Magill Rep Ryan August Board Report

Hi everyone

This month has been busy as always. It kicked off with the USASA Education Committee meeting which went really well. Ten academic representatives were in attendance from various schools across the university and everyone shared their different experiences about their role and how their school functions. Over the next few meetings the board will aim to make further progress in mapping out plans and making recommendations to improve the current learning environment.

The big event of the month was the free USASA BBQ on August 16 at Magill. Despite a shortage of onion (my bad) it was a great day, with all food being consumed despite the windy weather. It was also my first time meeting my new fellow Magill Rep, Carey, who came out and did a fantastic job serving the sausages to students. I would also like to give a big shout out to Luke, the International Officer, who came and ended up doing most of the cooking on the day, as well as Bridget (our support officer), who helped out too.

Magill BBQ

On August 20 I spent Sunday afternoon crawling around in the USASA Ball Pit at Open Day at City East campus. The weather was ordinary which resulted in not as many people coming along as anticipated. Despite this, we did get some curious high school students coming to collect free bags, pens, as well as ask us a few questions, so the day was salvaged.

Anyway, the month ahead looms as a busy one, with several meetings coming up.

PS: The Brekky Bar will be back this week!

Look forward to seeing you at our next event!



Completed Events:

August 3 Convened Education Committee Meeting

August 7 USASA Board Meeting

August 9 Formal Inquiry City West

August 16 Magill BBQ

August 20 UniSA Open Day


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