Mawson Lakes Rep -JivanJ


August has been a terribly busy month! I’ve been working with the International Student Rep -Luke to put together a very interesting package – more updates on this soon.

In addition, this month we have returned with the Breakky Bar at Mawson Lakes! Every Wednesday! Do drop by and say hi! (ITS FREE)

There are several events lined up in the coming month! Keep an eye out on campus for more info! If you see me do say hello! I’d be happy to stop and have a quick chat with you!

Things I’ve been up to:

  • Brekky Bar – 02/08/17
  • USASA Board Meeting – 07/08/17
  • Governance Committee Meeting – 07/08/17
  • Brekky Bar – 09/08/17
  • Brekky Bar – 16/08/17
  • Brekky Bar – 23/08/17
  • International committee meeting – 21/08/17




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