November International Student Rep Report

Hi everyone,

That’s it for this year for most of us. I am sure you all get HDs for your exams. As much busy as you all were, I managed to discuss with Council of International Students Australia their upcoming plans for next year. Coming toward the end of my term, I have included all of my recommendations and ideas for further improvement of life quality for international students here in South Australia into the handover document for your next representative. I hope we can share some of our view.

It has been an amazing journey working for USASA and representing students of our University. Many mistakes made, many lessons learnt. I hope USASA will keep growing and make much more positive influence over the students’ lives here in South Australia.

Wherever you go, whatever you do at our University, USASA will always be there for you. I wish you all a great summer holidays and best of luck with your future endeavours.

Kind regards,

Luke Le


International Rep October Report

Hi everyone,

October was a busy month with lots of events and … assignments.

My highlight of this month was the Business Career Talk Networking Event on the 12th of October. This event was a joint effort of International Student Business School (Vietnam, Malaysia and Hongkong) and Indonesian Student Society of UniSA (PPIA UniSA). It was my honour to be able to work with the amazing team for the success of the night. The event attracted more than 100 students with a presence of 10 networking guests creating plenty of opportunities for students to expand their social network as well as to learn more about their future professions.


Other business:

13/10: USASA Clubs Awards Night

23/10: ISBS Vietnam Chapter AGM

That’s it for this month! I wish you the best of luck with your revision and exams.


September International Rep Report- Luke LE

Hi everyone,

September has been a super busy month for me as I helped run logistic management and performance management for an event with Vietnamese International Students in Adelaide (VISA). Vietfest, a Vietnamese cultural fair, was held at Light Square showcasing Vietnamese folk games, traditional cuisine and an unforgettable performance night on the 23th of September. It was touching to see hard works of 95 people over 6 months of preparation were successfully put together. We had a massive celebration at the end of the night.




Anyway, let’s go back to my USASA commitment.

On the 7th of September, I received my training for academic review and formal inquiry. It is essential to have student representation on those panel in order to provide student perspectives and ensure the outcomes of those meetings are fair and just. I took my first formal inquiry on the 18th of September. It was interesting to see how the panel makes decisions and it was amazing to have a voice on the it. The panel, which consists of academic staff, was extremely professional and considerate. We all came in agreement for the decision made for that student and we believed that decision was best for student and best for the University.

On the 28th of September, Kayla, Ryan K. and I had a meeting with Stephen Boyle, Dean of Academic at Business School. We discussed Academic Integrity issues. Dr. Boyle was extremely passionate and proactive in improving teaching quality and student experience at our University.

What I am planning to do this month:

17/10: Formal Inquiry

I wish everyone to have a successful last term of the year. That’s it! Bye for now!


August Activities Report – Luke Le

Hi everyone,

Before we start, make sure you check out “UniSA Career Insights” which will happen between 28th of August and 15th of September. It is an exciting 3-week program of events showcasing a variety of career-related activities with an aim to help you explore your career options and achieve your career goals. Link is below:

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International Rep Activities Report – Luke Le

Welcome to SP5 everyone! Hope you had an amazing holiday. This has been a busy month for me juggling between personal goals and my responsibilities at USASA.

What have I been up to this month?

  1. Orientation Week and International Arrival Briefing

I met with Monamee on 4th and the 14th of July to discuss the script for our USASA presentation. On 17th of July, we ran a USASA stall together in Student Lounge, City West to meet new international students at O’Week and answered their questions about university and USASA services and events. We also handed out freebies including USASA diaries, pens, survival guide and many other amazing stuff.

Oweek 1

USASA Stall at O’week

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International Rep Report – June Activities

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a successful exam period. I am Luke, your new international representative. It was a big surprise to be offered the position 3 weeks ago. First step is always the hardest. I am still trying to adapt to the workload and responsibility as a representative. This month, I have met with Bridget and Kayla for the takeover meeting. It was amazing to learn about what I have never known before. Being a representative is a stressful responsibility but meaningful as I will be able to understand more about students’ needs and help make their experience at university a memorable one. I have also met with Bridget to discuss about a few ideas including:

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