November City West Activity Report

Hey everyone,

Well done for completing your exams and all final assessment pieces. As you can see from the list of meetings below, I have been extremely busy this month, involving myself in a range of activities across the university. Let me run you through a few highlights from November.

Making (very popular) ham and cheese toasties in the Student Lounge

City West Student Engagement – Free Cheese Toasties in the Student Lounge
With the main City West food vendors shut down over the last month and until February next year, we thought it would be a good idea to give you guys the fuel you need to get through your exams, so Zahra and myself held two catch-ups in the student lounge, and it was great to have so many of you come and say hello, and grab a free toastie.

Final Governance Committee Meeting
In early November, we held our last GCOM meeting, and it made me feel quite sad by the end of it, as this really was my favourite committee to be on this year (nothing personal, finance committee!). Importantly, we have made some progress towards constitutional and organisational reform, and there is much work to be done next year.

Academic Board
While some may say Academic Board can sometimes be boring and dull, the meeting this month was the exception to this and highlighted the important role we, as USASA Representatives, have on this Board. I was proud to stand with the other USASA Representatives on Academic Board to oppose the changes to the School of Communications, International Studies and Languages. It wasn’t easy to do, particularly given that I had to make my remarks right in front of the Vice Chancellor. You can read my speech to Academic Board in full here.

Interviews for the new UniSA Student Leadership Coordinator
Over the last two weeks, I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the process to replace the outgoing Student Leadership Coordinator, Kelly Graham-Sutton. Kelly has done a fantastic job this year in coordinating workshops and the leadership programs and the person replacing her will have big shoes to fill.

Finally, while there won’t be much happening next month as everything begins to wind down with our last Board meeting in early December, I will still have a final report just be Christmas as a chance to reflect on this year.

Have a great month!

Activities and Meetings in November

  • 1/11 – City West Student Engagement – Free Cheese Toasties in the Student Lounge
  • 2/11 – Meeting with Brendan Hughes, Director: Student Engagement Unit
  • 2/11 – Finance Committee Meeting
  • 6/11 – Governance Committee Meeting
  • 6/11 – USASA Board Meeting
  • 8/11 – City West Student Engagement – Free Cheese Toasties in the Student Lounge
  • 14/11 – Business School Formal Inquiry
  • 17/11 – Shortlisting for new UniSA Student Leadership Coordinator
  • 23/11 – Student Engagement and Equity Staff Awards Night
  • 24/11 – Academic Board Meeting
  • 27/11 – Interviews for new UniSA Student Leadership Coordinator
  • 29/11 – UniSA+ and Leadership Awards Night
  • 30/11 – Finance Committee Meeting

Next Month’s Planned Activities and Meetings

  • 4/12 – Meeting with Provost Allan Evans and Professor Joanna Cys
  • 4/12 – New USASA Representatives Handover Afternoon Tea
  • 4/12 – USASA Board Meeting

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