City East November Report

Hello everyone!

This month was very busy owing to my exam period. I hope all your exams went well and are looking forward to your well deserved break.

I attended the board meeting on November 6th, the main point of discussion was about approval a new financial investment plan, which will exist to serve the students over the coming years. The another important take away from the board meeting was the fact that we approved a handover policy, which means that the incoming reps will have the required support they need to get firing on all cylinders.

I also attended Academic board meeting on November 24th, where the main point of discussion was about withdrawal of a program. USASA’s voting members on the academic board were united in opposing the process used by the school. Your reps ensured that next time a mess like this is not created and before a withdrawal of a course students are well informed. It is also important that the school takes steps to have a proper teaching out phase, rather than forcing students to undertake cross-institutional studies. Taking cross-institutional studies can be financially burdening to a lot of students.

For the next week i have Clubs committee meeting and Finance committee meeting. After that my term as a USASA board rep will be capped off at the last board meeting of the year on 4th December.

See you again next year.
Natansh Modi.


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