Magill – Campus Activity Report

Hi everyone,

I hope that this final part of the university year is going smoothly! This month I have spent some time overseas in New Zealand, to attend a Cognitive Neuroscience conference. As I have barely been on campus this month, I haven’t been able to spend time at the Magill counter, which is something I’m not happy about. I’m glad that at least Ant is able to spend time at the Magill counter during this period.   Continue reading


Magill – October Activity Report

Campus has been quieter this month, as I think many students are knuckling down and finishing their final assessments! I also submitted my thesis this month (yay!) and I wish all students good luck with their upcoming assessment and exams!

Something exciting this month is that the USASA elections are underway to elect the new board, and it has been great to see students campaigning on the Magill campus and showing their passion. Good luck to all the candidates. Continue reading

Magill – September Activity Report

This month has been a little unusual for me. I was involved in a car accident which forced me to give up some of my responsibilities for a short while, as I needed to rest and recover. Therefore, I did not undertake many USASA-related activities this month.  I was especially disappointed that I was not able to attend USASAs 21st Birthday Party, although I heard it was a blast! Something that I really enjoyed this month was the opportunity to be the minute-taker during the USASA board meeting. I certainly felt like it was a huge responsibility, and I really respect anyone who takes minutes on a regular basis. I almost broke a sweat trying to keep up with what everyone was saying during the meeting! Continue reading

Magill – August Activity Report

This month was really exciting, as it’s UniSA “Open August”, with lots of exciting events available for prospective UniSA students to attend, as well as for current students and staff to enjoy. I’ve also been working hard with the election regulations committee to get our new election regulations ready for the upcoming USASA elections in October. Below is a picture of Ant (Magill representative) and I, at the Open Day stall at City West campus.

IMG_1537 Continue reading

Magill – July activity report

This month encompassed the end of study period 2 and the beginning of study period 5. During the SP2 exam period, I volunteered at USASA’s ExaminAID stall, which is located at the Adelaide Showgrounds while exams are on. I enjoyed being able to assist students with last minute issues such as needing a pencil, directions, or just wanting to have a chat. As study period 5 begins, it has been great to see so many students on campus eager to begin the new semester. The Magill counter seems quite busy, and students are interested in the new “Noodle” initiative started by Ant, where students can pay $1 for a cup of instant noodles. Due to the four-week semester break this month, there have not been events on campus, and there are also many less students on campus. Therefore there has been less activity this month, however I have endeavoured to engage with students who have been on campus during the break. Continue reading