November City West Rep Report – Zahra

Hey everyone,

I hope November hasn’t been too stressful with juggling final assessments, exams and planning further studies/career. My highlight of this month has been holding catch-up sessions with the City West Student Rep (Ryan Kennealy) at City West.

Free Toasties Catch-ups @ City West

After plenty of planning and discussions, City West Reps (Ryan and myself) organised our first free toasties catch-up for City West on Wednesday, 1st November 2017. Shout out to Donna for the amazing idea and to Daniel, Bridget, Tracy, the SEU team and FM Assist for helping us with this event.

Despite it being a rather quiet time (Swot-vac) in a rather busy campus, the event was a success. We were glad to be able to talk to students, introduce ourselves as their City West reps, get to know them, tell them about USASA and the services offered to students and finally to encourage students to provide feedback. It was great to see many Architecture students coming for a toastie and a chat whilst relaxing after their major presentations.

Due to the success of this event, which included ticking all the boxes for student engagement and receiving student satisfaction, Ryan and myself, decided to hold our second and last student catch-up with free toasties during exam week, this time bringing more cheese and bread. We saw both new students and familiar faces from our first catch-up.

Thank you to everyone who came along. We hope you had a great time and enjoyed your toasties!

(Ryan Kennealy and Zahra Darwishi in the Student Lounge preparing Cheese Toasties)

USASA November Board Meeting

Amongst the many of the productive agendas of the Board Meeting, I am especially thrilled that there will be handover policies for incoming USASA Student Reps who will have a document to refer to, specifically made for their role.

I would also like to thank all the USASA staff and student reps for making me feel welcome to the Board Meetings, having joined the crew in September. A huge shout-out to the 2017 USASA President (Kayla Dickeson) for always looking out for her team of student reps and helping us fulfil our roles.

Formal Inquiry

Each formal inquiry is different, with different concerns, circumstances and outcomes. Depending on the conduct of the students, the outcomes, as per the policies, may be severe. It is important that students are aware of the free advocacy service offered by USASA. Click HERE to learn more about the advocacy services.

The role of a USASA rep as a panel member sitting on formal inquiries is absolutely crucial as they will be able to provide a student perspective to the rest of the panel.

Academic Integrity Review

Carey Moore (Magill Rep) and myself will be writing up a submission, on behalf of USASA, for the external review into the Office of Academic Integrity with the assistance of USASA staff.

November Activities Highlights:

  • 1/11 Free toasties event at City West (with City West Rep Ryan)
  • 6/11 USASA Board Meeting
  • 8/11 Free toasties #2 event at City West (with City West Rep Ryan)
  • 21/11 Business School Formal Inquiry

December’s Planned Activities:

  • 1/12 Shortlisting meeting for UniSA Student Employment Officer
  • 4/12 2017/2018 USASA Board Meet and Greet
  • 4/12 USASA Board Meeting
  • 7/12 Interview panel member for UniSA Student Employment Officer

For those studying in sp6, sp7 2017 and/or sp1 2018, good luck in your studies. To those graduating this year, congratulations! And to everyone else, enjoy your holidays!

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any queries or concerns.


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