September City East Report

Hey all,
September was yet again another very busy month. I attended the board meeting early in the month where the major discussion point was an in-camera item which i cannot discuss. At the board meeting i gave my official report-back regarding the Education conference and highlighted the important role NUS plays in developing student leaders skills.

At the clubs committee we discussed about the Clubs strategic plan and are in process of finalising the strategic plan for 2018-2020. It will be exciting to see it rolled out next year. Clubs stand to benefit alot from this USASA initiative.

This month’s welfare committee was organised by me. We delved into more details regarding the future of brekky bar. The committee members are working very hard to find a sustainable solution for brekky bar. We also discussed the possibility of rolling out the Emergency Grants program from next year.

The Finance committee this month voted to relax some of the constraints which were negatively impacting the financial capabilities of the Association.

I also attended 2 Formal inquiries in the School of Business this month. The outcomes of those inquiries were very fair towards the students involved as the committee members deliberated at every possible option before choosing the best option.

That is all from me!


September News – Whyalla Campus

Hope you all had a great experience watching the GF regardless of whether your team won or not. Maybe next year we could do something together.

A pool of funds ($300,000) has been set aside to support additional ‘Student Experience Projects’. UniSA is now calling for applications from all areas of the University seeking funding for projects and initiatives that enhance the student experience at UniSA. Types of initiatives are covered in the attached document. Happy to sit down with anyone and assist with application SSAF_Allocation_Application_STUDENTS

USASA Academic Advocacy provides free and confidential advice on a wide range of academic problems. Advocates can help you understand what’s happening and what you need to do if you are faced with academic issues. The USASA Advocacy service is independent from the university.

Advocates can help with:

  • Requests for remarking and resubmissions
  • Appeals against allegations of academic misconduct (including plagiarism)
  • Appeals against final grades
  • Appeals against intention to preclude
  • Appeals against allegations of examination misconduct
  • Issues with lecturers
  • Advice regarding University policy
  • Referral to other services inside and outside of the University

If the issue is not listed here, an advocate may still be able to assist. Website:

Direct your questions to: Luis Gardeazabal, Manager – Advocacy Programs –

Coming up – Unitopia is being held on Wednesday 18th October, there will be free haircuts, massage and food (with our very own Snaks 4 Students catering the event). The event will be either held in the Student Lounge or outside (weather permitting) between 11am and 2pm. Students are welcome to bring used textbooks and uniforms to sell.



September Postgrad report

Hey Postgrads!

This month I’ve been focusing on a range of student issues including: financial literacy, responsible sex, food on campus, student welfare, and more!

I am currently writing a proposed policy for the USASA board to have a more formalised handover procedure each year. This way, the board may be able to have stronger connections across terms and more effectively implement long-term projects.

I also met with Kat who is the postgraduate representative at Flinders uni, and we discussed current issues at our universities for postgraduate students. One thing we discussed was the issues that may arise when students wish to raise a complaint about a supervisor. I read through the existing UniSA policy and felt that it may benefit from some updating. I have raised this with university staff and will continue to follow up on progress, while also making suggestions for adjustments.

Next month the Women’s committee will be running our responsible sex tea-bar at UniTopia, at all metro campuses! Please come past to say hello and have a cup of tea! We will be talking about responsible sex in a relaxed and comfortable setting 🙂  Continue reading