one day event and you shared your ideas which are immensely valuable to us.

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April Report: City West Rep

It was an exciting beginning of the new month for the City West Campus Representatives-both Ryan and I, as we arranged the first ever student catch-up on the last day of March. I was eager to spend the month of April and rest of the term based on all the feedback we get from the catch-up. Those of you who couldn’t make it on our first catch-up, I am sure we will see you at the next one at the end of this month. This is your opportunity to shape your experience on your own campus.

March 30, 2017:

Student catch-up was held at the student lounge. We are expecting a lot more interaction with all of you in the next one.

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March Report- City West Rep

The month of March was eventful and full of several activities as always directed towards achieving the objectives for the board.  I am also excited as this would be the first month when me and Ryan (the City West reps) would meet and talk to all of you directly about any concerns you have. The date is fixed now for the first ‘Student Catch-up’ and it is on March 30, 2017 from 1:00-2:00 PM at the student lounge. I ended February with a formal inquiry and the month of March again started with board meeting during which some important decisions were taken.

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February Activity Report-City West Rep

Exciting and joyous, that’s how I want to tag the month of February this year after meeting all of you, the enthusiastic bunch of people during the O-week. Once again, welcome to all the new students to the University. All of us (both new and continuing students) would surely have an educative and fun experience at our second home from now on, the City West Campus.

The month of February:

The month of February was eventful and all the reps along with USASA staffs, were busy to make the O-week experience the best for all of you. For me and the new board, the month started with the board meeting where few new decisions were made. Continue reading