November Postgrad Report

Hi postgrads!

This has been a month of wrapping up my current projects and preparing everything for next year. I have been in contact with 2018’s elected postgraduate representative, Kate Riggall, and I know that she is going to work really hard at supporting you all next year!

The handover policy and procedures that I submitted to the USASA board were accepted, and so this month every committee and student representative will be preparing a handover document for next year’s committee/representatives. This is something that I’m really proud of, as I hope it will help USASA successfully implement more long term projects, and allow reps to “pass the torch” to their successors. I’ve included heaps of information in my handover so I hope that Kate can get off to a running start in her term.

Thank you to every student who voted in 2016 to elect me to this position. It’s something I have taken very seriously and I have worked really hard to enact change and support students during my term.

Good luck to everyone with their ongoing postgraduate studies and congratulations to those who will be finishing/submitting this year.

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Postgrad October Report

Hi Postgrads!

I’m happy to say that the Women’s committee Responsible Sex stall went well at UniTopia across every campus! I had a great time preparing for this event and using our small budget to go a long way in creating our lovely Tea-bar (that focused on responsibili-TEA!). Below is a picture of the stall in action at Mawson Lakes with myself and Jordan (Mawson Lakes rep).

I also re-drafted the handover policy that I am working on to submit to the USASA board. Over my final two months as a board member I hope to work on current USASA policies and procedures in order to set up the best possible foundation for next year’s board.


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September Postgrad report

Hey Postgrads!

This month I’ve been focusing on a range of student issues including: financial literacy, responsible sex, food on campus, student welfare, and more!

I am currently writing a proposed policy for the USASA board to have a more formalised handover procedure each year. This way, the board may be able to have stronger connections across terms and more effectively implement long-term projects.

I also met with Kat who is the postgraduate representative at Flinders uni, and we discussed current issues at our universities for postgraduate students. One thing we discussed was the issues that may arise when students wish to raise a complaint about a supervisor. I read through the existing UniSA policy and felt that it may benefit from some updating. I have raised this with university staff and will continue to follow up on progress, while also making suggestions for adjustments.

Next month the Women’s committee will be running our responsible sex tea-bar at UniTopia, at all metro campuses! Please come past to say hello and have a cup of tea! We will be talking about responsible sex in a relaxed and comfortable setting 🙂  Continue reading

Postgrad August report

Hi Postgrads! This month I have worked with USASA staff and student reps to respond to the release of the Human Rights Commission survey release regarding sexual assault and harassment on university campuses. USASA media release here. I’ve been preparing (along with the Women’s committee) for our Responsible Sex stall at UniTopia and our sexual violence campaign. I was also at Open Day at the USAS stall, which was lots of fun!

I’ve also been campaigning for students to enrol on the Australian Electoral Roll, so that they are eligible to vote in the Australian Marriage Law Postal survey. This is a survey that will ask Australians whether they think people of the same sex should be allowed to marry under Australian law. Marriage equality is a human right regardless of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity, and USASA supports marriage equality (USASA media release here). One of USASA’s objectives is to “promote and defend the interests and welfare of students at the university”, which includes campaigning for all students at our uni to have equal rights under marriage law.


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July Postgraduate Report

Hi Postgrads!

This month I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful Whyalla campus and talk to new students. TO THE PHD STUDENT I MET IN THE OFFICE: If you see this, I am so sorry, I lost the piece of paper with your email address! Please email me at

I really enjoyed visiting the Whyalla campus and getting a feel for what it’s like to study at Whyalla, and I even managed to try out the lovely campus rental bikes! Here’s a happy snap of me riding a bike for the first time in 10 years (literally)…


I also met with the president of CAPA (council of postgraduate associations – a.k.a. the national group for postgraduate associations/unions). Bridget (the student representative support officer) came with me. Before the meeting, we prepared the topics and questions that we wanted to discuss, and I’m really happy with how the meeting went. We discussed so many things including finances, lobbying, policy, and more! I will soon be presenting a paper to the USASA board with a report of my meeting and some recommendations.

Just a reminder that Universities Australia’s report on sexual harassment and rape on university campuses will be released on August 1st. USASA will put out a media release once the survey is released. If you feel affected by the report or want to talk about it, I’ve included some support phone numbers and website information at the end of my report.  Here’s the rest that I’ve been up to this month: Continue reading

June Postgrad report

Hi postgrads!

It’s been a crazy busy month! For those of you who had exams, I hope that they went well, and that you’re enjoying your much-deserved break. For the PhD students, I hope you get a bit of a break as well even though we didn’t have exams! I’ve been up to a lot of different things this month, and many of the committees I attend are busily preparing for the upcoming release of the human rights commissions survey about sexual assault and harassment at Australian universities. The women’s committee, university policy review working group, and the women’s social action group are particularly focusing on this. We are planning ways to support students and also on how to respond to the data when it is released. What I’ve been up to this month is below…

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May Postgraduate Report

Hi everyone!

My main focus this month was preparing for, and working at the Women’s committee “Consent stall” at UniTopia. I hope that some of you had a chance to pop by and say hello! The student engagement was motivating, as lots of people were interested in hearing about consent, women’s support services, and the women’s committee. Unfortunately, I was sick for about two weeks of the month, so I was unable to attend the Women’s committee meeting, USASA board meeting, and the first policy review working group (regarding prevention of, and response to, sexual assault and rape on campus). The Governance committee meeting was also cancelled this month. Although I attended less meetings than I usually do, I got to engage with a lot more students than usual, because I spent a lot of time at UniTopia.

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April Postgraduate Report

Hi Postgrads!

This month I have spent some time as the Acting President of USASA, while Kayla has been on leave. I’ve been working hard with the Women’s committee to develop, plan, and organise our proposal for a Consent stall at UniTopia. This week I attended a meeting, at which the stall was approved, and now I am working on organising it, organising volunteers, and developing the plan and budget. It’s been a busy time, while I do a lot of “behind-the-scenes” work. Hopefully next month, my work will come to fruition with the Consent stall and some other projects that I’m currently working on. Please come along to UniTopia when it’s on your campus, and drop past the Consent stall to say hello to me! Read below for everything else I’ve been doing this month… Continue reading

March Postgraduate Report

Hi everyone! Another busy month! If you haven’t completed my postgraduate student survey yet, please do! I promise it will take only 3 or 4 minutes. Access it here

By filling out the survey, you get a say in what kind of event I will hold for the postgraduate students this year! I am thinking of holding it in October so that there is lots of time to plan an AMAZING event!

I have been attending a lot of meetings this month, helping new students to settle in and working hard on some of my ideas to improve the student experience. Read below for the details! (in chronological order)

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Postgrad Feb + Survey

Hi postgrads!

What a month! We had our first board meeting for 2017, which led to lots of great discussion. I was elected by the board to be the Vice President of USASA for 2017, which is a great honour. I also joined the Governance and Women’s committees.

Postgraduate student survey

The biggest thing I’ve been working on this month is creating the Postgraduate Student Survey. If you’re a postgraduate student, I’d love for you to fill it out! It should take you 3-5 minutes and asks some questions about you, your studies, and what kind of events you’d like to attend.

I am able to put on one big event for the postgraduate students this year, and I’d like it to be the event of your choosing, so please take the time to do the survey!

Access it here:

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