Mawson Lakes November Board report.

Hello everyone!

This month has been a busy month for all of us!
Now with exams done, I hope everyone will have a wonderful holiday!
As my time on the board comes to an end and there won’t be much to report over the next month, I would like to thank all the board members, students and staff for your contribution and support. I would also like to welcome next years board and wish you all the best. Continue reading


USASA Student Rep Report, Julie Baum Mt Gambier

Hi everyone,

Firstly CONGRATULATIONS! on completing your year at Uni, and a special congrats to all of those who have just finished their degree, by this point in time we have all finished our final assignments and are exams are done – well done!! Continue reading

November City West Rep Report – Zahra

Hey everyone,

I hope November hasn’t been too stressful with juggling final assessments, exams and planning further studies/career. My highlight of this month has been holding catch-up sessions with the City West Student Rep (Ryan Kennealy) at City West.

Free Toasties Catch-ups @ City West

After plenty of planning and discussions, City West Reps (Ryan and myself) organised our first free toasties catch-up for City West on Wednesday, 1st November 2017. Shout out to Donna for the amazing idea and to Daniel, Bridget, Tracy, the SEU team and FM Assist for helping us with this event.

Continue reading

November 2017 – Mawson Lakes Rep

Hi everyone,

It is hard to believe that 2017 is fast coming to an end already. Well done to everyone who has finished their study for the year, you can all be proud of the hard work you’ve put in this year. I wish everyone all the best for the break, and for those of you returning next year I look forward to seeing you all on campus.

Now onto what I’ve been up this month:

USASA Board Meeting – 06/11/17

Our board meeting in the first week of November was very productive so I’ll touch briefly on some of the outcomes of that meeting. One of the standouts of this meeting was the board approving a new financial investment arrangement for USASA, which students will be able to see the benefits of over the next few years. Continue reading

November Board Report

Hi Everyone!

This month has been a quiet one as we’ve all been busy with exams. I hope you’ve all had a successful exam period and good luck with all your results! Enjoy the well deserved break!

I attended the finance committee meeting where we finalised our discussion for a new investment plan which will be beneficial for USASA and hence students over the next few years. At the welfare committee meeting we discussed brekky bar and emergency grants program which we’re still currently researching and hopefully the new board members of 2018 will kick off next year. Continue reading

November International Student Rep Report

Hi everyone,

That’s it for this year for most of us. I am sure you all get HDs for your exams. As much busy as you all were, I managed to discuss with Council of International Students Australia their upcoming plans for next year. Coming toward the end of my term, I have included all of my recommendations and ideas for further improvement of life quality for international students here in South Australia into the handover document for your next representative. I hope we can share some of our view.

It has been an amazing journey working for USASA and representing students of our University. Many mistakes made, many lessons learnt. I hope USASA will keep growing and make much more positive influence over the students’ lives here in South Australia.

Wherever you go, whatever you do at our University, USASA will always be there for you. I wish you all a great summer holidays and best of luck with your future endeavours.

Kind regards,

Luke Le

November Board Report for Magill –Ryan Colsey

Hi All


In my last board report I wrote how October had been the busiest month I’d had since being on the USASA Board. This month topped that.

The big focus this month was the USASA submission into changes relating to the Disciplinary Clusters project in the School of CIL. To put that into English, the School of Communication, International Studies and Languages undertook a review of the school Continue reading

City East November Report

Hello everyone!

This month was very busy owing to my exam period. I hope all your exams went well and are looking forward to your well deserved break.

I attended the board meeting on November 6th, the main point of discussion was about approval a new financial investment plan, which will exist to serve the students over the coming years. The another important take away from the board meeting was the fact that we approved a handover policy, which means that the incoming reps will have the required support they need to get firing on all cylinders. Continue reading