July Board Report Magill: Ryan C

Happy July all and welcome to uni for another semester!

After a two week interstate holiday at the start of the month it was  back to work for me at our monthly board meeting on July 17. It was a productive meeting as always.

The following day USASA had a planning meeting involving both Board and Staff in order to develop our Strategic Plan for the next three years. Everyone at the planning meeting contributed towards our new plan and I can guarantee anyone reading this that the organization will be in a strong position for at least the next three years.

On a personal note, this semester I will not be able to be on campus everyday like I was able to in SP2 due to the fact that I am undertaking cross-institutional study at Flinders University.

Homer confused.jpg
Hey, don’t give me that look

So far only seven people have told me I should resign as Magill Rep for being a traitor, which I’m assuming means the other 7.4 billion people in the world think I’m doing awesome. For the record I still do have two classes at Magill this semester anyway, so those seven people need to calm their farm.

I will still be present at Magill Campus three and a half days a week and intend to do my best during the times I am at Magill. The only real difference is there may not be as many Toastie Tuesday’s this semester and/or they may have to be shifted to a different day.

Anyway, back on topic I was able to volunteer during O-Week at Magill at the counter to introduce myself to new students and add to USASA’s presence at Magill.

The next week (week 1) was a busy week for me USASA wise.

On Wednesday we held the Clubs Committee (CCOM) meeting at Magill. Prior to the meeting I reached out to several of the clubs at Magill to see if we could do more to support them. I had mixed responses from the clubs, but was fortunate to be able to meet with the executives from the UniCast Radio Club, as well as invite the Psychology Club President to attend the CCOM.

The next day I sat on the Magill Campus Advisory Group, which is comprised of members from FM, Security, OH&S, a few heads of school etc. I am very thankful to Damian for allowing me to sit at this meeting and raise a concern I had about the Student Hub bins being too tall for students in wheelchairs to reach. I am pleased to announce that they are now in the process of rectifying this.

Finally onto the matter that has been receiving the most attention: the merger. At the Education Committee meeting on Friday we ran a focus group to ask students their thoughts on the possible merger between the Isotopes UniSA and Albuquerque the University of Adelaide. All of the discussion raised by the students was incredibly helpful and exceeded our expectations. Several points raised were things that neither myself, Jordan or Daniel had even considered but added to our collation of data.

I would also like to thank Dr Laura-Anne Bull for being at this meeting also to take on our suggestions for the My Course Evaluation as well as dispel some of the myths that had been spread regarding it.

Other than that, ta ta and farewell, and enjoy the semester!


PS: I’m hoping to write something in the Verse Magazine for the next edition (if they accept it) so keep an eye out for that.



My Activities This Month:

July 17 USASA Board Meeting

July 18 USASA Strategic Planning Meeting

July 18 USASA O-Week at Magill

July 25 Meeting with Co-Rep

July 25 Connection meeting with UniCast radio club based at Magill

July 25 USASA Clubs Committee Meeting

July 26 Magill Campus Advisory Group

July 27 USASA Education Committee meeting

July 27 Academic Board Pre-Meeting

July 27 Academic Board Meeting


July Board Report

Hello everyone, hopefully you all enjoyed your well deserved break. This month i attended the USASA Strategic Planning Session, Clubs Committee, Education Committee and Academic Board Meeting. I was also present at the USASA City West Campus Counter during Orientation Week, interacting with new students and handing out the USASA Goodie Bags.

I was an apology for USASA Board Meeting and Governance Committee due to being overseas for academic purposes.

At the USASA Strategic Planning Session, the USASA Board and the Staff discussed what key values they want USASA to represent going forward. During the session, the attendees were divided into two teams with both teams being tasked to come up with a mission statement that encapsulates USASA’s values. We were also tasked to come up with ways we can achieve the mission statement.

At the Clubs Committee meeting, we predominantly discussed the ways USASA can reach out to Club Presidents so that they can attend Clubs Committee Meetings. Tracy also updated us regarding the number of nominations received for Clubs Awards and she also went over an informal proposal to revitalise clubs at regional campuses.

At the Education Committee we had a presentation from Laura Anne Bull regarding some myths around MyCourseExperience. She also showed us the algorithm used to calculate mean score, which is an indicator of a teacher’s performance in a course. We also discussed the feeling around different schools regarding the proposed Merger between the University of South Australia and Adelaide University.  The Academic Board meeting was a straightforward meeting and the only thing to note was the Academic Integrity Report, which highlighted a steep increase in the number of Academic Integrity cases arising from the Division of IEE.

That is all from me this time.

July 2018 – President’s Report

Hi everyone!
Welcome back to the second half of the study year, and a special welcome to those of you who are starting at the University of South Australia for the first time.

Now onto what I’ve been up to this month:

National Union of Students Education Conference (02/07/18-05/07/18)
Every year the National Union of Students (NUS) holds an education conference which is attended by student leaders all across Australia. I was pleased that this years conference was held in South Australia at Flinders University’s Bedford Park Campus. The theme of this years conference was ‘Education for All’. This National Education Conference is a great opportunity for student leaders from across Australia to up-skill and share important information with each other. It was great that both Bridget Barletta (USASA City West Undergraduate Rep) and Grace Dixon (USASA Mawson Lakes Rep) were able to attend the conference and engage with student leaders from across Australia as well as many distinguished guests.
My personal highlights from the conference were the Union of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students (UATSIS) workshop ‘Because of Her, We Can’, where we discussed the theme of this year’s NAIDOC Week, as well as hearing some moving personal experiences from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women that were present.
I also enjoyed the plenary discussion which was led by the NUS Women’s Officer Kate Crossin which featured Founder and Director of End Rape on Campus Sharna Bremner, Sydney Morning Herald journalist and advocate Nina Funnel, as well as the Melbourne Student Union Women’s Officer Molly Willmott. The panel discussed the issue of sexual assault and harassment in the university context, as well as the NUS Women’s Department campaign this year ‘We Will Not Be Silent’. The session was very informative, and I look forward to working with the NUS to support this important campaign throughout the remainder of the year.
Finally I really enjoyed the workshop ‘Voice, Treaty, Truth: The Road to Reform’ which featured a fantastic presentation by Adnyamathanha and Kokatha man Dwayne Coulthard, as well as the Adelaide University SRC Welfare Officer Ali Amin. This session was incredibly informative about the history of the Australian Government’s approach to our First Nation peoples. It also laid out where we are now, and where will still need to go. This was by far the most informative and my favourite session of conference.
Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 2.02.09 pm.png
Everybody’s Home presentation by campaign director Kate Colvin

Meeting with Federal Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham (06/07/18)
On the 6th of July I met with the Federal Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham to discuss the issues of sexual assault and harassment as well as hazing in residential colleges. I was joined by the Adelaide University Student Representative Council President Matt Boughey. The conversation was very productive and I am thankful for the minister for taking the time to meet with us. Some of the key outcomes from the meeting are as follows:
  • Minister Birmingham discussed with us the Federal Government’s announcement to increase the funding of the Tertiary Education and Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) by $24.3 million, which will help to ensure the quality assurance of all higher education providers in compliance with the TEQSA standards.
  • Minister Birmingham’s office has been in contact with the Shadow Minister for Education Tanya Plibersek to facilitate an approach for a bi-partisan national taskforce to oversee Australian universities and residential colleges.
I was pleased that the Federal Government was taking this issue seriously, and I will continue to work with all parties and stakeholders to ensure this issue remains a priority.
Left to right: Matt Boughey (Adelaide Uni SRC President), Jordan Mumford (USASA President), Simon Birmingham (Federal Minister for Education and Training)

Merger Update

As you are all well aware, on the 19th of June the Chancellors of both the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia announced that the two universities will explore the merits of a merger to create a new, leading Australian university. I have been in contact with the Vice Chancellor about this announcement and my immediate focus is ensuring that the student voice is at the heart of this process.
In order for the USASA Board to be able to accurately represent the views of UniSA students on this issue, it is paramount to know what they think. It is for this reason that I have worked with the entire USASA Board to come up with a plan to provide students with the opportunity to have their voice heard on this issue.
USASA will be rolling out a survey on the 20th of August, as well as conducting a listening tour of all 6 UniSA campuses where you will be able to discuss this issue with your relevant student representatives as well as myself. Your feedback will allow you to have your say, and to help guide USASA’s approach to this important issue.

Responding to sexual assault and sexual harassment

We are fast approaching the 1-year anniversary of the release of the ‘Change The Course’ report released by the Australian Human Rights Commission on statistics of sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian universities.
Of the 612 UniSA respondents to the survey, a shocking 8.5% had experienced sexual assault during the 2015/16 period, as well as 49% of students reporting that they had experienced sexual harassment in a university setting in 2016. Then USASA President Kayla Dickeson called on universities to acknowledge their failings and to take real action on sexual assault and harassment.
One year on from the survey I’d like to report on some of the forward steps that have been made through USASA’s efforts and work alongside the university.
  • The establishment of a standalone Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures which are currently going through formal approval processes.
  • The appointment of a Counsellor and Training Coordinator (Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment) who will provide specialist support to survivors as well as provide training at the university.
  • A tiered framework for training for UniSA students and staff.
  • A Sexual Assault and Harassment website with an online reporting mechanism and information.
While process has been made, there is much more work to do. It is imperative that the university does not stand still on this issue, and USASA will continue to advocate for a safer campus for all UniSA students. I also urge you all to attend the NUS Women’s National Day of Action on the 1st of August outside the University of Adelaide Hub at 1PM.

Other things I’ve been up to this month:

  • 10/07/18 – Finance Committee Meeting
  • 13/07/18 – School of ITMS – Formal Inquiry
  • 14/07/18 – Meeting with Kate Riggall (USASA Postgrad Rep), Nina Funnell (Anti Sexual Assault Advocate), Ali Amin (Adelaide Uni SRC Welfare Officer) and Matt Boughey (Adelaide Uni SRC President)
  • 16/07/18 – International Student Welcome Event with Abid Billah (USASA International Rep)
  • 17/07/18 – Academic Review and At-Risk Students Workshop
  • 17/07/18 – Governance Committee Meeting
  • 17/07/18 – USASA Board Meeting
  • 18/07/18 – USASA Strategic Planning
  • 18/07/18 – Presentation to UniSA College Students
  • 18/07/18 – Meeting with Kate Riggall (USASA Postgraduate Representative) and Matt Boughey (Adelaide Uni SRC President)
  • 19/07/18 – Meeting with Rose Alwyn (St Mark’s Master), Raphaela Oest (St Mark’s Dean), Katherine Radoslovich (St Mark’s Director of Learning), Brendan Hughes (Director SEU), and Narelle Lieschke (Manager Counselling SEU)
  • 19/07/18 – Meeting with Bridget Laffy (Student Rep Support Officer USASA) and Matt Boughey (Adelaide Uni SRC President)
  • 20/07/18 – Wellbeing Executive Meeting
  • 20/07/18 – Meeting with Shweta Mariwala (Executive Officer to the PVC: Student Engagement & Equity) and Daniel Randell (USASA GM)
  • 23/07/18 – Meeting with Kate Riggall (USASA Postgraduate Rep) and Shweta Mariwala (Executive Officer to the PVC: Student Engagement & Equity)
  • 23/07/18 – Respect. Now. Always Meeting
  • 25/07/18 – Meeting with USASA Marketing team and Daniel Randell to discuss Merger Survey
  • 25/07/18 – Presentation to Dr. Ayi Ahadiat and guests from the University of Lampung about USASA
  • 25/07/18 – Clubs Committee Meeting
  • 26/07/18 – Meeting with Laura-Anne Bull (PVC: Student Engagement & Equity) and Daniel Randell (USASA GM)
  • 27/07/18 – Business School – Formal Inquiry
  • 27/07/18 – USASA Education Committee Meeting
  • 27/07/18 – Academic Board Meeting
  • 30/07/18 – Wellbeing Working Group Meeting
  • 30/07/18 – UniSA International Welcome Staff Briefing
  • 30/07/18 – International Student Welcome Event

What I’m up to next month:
  • 01/08/18 – Academic Review Communications meeting with Paul Williams (Manager Campus Central) and Luis Gardeazabal (Manager USASA Advocacy)
  • 01/08/18 – NUS Women’s National Day of Action
  • 01/08/18 – Adelaide University SRC – The Hunting Ground Screening
  • 02/08/18 – SALA Art Prize Launch
  • 03/08/18 – Welfare Committee Meeting
  • 03/08/18 – Meeting with Mark Pace (NUS President)
  • 06/07/18 – Recognise and Respond Training
  • 06/08/18 – Finance Committee Meeting
  • 08/08/18 – Student Connect Meeting
  • 08/08/18 – Mount Gambier Clubs Meeting to discuss establishment of Social Club with Tegan Jardine (USASA Club Support Officer), Georgina Gogel (USASA Mount Gambier Rep), and Ian McKay (Regional Manager Mount Gambier)
  • 13/08/18 – Orientation Advisory Group Meeting
  • 16/08/18 – University Council Meeting
  • 21/08/18 – UNITE Workshop – Conflict Management and Effective Feedback
  • 21/08/18 – Governance Committee Meeting
  • 21/08/18 – USASA Board Meeting
  • 23/08/18 – Merger Listening Session with Georgina Gogel (USASA Mount Gambier Rep) – Mount Gambier Campus
  • 24/08/18 – Policy Review Steering Group Meeting
  • 24/08/18 – Education Committee Meeting
  • 28/08/18 – Merger Listening Session with Bridget Barletta (USASA City West Undergraduate Rep) and Qihua Zheng (USASA City West Rep)
  • 28/08/18 – Diversity, Equity and Access Committee Meeting
  • 29/08/18 – Clubs Committee Meeting
  • 30/08/18 – Merger Listening Session with Ryan Colsey (USASA Magill Rep) and Surabhi Shubhraj (USASA Magill Undergraduate Rep)

That’s all for now. If you’d like to get in contact for any reason, feel free to send me an email at mumjp001@mymail.unisa.edu.

July Student News – Whyalla

Welcome to all our new students who joined us this week for O-week SP5.


The year will swing by very quickly now, so start thinking about what your plans are for next year. As this is my last year at Uni and last year as USASA rep it is now time to think about if you would love the opportunity to empower students and create an awesome experience. I know I have made the most of my degree and I have really enjoyed my time in Whyalla and our Campus. The role is an elected position so if more than one of you apply there will be an election, nominations will open in September and voting will take place in October. If there is only one student who puts in for nomination, then you’ll get the job unopposed. Over the next couple of months we will hold a session on the in’s and out’s of the role so don’t stress.

Things to consider:

Black Bullion This is a new free online course at UniSA, offering students the opportunity to master living costs, become a budgeting pro and learn to save. This can be accessed by registering with a UniSA student email address at BlackBullion.com

UniSights is a national photo & video competition ran by Tertiary Access Group. This year’s theme is ‘Share your perspective of student life’. Over $15,000 in prizes are up for grabs, including a $250 to be won weekly on Instagram. Full details can be found at unisights.com.au/info/overview

Upcoming Events:

Thursday 16th August – Unitopia

Sunday 26th August – Open Day

June 2018 – Postgrad Rep Report



The big news this month was that UniSA is exploring a possible merger with the University of Adelaide. This means, all jokes aside, it’s time to start thinking about our future as a university. As your representatives, we want to hear about your thoughts, concerns and questions on this issue. Our president and other reps will be visiting every campus to hear from students, and I will be holding a session specifically for postgrad students at City West.

If you need some extra motivation to come chat to me, immediately after the merger discussion we’ll be kicking off our Grad Games Night! The good news is that means there will be not just cheese, but cheesy pizza! The time and date will be announced on Facebook and flyers will be going up on the metro campuses. I look forward to hearing your feedback, and I can’t wait to hang out and play some games!

This month also saw the first meeting of the expanded Diversity, Equity and Access Committee (previously the Women’s Committee). We had a very productive first meeting with much to discuss, and I look forward to working with the committee throughout the rest of this year to ensure we are meeting the needs of every student as best we can.

On a final note, this month saw both the Winter Solstice and the mid-year break, which means we have all successfully made it through another semester. Yay us! Best of luck to all in the coming semester/research period, and I look forward to speaking to you next time!

Activity Report

13/06/18 – Ally Network Progress Meeting with SEU and Rainbow Club Exec

19/06/18 – Special Meeting of UniSA Council

19/06/18 – USASA Board Meeting

21/06/18 – Policy Review Steering Group Meeting

18/07/18 – First Diversity, Equity & Access Committee Meeting

18/07/18 – consultation for Grad Games Night Event

Upcoming Events

17/07/18 – USASA Board Meeting

18/07/18 – USASA Strategic Planning Day

18/07/18 – consultation for DE&A survey

02/08/18 – Policy Review Steering Group Meeting


June 2018 report Pamela Spek

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone did well on their exams and had a good end of semester and is having a good semester break. Happy NAIDOC week everybody. This years theme for NAIDOC week is “Because of her we can” and is celebrating the contributions that first nations women have made and will continue to make in our community and history. Unfortunately due to previous commitments I couldn’t personally make it to any NAIDOC week celebrations. Although this past month I have done a couple of exciting things.

Early in the month we had our board meeting and it was approved for myself for the first NISC (National Indigenous Student Conference) which is taking place next week.

I also attended the first meeting for the DEA committee which is a new committee in USASA the Diversity Equity Access committee. For this committee a big shout out to the amazing work of Kate Riggall and the rest of the committee for having so much come out of one meeting. The other committee meeting I attended was the governance committee which we are moving along at a good pace with 🙂

Last but not least this month I had a chance to meet up with other first nations student reps from across the country. This was my first time meeting in person president of UATSIS Ethan Taylor and also I got to meet other amazing people.

Kind Regards and until next time Pamela Spek

June 2018 City West Rep report- Qihua (Zelda) Zheng

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all doing well and enjoy your holiday! June probably is our quietest month since everyone is busy at their studies.

I attended our June board meeting on 19th June with lots of interesting topics. The merger of UniSA and Adelaide University is definitely the hottest topic among us. As your representatives, we want to make sure your opinions be heard by UniSA leadership team. There will be heaps of investigation going on in the next 6 months. Please deliver your message either through the surveys or us to have your say. During the meeting, we also had a guest speaker Franko, who is the new Student Ombud, to introduce how and what he is working for UniSA students.

Moreover, as a student leader, I also participated in Student Advice Panel who work in the Yammer platform to provide feedbacks and advices on student-focused initiatives. It is a great chance to help our university to enhance student experience.

The SP5 orientation is coming soon! Stay tuned as there’ re popular activities in next semester! See you soon.

June Board Report

Hope your exams went well and are currently enjoying your well deserved breaks.

This month I attended Finance Committee meeting, Board Meeting and convened the governance meeting.

At the finance committee meeting, the major point of discussion was setting of the budget for next year. Lengthy discussions were had on the finer points of the budget, including discussion on how to reinvigorate the clubs executive training and development program. No drastic changes were suggested in the budget measures.

At the governance meeting, continuation of the discussions from the previous meeting were had. More policies were reviewed and were recommended to the board to be approved with little to no changes made to them. Constitutional changes discussion again occupied major portion of the committee’s time.

At the board meeting, we had a presentation from the new Student Ombud, who explained to the board their duties and responsibilities. The only other major point of discussion was looking at the budget draft which went through the finance committee.

That is all from me this time and I hope to see you at the O-week stalls next week!! Come to the USASA office to get your free USASA’s bag of goodies.

City West – June 2018 Report – Bridget

Hello world!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the beginning of their breaks, and has taken the time out to destress, catch up with friends and all those missed Netflix eps!

June has been a busy month for me personally – with the finishing of my exams. I also spent most of my month in Japan, as a part of a UniSA study tour!

Although UniSA study tours are not USASA related, I want to take the time to say a few words – and I highly recommend that all students consider taking a study tour. Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve learnt a lot both personally and professionally on the study tour. I’ve also been able to grow my network, make new friends, and have met with some incredible UniSA alumni. We really do have some amazing alumni out there – and it has been absolutely amazing to see some of the work people have done using the skills and knowledge from their degrees (if you want more information, let me know!!).  I’ve also been able to bond with other UniSA students and have learnt more about student needs, but also the complexities of being an international student. So although I haven’t been able to work on much USASA related stuff over this period – I feel like I’m equipped with some different perspectives on our amazing university but also things that make/break the student experience. Please contact me if you want to talk a bit more about this, I’m more than happy to spend some time going over my experience but also how this could help you get the most out of your time with UniSA. You can go here for some information on UniSA study tours: https://i.unisa.edu.au/students/business/exchange/study-tours/

Aside from my Japan trip, I also attended Edcon 2018 on behalf of UniSA. This ran from Monday 2 July until Thursday 5th July. Edcon is a NUS run education conference for university representatives, and is attended by reps from all over Australia. Attending Edcon gave me the opportunity to learn about all sorts of issues affecting university students, by engaging in discussions and listening to speakers from different universities. I look forward to sharing more about this experience in July’s board report!

For now, that’s all. Please contact me if you want to chat or have any questions. My email is barba006@mymail.unisa.edu.au

Next Month:

17 July – USASA Unite workshop
Governance Committee Meeting
USASA Board Meeting

18 July – USASA strategic planning

TBA – City West reps meeting


June 2018 Magill Board Report: Surabhi Shubhraj


“Procrastination makes easy things hand, hard things harder” – Brainy Quote

Going along with university theme, I never have the luxury for procrastination. I personally live by the clock and diary. I have learnt to make time for things I would like to achieve and only choose to commit to my goals. I hope that you have gotten over your crisis and enjoying your down time now. Please have fun during your mid semester break.

During the mid semester break I highly recommend students to join or create a club.  As you all know USASA is a proud association and clubs are a great way to find friendships and connect with like minded people. USASA is working extremely hard to support clubs to connect with student groups.

While I have been away this month at my placement full-time Monday to Friday, 8.45-5:00. I was so please to know that students were still able to contact me regardless. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for considering me worthy to reach out. As @ryancmagill rightly stated in his board report that student representatives must talk to students to know what they really want. I wish to continue to support you all in every possible way and ensure that our voices are heard. Much love, power and strength to you all. I hope to see you all in person during the second half of the year. Meanwhile feel free to write to me on


Lastly, I am really excited to work with @kateriggall in the coming months and support her with Diversity and Equity Committee and @gracelucy24 with Welfare Committee.

June Activities:

June 12: Clubs Committee Meeting
June 22: Women’s Collective Club “Redefine Feminism”