October Activity Report

Hi Everyone,

I hope everything is going well with your studies. It has been great to see an incline of students around all different campuses. It’s fantastic to see Aboriginal and Torres Islander students coming into the student units across the campuses I have visited recently; City West, Mawson Lakes & my home campus City East.

You can physically see the encouragement and effort given to all students by other students. I have enjoyed getting to know more familiar faces around campuses and seeing how hard everyone is working to finish the year the best they can.

Keep it up to everyone; keep studying hard, we are almost finished for the year, and then you guys and have a long deserved break.

See you next time for November’s activity report.

Jordan-Leigh Graeber



Aboriginal & Torres Islander Rep: September Activity Report.

Hi all,

I hope everyone is doing well & enjoyed the teaching break over the last two weeks & that we are all refreshed & ready to complete final mile of this semester :o). I have been a little busy over the past month doing a variety of different things.

4th.09.17 ->

On the 4th I had the pleasure of catching up with the lovely Sophie Murray. For those who aren’t aware Sophie Murray is Academic support officer for indigenous students in city west campus and Sophie is previous Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Representative. Sophie is an amazing person, she is super supportive and friendly. Love her character! She met with me to coach me in this role as a student representative as well as discussing future plans for indigenous students. Such events include a movie night for the city west student unit. I just wanted to say thank you Sophie for mentoring me!

5th.09.17 ->

I was studying in the City West Wirringka Student Services and I was speaking a fellow indigenous student, unfortunately she is having some struggles with uni life and her personal life. Her problems ranged from not being to find a job, not really enjoying her degree to coping with unsupportive parents. After speaking with me, I mentioned a couple of potential mechanisms that are available to her as a indigenous student. These are the different options I mentioned to her which may work for you, if you are struggling and are in need of support:

  • Google: Wirringka Student Services -> this website has the appropriate links for tutoring assistance, scholarships and grants available.
  • Campus Central
  • Your home campus Aboriginal Student Engagement Officer are always available to talk to you. These are the contact details for each campus. City West telephone: (08) 8302 0121, City East telephone: (08) 8302 2316, Magill telephone: (08) 8302 4691, Mawson Lakes telephone: (08) 8302 5303, Mount Gambier telephone: (08) 8302 8907 or regional telephone: (08) 8722 8907, Whyalla/Port Augusta/ Por Lincoln/ Ceduna telephone: (08) 8302 6179
  • If you continuous financial support, I highly recommend seeking help through Centrelink (visit local centre or research online) or campus central.


8th.09.17 ->

I’m involved as a student in the ATP (Aboriginal Tutoring Program), and I was being tutored and I asked my tutor for some ideas on what to raise money for. My tutor is amazing her name is Sarah (former pharmacy student). We collectively came up with supporting the red dust foundation, which we both hold vary dear. We are thinking of a midday movie and cupcakes to help raise money for the red dust foundation.

16th.09.17 & continuing->

The Mawson Lakes wirrringka student services unit is currently being renovated YAY!

17th.09.17 ->

I participated in the city to bay with my mum doing the 12KM walk. My mum is a former UniSA indigenous student, she studied Visual Arts majoring in photography at City West campus. This was my first time doing the city to bay walk, and boy, I didn’t know realise how hard it is!! I could not walk straight for 3 days!!

18th.09.17 – 3rd.09.17 -> TEACHING BREAK!!!

I hope everyone used their time wisely to catch up as best as they can before exams . But in saying that I also hope that you guys also got a chance to take a little break to rest.


Cheers to making over half way study period 5.

Enjoy your October, kind regards,

Jordy :o)





Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Rep – August Activity Report.

Hi UniSA Students,

Firstly, I just wanted to say sorry that I have been absent the last couple months; I’ve been having personal issues, so please excuse that.

So this is my first time blogging in my life (EVER!!) & posting about student experience. Now time to catch up! I first came into this role May. On June the 6th University of South Australia held a scholarship ceremony, celebrating all students who had worked hard and had received an award. I was lucky enough to be the 2017 Gavin Wanganeen Aboriginal & Torres Islander Scholarship recipient among other luck recipients of Gavin Wanganeen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarship (sponsored by Department of State Development) & Gavin Wanganeen Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Scholarship (sponsored by the Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources).

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