Mt Gambier Student Rep report

Hi everyone,

It’s been a quiet couple of months on campus here, most students have well established routines and our mid year intake was only 23 students so I have not had as much student contact as in the first few months….however, I have still managed to keep busy as a rep.

In July the campus finally got the student engagement rep position filled by a student (Tania a business student) this means that myself, Tania and Ian (campus manager) now all work together to provide the best student services and support we can.  As a regional campus we are often unable to provide the same services and opportunities as our city counterparts, this is where Tania, Ian and myself work collaboratively to ensure we get the best opportunities possible for all students, the following is some of what we have achieved and are working toward;

Extended Hours

YEH!!!  we now have our campus open on Mon-Fri until 9.30pm, this is huge for our campus which until now has only been open until 5.30pm.  While this is a trial for the SP5 2017 period, we are all hoping with student and leadership support we can make this continue into the future.

Silent study space

This new space is working very well and the students who access this are very grateful it is accessible most days and has filled a gap that was greatly lacking at our campus.


This is the challenge we are all working toward, our previous location which was linked and intermixed with the TAFE campus was very disjointed, students had very minimal engagement with each other or lecturers and tutors, there was always a sense of separation.

We are consistently providing activities and opportunities for students across all disciplines to interact and engage in a fun, relaxed environment building towards a new Uni Community.

Learning, growing, supporting, building OUR Uni Community together!!

Cinema night

We had a GOLD pass cinema night (well the country version of this), we booked out the cinema for the movie “The Big Sick” and had treat bags and prizes, it was a fun night with a few laughs and lots of sugar.

Coming up

Winery tour September 16th

Unitopia October, more information to come



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