November Magill Rep Report – Carey Moore

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my penultimate* post on this blog! I hope you’ve survived your exams and final assignments and are looking forward to Summer break (assuming you don’t have Summer school or a tonne of work over Summer.)

Firstly, now that the election results are official, let me give my warmest congratulations to Jordan Mumford on being elected Student President for 2018. You’ve got a big 12 months ahead of you, mate but I am absolutely confident you’ll do great in the role.

Also, congratulations to my co-Magill Representative, Ryan Colsey on being re-elected as a Magill representative for next year. Ryan has been working hard this year and I am certain that he will continue that next year.

Further congratulations to everybody else elected/re-elected. I am sure that USASA and the voice of students are in good hands for 2018. Now, onto my report!

November has been a quieter month for me (especially compared to October), with a combination of Magill campus pretty much going to sleep after Study Period 5 teaching period concluding and some personal issues (a bit of illness and my cat getting really sick – won’t go into details, this isn’t my personal blog!) However, I did still work for you all where I could this month, managing to do several things this month.

I firstly attended the final Education Committee for the year, where again I was the minutes secretary. In the meeting, we discussed the upcoming International Relations discontinuation and feedback to the university about the universal disapproval of it. We also discussed the inconsistent and unclear policy related to word counts in assignments and whether or not in-text references count. I am proud to have been on that committee and I hope it continues next year, considering the important work it’s beginning to do. Also, thank you to Ryan C for doing a 10/10 job convening it and helping to define it!

I also attended the Welfare Committee – which is also important (don’t let my praise of the Education Committee undersell this one!) and we discussed Brekky Bar and the possibility of emergency grants.

I attended a “thank you drinks” event for those from USASA/UniSA who volunteered at any recent events (eg Unitopia.) While this kind of thing is not normally something I’d include in an Activity Report, in this instance I was joined by Abid Billah and Sneha Manumurugan, the 2018 International Student Representative-elect and Mawson Lakes Representative-elect, respectively. I had a brief chat to them about what to expect and gave them a little advice (Go to formal enquiries and volunteer for events.)

On the Academy Integrity/Progress side of things, I also filled in for an Academic Review meeting at City West and attended a Formal Enquiry at City East, and shall be attending a Formal Enquiry at Magill this week. I have already stated the importance of these and I was happy to see a USASA Advocate used at the Academic Review. Remember: if you ever have any trouble of this nature, contact our advocates HERE – they’re always happy to help!

Finally, Ryan Colsey and I met up with Surabhi Shubhraj, who will be serving alongside Ryan next year as a Magill Representative. We discussed a lot of the issues of this year and strategised about how to go about engaging with you next year. Surabhi is full of a lot of exciting ideas and passion, and I am confident I am handing over to somebody who is going to do a great job!

That’s it for November. I will post a final farewell at the end of December. Until then, as always, if you need anything, contact me at:

Take care!

* For those unaware, “penultimate” is a pretentious way of saying “second to last”

November Activity Highlights Listed:

October 31 – Business School Academic Review Appeals Panel (rescheduled meeting for one student)

November 2 – Education Subcommittee Meeting

November 2 – Welfare Subcommittee Meeting

November 22 – Meeting with Ryan Colsey and Surabhi Shubhraj at Magill

November 23 – Formal Enquiry at City East

November 28 – Formal Enquiry at Magill


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