November 2017 – Whyalla Student News

That’s a wrap, SP5 finished and now the anxious wait for results, I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone. I really hope everyone is successful and takes a well-earned break ready to do it all again next year, congratulations to those who have finished their studies, you can be really proud of your achievements.

Huge congrats to young mum-of-two, Hayley, who has become our first Aboriginal student to complete the Aboriginal Pathway Program, supporting students with no previous qualifications for university study. Hayley will transition into a Bachelor of Social Work in 2018.

Thank you to all those who came out on Saturday 25th November to farewell our year, great to see the children have fun and get to see the dolphins up close, something Whyalla should be proud of, people pay big money to have that experience, and we have it on our doorstep. Continue being awesome and making our uni experience great, after all no one else will make it awesome but us.

Having studied education for the past three years and learning how we should treat students, I feel the university have some work to do, the ability to make a difference to each student, never giving up on any student, ensuring care and guidance is given addressing individual needs, these are the qualities of teaching and I really hope the University can articulate and act upon their educational philosophy to align with other great University institutions such as Melbourne University and the National Institute of Education in Singapore.

Have a lovely break and see you in the new year.



November President’s Report

Hey all! I hope everyone is fairing well with exams, final assessments and end of year events. Firstly, as we’re nearing the end of the year, I’d just like to say what a privilege it has been to be your 2017 USASA President! It’s been amazing to meet so many of you this year and to see your passion for our student community. Thank you to the USASA Board for a fantastic year and I wish everyone in the new 2018 Board the absolute best.

During November I have been focused on putting together all of my final reports and submissions to hand over to the incoming Board, as well as to the University. I have also been preparing for the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) Conference and National Union of Students’ National Conference. I have also handed down submissions to the University on the International Relations changes in collaboration with students, staff and the NTEU; as well as presenting on and preparing a final report on student representation at UniSA.

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November Postgrad Report

Hi postgrads!

This has been a month of wrapping up my current projects and preparing everything for next year. I have been in contact with 2018’s elected postgraduate representative, Kate Riggall, and I know that she is going to work really hard at supporting you all next year!

The handover policy and procedures that I submitted to the USASA board were accepted, and so this month every committee and student representative will be preparing a handover document for next year’s committee/representatives. This is something that I’m really proud of, as I hope it will help USASA successfully implement more long term projects, and allow reps to “pass the torch” to their successors. I’ve included heaps of information in my handover so I hope that Kate can get off to a running start in her term.

Thank you to every student who voted in 2016 to elect me to this position. It’s something I have taken very seriously and I have worked really hard to enact change and support students during my term.

Good luck to everyone with their ongoing postgraduate studies and congratulations to those who will be finishing/submitting this year.

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