August Magill Rep Report (and intro) – Carey Moore

Hey lovelies!

It is a great honour to be back on the board, representing the wonderful Magill campus and its students. Some of you might recognise me as last year’s student President. I have been appointed to fill the vacant second Magill representative position and work with Ryan to make sure your voices are heard.

In this role, my goals are simple:

  • More engagement with Magill students
  • Encouraging student activity on campus (including more participation in leadership roles, such as running for the board yourselves)
  • Ensuring that Magill students are heard and continue to feel like they are a part of the UniSA Student Community (despite the campus’s seeming isolation at times.)
  • Assisting Ryan in his similar endeavours as the other Magill Representative.
  • Giving my service to the Student President and the USASA Board to ensure that their agenda is best applied to Magill campus.

I left the starting post in this role on August 8th. Immediately, I went to my first subcommittee (Events and Marketing) meeting and served as minutes secretary. I also got my first chance to meet some of you at a barbecue held on the 16th. It was a good day and I was happy to be a part of it. It was also my first meeting with Ryan, whom I look forward to representing Magill with. Similarly, I got to meet the International Student Representative, Luke Le at this event. Also, big thanks to Bridget (the Student Representative Support Officer) for her help in this event.

I also had a chance to cut my teeth on the more serious end of business by sitting in my first formal inquiry panel in this current role. While these aren’t exactly exciting from a reporting standard, they are important because a student’s study might be at risk as well as academic integrity in the university. While they’re not enjoyable, they are important and I will participate in as many of those as necessary.

In the upcoming month, I hope to have more opportunities to meet you. I will be looking at some methods of engagement that makes me available and approachable to you. Also, both Ryan and I will be commencing a trial of Brekky Bar this week and we hope you can join us for that. (EDIT: The plan to commence Brekky Bar ended up being delayed until 11 September. I apologise for the misinformation and will be sure not to be as overconfident next time!)

In the meantime, I am always contactable about anything. If you have any issues you need help with please feel free to email me at: There is no issue “too dumb” to contact me about. If it’s something I cannot directly help you with, I will do my best to find you the right person to help you. Otherwise, feel free to say hi!

Another contact point is the UniSA Magill Network Facebook group – which I recommend joining anyway, just to make sure you’re connected to any information shared between Magill students and reps.

Take care, awesome people. I look forward to working with you all for the remainder of the year!

August Activity Highlights Listed:

8 August – Commencement

14 August – Meeting with Kayla and Bridget

15 August – Events and Marketing Subcommittee meeting

16 August – Magill Barbecue

23 August – Formal Inquiry at City West



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