USASA Student Rep Report, Julie Baum Mt Gambier

Hi everyone,

Firstly CONGRATULATIONS! on completing your year at Uni, and a special congrats to all of those who have just finished their degree, by this point in time we have all finished our final assignments and are exams are done – well done!!

Whilst my role as Student Rep has been quiet during November,  however, I was still able to be a presence on campus and a listening ear for those who were a bit stressed about final assignments and exams, while supporting a couple of students who were facing issues with results and course changes.

Our Mt Gambier campus is a unique campus, providing students with a close knit community who support and encourage each other, our small class sizes enable students to engage deeply with lecturers and tutors as well as each other.

Being a USASA Rep has enabled me to build stronger relationships with all the cohorts while working toward growing a more engaged Uni community, encouraging all students to engage fully in the possibilities and potential that Uni life presents them.

I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to work in this role this year, I have made new friends, gained new skills and built networks for my future, Thank you to everyone.

Congrats to the new rep for 2018, I wish them all the best in the role, Julie


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